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Can We All Just Finally Admit Damon is the Better Salvatore Brother?

Don’t get me wrong, Stefan is great but I’m over everyone thinking he is superior to Damon and a “the better brother.”

Let’s look at the facts, folks. Stefan is a ripper. Why does everyone forget that. Sure, Damon has killed lots of people too but Stefan has gone on several merciless killing sprees in his 150+ years and the fact that he feels a little more guilty about it than his brother doesn’t take away the fact that he has most likely killed more people. The guy killed Enzo, for gosh sakes. We can’t over look that. I know, I know his humanity was turned off but come on guys, he’s Bonnie’s true love. Sure, Damon did kill Tyler, but no one really seems too upset about that.

Stefan and Damon are both great brothers to each other and do countless things to protect and save each other. But Stefan is always seen as the sensitive one and the one who has feelings. But who pined over Katherine for over 100 years and searched all over for her? Oh that’s right it was Damon.

And let’s not forget during World War II, when Damon, who desperately wanted to spend time with his brother, put Stefan first and didn’t go to war. He knew if he did Stefan may undo all the work he had done to not be a ripper anymore.

So let’s just all agree as we go into these final two episodes that Damon is the best. Deal?


Should the Mustache Make a Comeback?

Three of the shows I am currently watching feature a main character with a mustache. Sure they all take place in the past (3 different centuries, actually) but it has got me thinking, should the mustache make a comeback? I’ve never been a big fan of the mustache but all three of these men pull it off well so I’ve found myself growing to like them.

Let’s start with Jack Pearson of This is Us. Whether he’s sporting the full beard or just the mustache this guy looks good. But the credit is Milo Ventimiglia’s. I’m not sure there is a hair style you could give this guy and he wouldn’t be hot. Image result for jack this is us

Image result for jack pearson this is us

Then you’ve got Victoria‘s Prince Albert. Sure he’s a prince and its the 1800’s so the mustache is in style but I dig it. Maybe it’s the hair, the accent or the charm, and not the mustache, but he pulls it off either way.

And lastly we have Gideon from Reign. A lot like Albert, he is a nobleman living in Europe in a very different time so a mustache works for him, but I like it.

Image result for gideon reign

The 21st century may not be ready yet for the mustache. But I’ll be ready when it comes back in style.

Why is Tucker Dobbs Still Single?

I can’t be the only asking this question. He is a catch. Let’s see, he’s adorable, hilarious and has a good job. He has ambitions (guy wants to be an entertainment reporter) and works hard to get what he wants (hell he put with Mary Hart after all). He treats women well and dresses well. When the show started he was in a long term relationship so clearly he can handle commitment. Plus, he’s good with kids.

Sure, he sometimes gets into a mess here or there with Danny and Ben but compared to them he is a saint (no offense Danny, I still love you). But seriously how does Ben keep getting all the girls over Tucker? Ben is basically annoying at all times.

If you want to throw his height out there, go ahead. I’m going to call you superficial.

When was the last time this show gave Tucker a romantic interest that lasted more than two or three episodes? Come on Baby Daddy, give this guy some love. He deserves it.

Rehash: Game of Thrones Season 6

I’m excited to be caught up with the rest of the world. It’s going to be awhile before we’re here again so let’s get to it:

