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TV Couple Bracket 2016

Like the real tournament, our Best TV Couple Bracket is shaken up each year. Here’s a look at the new couples that came on board and the couples who weren’t good enough to make it back in the top 64.

Newcomers to this year’s bracket include:

  • DeLuca and Maggie (Grey’s Anatomy) – One of the bright spots left on a show that’s been on too long. Not many couples on Grey’s are worth shipping anymore but they have promise. Not Mer and Der or Cristina and Owen promise, but promise. I’m not sure they be able to beat out Cristina and Burke or Alex and Jo or Mark and Lexie. Man, Grey’s has so many good couples. They really dominate the bracket.
  • Mary and Henry (Downton Abbey) – Not a contender by any means but Matthew Goode is dang cute. They aren’t as good as Mary and Matthew or Sybil and Tom but that scene in the rain was adorable.
  • Liza and Josh (Younger) – Younger’s best couple is so great mostly because Josh is so great. I give him props for coming back time and time again even though it is exhausting pretending Liza is 26.
  • Enzo and Bonnie (Vampire Diaries) – I’m excited to see where this one goes. We haven’t seen much of them yet but that kiss in the mental ward was hot.
  • Eleanor and Jasper (The Royals) – The main reason I watch this show. Very few shows keep me on the edge of seat anymore waiting for a couple to get (back) together. But this one is driving me nuts with these two.

Beth and I recently got caught up on the last couple of seasons of Degrassi so it brought in several new couples:

  • Maya and Zig – My favorite Degrassi couple of this generation. I haven’t loved a couple this much on this show in a while.
  • Miles and Tristan – It has been awhile since there has been a cute gay couple. I love these two so much individually that there is no way I wouldn’t love them as a pair. When Miles assures Winston his dating Tristan isn’t just to get back at his dad, that he enjoys his company and kissing him, he doesn’t care what gender he is,  I melted. Loved it!
  • Claire and Drew – I’m still on Team Jake when it comes to Claire but their short-lived romance was unexpected. I quite enjoyed their friendship and that it grew from running student council together.

These are the couples that didn’t quite make this year’s cut. The main fault of these couples is they are old news. At one time they seemed important enough to add to the bracket but that time has passed.

  • Doug and Jack (Dawson’s Creek)
  • Alaric and Jo (Vampire Diaries)
  • Mindy and Casey (Mindy Project)
  • Stefan and Katherine (Vampire Diaries)
  • Violet and Prince Kuragin (Downton Abbey)
  • Mary and Charles (Downtown Abbey) – Neither of us are quite sure which one of Mary’s suitors was Charles Blake.
  • Rose and Atticus (Downtown Abbey)
  • Cookie and Lucius (Empire) – We both dropped this show this season.



Defending Champs: Delena

It’s March which means my sister, Beth, and I are preparing for our annual Best TV Couple bracket. We start with 64 of the best TV couples (with the caveat that we both watch the show) and each end with our own yearly winner. We go into our 4th annual bracket with Vampire Diaries’ Damon and Elena having swept all of my previous brackets. They’ve won out for many reasons over the years:

  1. They pretty much can’t function properly without each other.
  2. Damon steps in for Stefan at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant and it results in the hottest dance, especially considering they don’t even touch for half of it.
  3. At the end of the first season, Damon kisses who he believes to be Elena on her front porch. There was so much excitement thinking they were finally going to go for it and then so much disappointment when realizing it was Katherine the entire time. But it wasn’t all bad, we did finally get to see the best big bad of the show.
  4. Damon brings Elena back her vervain necklace and tells her he loves her but compels her to forget because he knows he can’t be selfish with her. He doesn’t deserve her but Stefan does.
  5. At the end of season 2, Elena is by Damon’s side as he dies from a werewolf bite. So many great things happen in this scene. Damon says, “I deserve to die.” “No, you don’t.” Elena responds. “If I had chosen differently I wouldn’t have met you.” So cute. He tells her he loves her and she gives him a sweet kiss.
  6. I’ve watched Damon and Elena’s kiss at the motel A LOT. It starts with that hand hold in the bed and leads to him pushing her against the wall. Why even say more? Just go watch it again.
  7. Elena’s devastation when Damon gets trapped on the other side.
  8. He was willing to become human for her.
  9. Their goodbye when she is in the magic coma is a great send off for the couple. He shows he’s willing to stand by Bonnie and give up Elena for a long time for her. And she insists he lives his life while she is gone. They both show selfishness. And the dancing doesn’t hurt either

I went into last year thinking they wouldn’t be the winner, but when all was said and done Elena and Damon’s awesome goodbye at the end of season 6 won them the top prize. Will they win this year? I can’t answer that yet though I would be shocked if they didn’t make it to the final four. They definitely come in for the first time at a disadvantage since Elena is currently just hanging in a coffin and there have been no new Delena moments since May.

