Riverdale’s Best Episode Yet Was Missing One Thing

If you watched Riverdale‘s latest episode (Season 3, episode 4) then you know it was one of the show’s best. It was mostly told in flashback about when all the parents went to Riverdale High in the ’90s. All the “teen” actors played their parents and they were all spectacular. I would watch an entire spinoff about these characters. I want to know everything about the short lived Midnight Club.

We learned a lot about the parents. 1. Penelope was adopted by the Blossom’s and literally groomed to be Clifford’s “life partner” (cringeworthy creepy) 2. Tom and Sierra were a secret thing in high school 3. Alice and Fred kissed 4. F.P. didn’t want to be a serpent and wanted to go to college instead, which led his drunk of a father to break his arm. Oh and F.P. was a jock who lied about living on the south side. 5. Hermione basically married Hiram so she wouldn’t end up cleaning hotel rooms like her mom 6. Hiram went to Riverdale High? I swear this is new information. I in no way thought he was from Riverdale.

It also showed us some things we had only been told about in passing. 1. Hermione and Fred’s quick fling 2. Alice’s teen pregnancy

The most important thing the flashback did was give more backstory to Gryphons & Gargoyles and made the mystery of the game that much sweeter. In all the mysteries this show has had, this one has to be the most interesting. There are no spooky voices calling Betty or Archie forming rebel groups to stop murderers. It is just plain good. (Can you tell season 2 wasn’t my favorite?)

But to get to the title of the article: there was one thing missing. Mary, Archie’s mom. We all know she went to Riverdale High. It has been mentioned before. So where the hell was she? Sure I am fine with her not being  involved with G&G but why wouldn’t they have had one passing moment with her? We got to see Hal, not that anyone cares.


I Highly Recommend it: Elite

I’ve told everyone who will listen about this show and now I’m telling you about Netflix’s hidden gem. Elite is the best teen drama in years. Set in Spain, three working-class students get scholarships to attend a private high school after their school collapses. They immediately clash with the rich kids which ends in murder.

The entire first season takes place in flashback and you see how the teens interact with each other and each episode shows a little of them being interrogated by police. You find out which teen is murdered at the end of the first episode — I won’t give it away.

The murder is really secondary throughout the first season. What is most compelling is the relationships. So much is covered in just 8 episodes. There is brothers in love with the same girl, threesomes, closeted guys, love triangles, drugs, parties. So yeah, everything you want from a teen drama.

It is dubbed over in English which took me about the first episode to get past but once you get sucked in by these characters you’ll hardly notice (just try and forgive what can seem like bad acting at times by the voice actors).

Just give it one episode, you’ll be glad you did.

Rehash: Big Brother 20 Finale

For the first time in many years, I did not get worked up into a Hulk-like rage during this year’s finale. I went in excepting to be reminded again why Bayleigh and Rockstar are the worst and to shake my fist at those who vote emotionally. Sure, Bayleigh and Rockstar are still the worst and some of these jury members did vote emotionally but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I think more of them than anticipated voted based on game play.

More than anything though, it came down to the fact that the final three all played good games. Even though they all played different games (I see JC as more of a Chilltown type, never winning comps but manipulating who he has to; Kaycee played a Dan-like game, laying low in the beginning and knocking out comps at the end when she really needed to and Tyler was just all around a great player. He won comps, he back stabbed and made enemies and played a great social game) I really couldn’t be too mad at any one of them winning.

As Julie revealed the votes I thought to myself “Is Tyler really going to win this? Did he pull it off?” In a way I’m glad it came down to a 5-4 vote. They both played well and they deserved for it to be close. In the end I think Tyler played a slightly better game but I’ve known all season this jury would vote with emotion so I’m not surprised Kaycee won.

Now, let’s talk about Swaggy C. Like really, guy? This attention-seeking whack job would propose on the finale, taking the spotlight away from the winners. Is anyone even rooting for these two? He was voted off second. He will be long forgotten by next summer. Oh and be original Swaggy C., Boogie did it first.