  • Why does young Ned Stark look like Neil Patrick Harris?
  • Little Finger: Still a creep
  • Stark family reunion!!!! I have never been more interested in the wall than when Sansa showed up. So glad to have any two members of this family back together and now, even better yet, running things in the north.
  • I love Cersei so much. She is so badass. She might be my favorite. Though Jaime did not look pleased when he saw on her on the Iron Throne. But that might be because she had just killed a bunch of people leading to Tommen’s suicide. Speaking of, so Cersei took the throne for herself but who should truly be king/queen? Yes, Daenerys, and apparently Jon (He’s a Targaryen!?!?!? Didn’t see that one coming), have rights to it but isn’t there someone else in Robert’s line who should be stepping up? A cousin or something?
  • I whipped out my mom voice on Daenerys when she broke it off with Daario. Like fine, she had good reason, but I’m going to miss his beautiful face.
  • So many deaths this season. Here’s the run down. Saddest deaths: Hodor and Rickon; Most “You had that one coming for a long time” death: Ramsey;  I wish you would have died but nope you’re still here: Jorah; Best “Oh not really dead huh?”: The Hound
  • Aryia gets more BA as time goes on and might be actually doing something I understand now. She avenged her brother and mother’s deaths and now I am hoping for an even bigger Stark reunion. After Rickon’s death (sniff) there isn’t many of them left.
  • Is it weird I’m sad Loras is dead even though he hadn’t really been around? Can we get a new gay character, please? You’ve been killing them all off.
  • I still don’t really care about Sam and Gilly too much but this is the most interesting they’ve been. His father sucks so yeah..
  • So Theon may mostly suck and some people probably didn’t really care when he was tortured, etc. but I’m personally glad he’s kind of normal again and teaming up with Daenerys. I wouldn’t get in her way.






Ranking the Couples of The West Wing

It took about a year and a half, but I have finished The West Wing and now know what everyone was talking about 15 years ago. Couples are not West Wing’s strong suit, far from it, but there are still a few gems hidden in this political drama.

  1. Josh and Donna – I waited a long time for them to get together (I feel sorry for those of you that waited the full seven years). Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much and it was a little rocky but we’ll always have the years when they were working together in the White House.
  2. Charlie and Zoey – From the moment they meet in episode 5, I think all of America was rooting for the President’s daughter and his personal Aide. Adorable is the only word I can use to describe them. Well, that and disappointing, because the last season of the show acts as if their relationship never existed and we don’t get any closure with them.
  3. C.J. and Simon – It was set up to be an amazing romance. He’s the special agent assigned to protect her from her stalker. Though Simon was only in four episodes, they still managed to rank high on the list. Maybe they are so high because it so short lived. Just after they kissed he was killed. I may have screamed out in agony when he was shot. Just a little. Tragedy.
  4. Matt and Helen – Who doesn’t want to have this marriage 15 years in?
  5. C.J. and Danny – Their banter was adorable and they did end up together. It’s not Danny’s fault Simon was super sexy and his chemistry with C.J. was better.
  6. Jed and Abbey – They can bicker with the best of them.
  7. Toby and Andy – I was always rooting for these kids. But it is also entirely possible he was never good enough for her.
  8. Kate and Will – He’s the awkward Sam replacement and she’s the sassy Deputy National Security Advisor. They were pretty much thrown together out of desperation and necessity. There was no one left to pair off. Still sort of enjoyed their awkwardness though.
  9. Josh and Amy – If I hadn’t been pining for Josh and Donna to just get together already, I may have been able to enjoy them a little more.
  10. Sam and Mallory – Besides the fact that she is Leo’s daughter and Sam mistakenly assumes she is a student, not a teacher , I remember nothing about them.
  11. Leo and Jordan – Their relationship is shown so little, they maybe shouldn’t have even made the list.

Refresh: Reign

The last season of Reign is about to begin, and I wouldn’t want you to be in the dark. It has been awhile after all.

  • Lola was beheaded for trying to assassinate Queen Elizabeth (a plot devised by John Knox) and Narcisse  was imprisoned.
  • The love of Elizabeth’s life, Dudley, has gotten re-married.
  • Mary is back in Scotland on her throne, avoiding all the Protestants that are pissed at her for being Catholic.
  • Gideon (and his sexual tension with Mary) is in Scotland as well trying to get the throne for Elizabeth. Mary asked Gideon to spy on Elizabeth for her. She wants that throne!
  • Catherine finally gave Claude her blessing to marry Lief.
  • Lief was left for dead after being stabbed by one of Martel de Guise’s men. Lief and Claude are the only good couple left, Reign, you can’t do this to me. He has to be alive.
  • King Charles calls the privy council together and has them declare him of age, giving him full power and taking away Catherine’s regency. Catherine, pissed as ever, had Henry brought to the castle. If she can’t manipulate one son, she’ll use the other.
  • Bash is apparently going off with the Druids to learn magic or something. Will he be back? Does anyone care if he isn’t going to make out with Mary anyway?