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Sports on TV

There should really be more scripted sports shows on television. I miss having something like Friday Night Lights to tune into each week. Who doesn’t enjoy a good underdog story or the joy of winning and heartbreak of losing? We tune each weekend during football season for that reason and will be glued to our televisions next month to see which Cinderella story surprises us during March Madness. There are so many possibilities for scripted television to take advantage of this concept.

Friday Night Lights did it best with drama on and off the football field. We all were rooting for Coach Taylor whether he was a Panther or a Lion. We all wanted to know if Matt Saracen could handle the pressure of being starting QB. We care about the characters equally as people and players and coaches. I would like this in my TV line up again.

Though not widely considered a sports show, One Tree Hill had some great stories revolving around the Scott brothers’ high school basketball careers. Though more drama filled, with Nathan point shaving and Lucas hiding his heart condition to continue playing, it still produced suspenseful and heartfelt basketball moments. Everything from Nathan shooting a free throw to win the game (without looking to add drama) to the team playing one man short to honor the recently murdered Q.

Maybe sports just needs to wait its turn to be the next trend in TV, like cop shows, vampires/supernatural, or superheroes. I hope its time comes.


Best Coats on TV

Elizabeth Thatcher of When Calls the Heart may be a teacher in a coal mining Canadian town in 1910 but she has an excellent coat collection that all should envy. For instance, look at these coats and tell me you wouldn’t stop if you saw them on the rack.


This one is the fanciest and she can really pull it off in Hamilton. The fur isn’t my thing but Elizabeth wears it well.

Coat 2

She has come a long way from season one, which was full of gross old lady shawl like this one.


Hats off to the costume designer who makes me envious of someone who probably can’t as easily go and buy a coat as I can and is yet still WAY more fashionable than I’ll ever be.

Elizabeth’s coat game (see below) is the thing that stuck out to me the most when watching the show come back for season 3. Sure I’m in it for the Elizabeth and Jack romance (mine mysteries aren’t keeping me around) but the coats will do as a close second.

Lastly, I had to throw in this dress from season 2. This may be about Elizabeth’s coats but it should be acknowledged her style goes far beyond that.


RIP Rookie Blue

Though apparently it has been known since October, I am just now learning of the news that Rookie Blue has been cancelled. Canada produces great television (see: Degrassi and L.A. Complex) and I’m sad to see this one go.

I’m glad things ended happy for Sam and Andy but much like Luke Danes long lost daughter, I’m going to ignore Sam’s child with Marlo. Why couldn’t things have ended well for Traci? Did Steve really have to be a dirty cop? Traci already has a deadbeat baby daddy and dead fiance, I’m not sure she deserved for things to end this way. At least Oliver and Celery were still together when it was all said and done.

Hottie Detective Luke Callaghan really should have made one last appearance. I still ship him and Gail (not super happy with the Gail is suddenly a lesbian story line). At the end of season 2, they have chemistry as she asks him if he is going to the Penny and when he says no, she (in a way only bitchy Gail can) tells him she needs a ride. Missed opportunity.

Advertised as Grey’s Anatomy with Guns, it held up to the hype with 5 rookies starting out, all of them inter dating each other and their superiors. Though it didn’t last half as long, Rookie Blue can at least take pride in knowing it never subjected us to ghost sex or Gizzie.

Farewell, 15 Division. Sam and Andi, I’ll miss you most of all.

One Couple I Will Not Ship: Meredith and Alex

After last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy there is lots of buzz on the internet about the possibility of a Meredith and Alex pairing. I am NOT on board. Meredith being asked in therapy if she is in love with Alex and then watching him kiss Jo could be foreshadowing, but I really hope it’s a red herring.

This show has produced some of my favorite TV couples: Cristina and Owen, Izzie and Alex, Der and Mer, Lexie and Mark, hell despite my dislike for them, Callie and Arizona even had their moments. I am usually all for another coupling, especially on this show, but some things just need to be left alone. (I mean I’m even a little okay with the Spencer/Caleb hook up on Pretty Little Liars.)

Meredith and Alex are great friends. I enjoy watching their friendship. They’ve been there for each other through everything (death, divorce, Cristina leaving, and my fav friendship moment, when Meredith comforts him when he and Izzie are planning to freeze her eggs. “This isn’t how Izzie and I were supposed to make a baby.” We’ve already seen how terrible George and Izzie were, why do it again? (Not to mention Jess and Nick on New Girl, great in concept, terrible in reality).

Can’t a man and a woman just be friends on TV anymore? Joey and Phoebe did it on Friends, Ron and Leslie on Parks and Rec, Haley and Lucas on One Tree Hill. Every once in awhile I just want TV to show us great friendships that aren’t complicated by romance. People in real life do it every day. Shonda, please don’t, for the fans and for Alex and Mer.

Rehash: Project Runway All-Stars

A few thoughts on the first episode of Season 5.

  1. These people are not all-stars. I mean Dom, sure. Kini, okay. Stella? NO. Most of these people have never even won a challenge. When Valerie said this was her first win, I was shocked. Aren’t these people supposed to be All-Stars?
  2. No one got kicked off? Really? Daniel’s outfit was terrible. These producers judges are too nice.
  3. I personally think Kini’s look should have been in the top over Layana’s, which the judges didn’t even seem to like.
  4. I do not remember Daniel at all. Apparently he was on Season 2 which I watched (that was 10 years ago, I guess) but I don’t remember my opinion on him. My 2016 opinion of him is that he is annoying.