I’m surprised Tyler won America’s Favorite Player. Not because he isn’t well-liked (as he himself thought) but because he was in the final two. No one in the final three has won before and I always assumed they lost a lot of votes because they might win the game itself but Tyler proved that theory wrong. He seemed genuinely moved he won. If I had voted I would have voted for Brett so I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that felt that way.

First Impressions: Single Parents

What I Liked: After 20 or so minutes, the characters seem great which is what this show will need to stay in it for the long haul. Rory is amazing already. I want to adopt him.

What I Didn’t Like: How rushed it all seemed. They didn’t have a lot of time to establish a large cast of characters and start Will’s new friendship with them so I’ll let it slide.

What It Needs: I’m sure it will come in due time but I want to know so much more. What happened to all the other parents that made these people single parents and how the group formed in the first place? I am really hoping for a funny flashback detailing how they all became friends (suggestion: Check out the Happy Endings episode with this concept. None have done it better).

Prognosis: Very good. I am already ready for episode 2.

Fall Shows I’m Giving A Shot 2018 Edition

Well this fall looks better than last year when I picked up no new shows. It is also entirely possible I am being less selective in hopes of finding a gem.

  • A Million Little Things (Sept. 26) – It is being compared to This is Us but about a group of friends rather than a family. It all starts with the suicide of one friend and I guess is about their journey from there. Its success depends on the characters. If they are interesting and have good relationships, I’ll stick around.
  • Single Parents (Sept. 26) – A comedy about a group of single parents. The concept alone isn’t that appealing but Taran Killam and Leighton Meester are enough for me to give it a shot.
  • I Feel Bad (Oct. 4) – A comedy about not being perfect. That isn’t much of a selling point but Amy Poehler is the Executive Producer and she has never let me down so that means I’ll give this show at least one episode.
  • The Connors (Oct. 16) – I enjoyed Roseanne and quite frankly feel the show can go on without it’s title character. I assume it will continue with its same type of comedy and if we get more David even better.
  • The Kids are Alright (Oct. 16) – A comedy about an Irish-Catholic family in the 1970s – yes please. I enjoy a good family comedy (I’d be fine if this had Real O’Neals vibes) and the 1970s fascinate me so…let’s go.
  • Legacies (Oct. 25) – A Vampire Diaries and Originals spinoff focusing on Klaus’s daughter as she attends the Salvatore School. Need I say more?

Beth and Rip are the Best Part of Yellowstone

It is evident from Yellowstone‘s first episode that Beth Dutton (third child and only daughter of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton) and Rip Wheeler (the lead ranch hand at the Yellowstone) have a history and some damn good chemistry. It appears to have been years since they had seen each other but that doesn’t stop them from a quickie on a dresser.

Beth is cold-hearted, usually with a cigarette or drink in her hand (everyone blames her for her mother’s death — it would mess you up too) while Rip is a lot softer. Though he is a ranch hand who doesn’t blink an eye at branding another man, he appears to have held a candle for Beth for decades. She’s a mess and he’s ready to fix her. He isn’t afraid throughout the entire first season to let his feelings known, no matter how much Beth pulls away, telling her in the finale he doesn’t care who she sleeps with, he just cares about her.

Though Beth isn’t all stone-cold bitch. She does tell Rip halfway through the season that everyone she loves dies so she isn’t sure how he’s still standing. Gave me chills.

Sure they seem doomed. I mean Beth is a basket case and will just pull out Rips’s heart again and again but I can still want it, can’t I? As the title of the article says, they are the best thing this show has got going for it and I will keep watching to see what they do together and individually.

I’ll Pass on The Revival of Last Man Standing

Tim Allen’s family comedy where he stars as a conservative man’s man didn’t seem like it would be my cup of tea on the surface but I enjoyed the first six seasons because the daughters (and Kyle) are fun to watch and it was some nice mindless watching (which I need every now and then, inset the need for Fuller House here).

But after a year off the air (even less time in my world as I binged the whole show not long after it went off the air), I think I’m good with giving this show a rest. I had accepted it’s cancellation and was fine with its place in my show watching repertoire (gone, only to be seen in small doses in reruns on CMT).

Then the recasting news came and my decision was final. It was bad enough when Kristen was recast after season 1 and Boyd was aged up. At that point it was like Kristen was a whole new person. With Boyd being recast again (who cares) and Mandy being recast, I can’t do it again. I can’t get on board with anyone being Mandy except Molly Ephraim, especially when it comes to Kyle and Mandy’s relationship. No way will the chemistry be the same.

Plus, the new promos came out yesterday and Kyle’s hair is short! How much change we do have to take here, people?

Refresh: Orange is the New Black

As always a lot is going on:

  • The riot is over and the inmates are being put on several buses to who knows where.
  • Frita’s bunker was a safe house for many but as the episode ended it was being blown open as Tastee, Alex, Nikki, Red, Piper, Frita, Flora, Nancy, Suzanne and Cindy held hands.
  • Pennsatucky escaped through the hole in the fence and has been hanging in Donuts’ house.
  • Linda (of MCC) posed as a prisinor and is being put on a bus.
  • Mei Chang also left through the hole. Where she is now is unknown.
  • Gloria’s son is in the ICU. She hatched a plan to release the guard hostages so she could go see him. Maria stole her plan and is now bargaining. She got to see her baby on the sidelines of the prison riot.
  • Alex and Piper got engaged.
  • Lorna is pregnant.
  • Flaca and Maritza are YouTube celebrities, having posted videos during the riot.
  • Daya shot the guard Humphrey in the leg. After a while she turned herself in, only after calling Pornstache’s mom asking her to take her daughter and raise her without interference from Daya. Humphrey suffered a stroke and died.
  • Piscatella attacked Boo, Alex, Piper, Red (scalping her), Nikki and Flora. With the help of those in the bunker they escaped and tied him up. He was later accidentally shot in the head by the squad rounding up the prisoners.

Rehash: Younger, Season 5, Episode 7

It was Christmas in New York on last night’s Younger and apparently love was in the air because Charles forgave Liza for being a big fat liar and the episode ended in what some considered a much awaited kiss. Hell, the previews for next week, called the upcoming episode the “One You’ve Been Waiting For”, showing what appears to be Charles and Liza having sex. Excuse me while I gag. I assume I can’t be alone in my thoughts that Charles and Liza are gross together. I don’t really like either of them individually so them together shouldn’t bother me any more but it does. I just don’t get it.

Really I am just over Liza and her selfish ways. She could be off this show and I wouldn’t even care. I keep rooting for her and Josh to get back together but I’m not sure why since he is so much better than her. What I want deep down is for Josh and Kelsey to get together already. It was hinted at last season and I’m still not over it. They are my two favorite characters so I don’t see how it could go wrong. But in the meantime I am enjoying Kelsey bouncing between two guys. I don’t even know who I am rooting for.

Though when we get down to it, the best couple on Younger is obviously Diana and Enzo. He just gets her and I love it. He brought her a live Christmas tree which she of course instantly hated and he wasn’t even phased. He just set it up and showed her how great it was. More of these two kids please.



Is this the End of Rooster Bennett?

Danny Masterson was fired from The Ranch, leaving the show to write off the character of Rooster. Going into Part 5 I wondered how they would do it. Death was my first thought. It seemed the easiest since obviously Rooster would never be coming back. As things progressed with creepy Nick, this seemed like even more of a possibility. He did break into his house and creepily sit on his couch in the dark and threaten him and then showed up again with a gun. It does seem out of character for the show to kill off a main character in such a horrible, tragic way (being killed by your ex’s new boyfriend/ex husband is pretty dark).

The second most likely way seemed to be jail time. It is keeping with the character and as the generator story line unfolded it seemed very possible. But no go, it seems Colt is intent on taking the fall for it.

If neither of these options were in Rooster’s future, I was at a loss. I won’t be okay with a solution that leaves things too open ended which may be what happened. After Nick threatened Rooster to either leave town or be killed, he left town. Is this the last we’ll hear about him? I can assume and hope not. But I’m going to need more of an explanation as to why we will never see him again. He has lived on that ranch his whole life and values his family. Is he really never going to see his niece? Netflix, get this right.