I Still Want to Marry Andy Hargrove

I used to always seem to love the couples no one else really care about, the ones that involved minor character (resulting in much torture on my part). I suffered through Jericho waiting for more Stanley and Mimi and on One Tree Hill I absolutely loved Jake and Peyton and Andy and Karen.

I don’t exactly remember my reaction when, in season 5, Karen and Andy were back together. My guess is there was lots of fist pumps in my living room and screaming on the phone to my sister when the episode ended. Its been 12 years since Andy Hargrove showed up on my television and I still love him for many reasons.

  • He’s super adorable (the accent doesn’t hurt either)
  • He’s funny – When he meets Karen in his class, he tell her the professor of the class is tough to then only go to the front of the class and introduce himself.
  • He’s confident – He isn’t phased by the fact that Karen’s son is a teenager, rather than a 6 -year-old like he thought, or that he is older than her. He’s always the one picking her up when she doubts things.
  • He’s not shy – “In some cultures you can actually buy coffee without actually having to have sex with the cafe owner.”
  • He respects Keith’s role in everyone’s lives – He told Lucas he would give up Lily and Karen if Keith could be there on his wedding day.
  • He isn’t spoiled by his money – He takes Karen to a hot dog cart on their first date and when she suggests ice cream, he jokes he’s not made of money.
  • He protects the ones he loves – He stands up to Dan and is there for Karen during the Lucas custody battle.
  • He quit his job for Karen.

I guess I can let Karen keep him. They are pretty great together.



My Newest Ship

Though I’ve always watched When Calls the Heart because of my interest in the Elizabeth and Jack relationship, I am now intrigued by the Lee and Rosemary dynamic. They are really unlike any couple I’ve seen on TV. They don’t rally have too much drama. Since they aren’t the show’s biggest couple (and really not even the second biggest. I would give that to whoever Abigail and whomever she is courting.)  they seem to be able to avoid the constant break ups that are meant to leave audiences wanting more.

Sure, at first I really disliked Rosemary; she is rather annoying. When Lee first came on the show I really had no opinion of him. He is, when it comes down to it, pretty boring and one dimensional. I think this is one of the things that makes them great as a pair. Now that they are together I get to enjoy them each more as individuals. They serve more of a purpose as characters and now make me more excited to see them on the screen versus thinking “oh great Rosemary again.”

What I enjoy most about them is that they are really the most normal and realistic couple. Rosemary is crazy sometimes and has big dreams and big schemes that can drive Lee nuts but he smiles and gives her this look of affection and runs with it. They really are adorable.

I hope they get married soon. Their wedding is sure to be ridiculous. I’m guessing Rosemary will insist on having live geese or acrobats.

Next Week On…

The scenes shown to preview an upcoming episode of a TV show very rarely serve a purpose. Sure, they are meant to intrigue us and make us want to tune in but does anyone really watch TV like that much anymore? In the age of Hulu and OnDemand and DVRs very few of us are turning our TVs on at 7 pm trying to determine what show will get our attention. The only time I watch live TV is sports anymore and that’s true of everyone I know.

Knowing this, there are two downfalls to preview scenes (but despite knowing this I seem to always watch them anyway).

  1. Spoilers. Take this week’s Quantico for example, we were told last week that one of the agents would die. Great way to get people to watch. Bad for those of us who were going to watch anyway. I wish I had watched this not knowing someone was going to die, it would have made Vasquez’s death more shocking. It was clear most of the episode it was going to be her so when the bomb went off, I wasn’t surprised or moved. If I hadn’t seen it coming, there would have been more shock. I wouldn’t have thought they would kill one of the main characters that easily.
  2. Misdirection. Oftentimes the scenes from the upcoming episode do nothing but lead us astray. They often show things out of context like flashbacks or dreams. I know not to take previews too seriously but from time to time I get worked up thinking one of my favorite shows would be stupid enough to put person A with person B, etc.

In a similar vein is “This season on..”.which can be even worse. Take When Calls the Heart for example. They showed scenes from throughout season 3 after its first episode. It really spoiled things. Now I know the basic plot lines of the entire season so there was no surprise when Frank’s true identity came out or when Faith came to Hope Valley. This also true for reality television. Shows like The Amazing Race like to show these types of previews which don’t tend to spoil too much but if you look closely enough you can discern which teams are sticking around awhile.

Rehash: Downton Abbey Series Finale

I’ve had various reactions to series finale’s over the years. Everything from bawling the minute the Dawson’s Creek finale started to just confusion and disappointment during the finale of How I Met your Mother.

Tom said it best when he said, “I hate  goodbyes,” but I was pleased with the ending of Downton Abbey. Everything got tied up in a nice bow, which is kind of annoying but also fitting for this show. Getting everything wrapped up did make things feel a bit rushed, annoyingly so really, when you consider how many episodes this season I got done watching and just thought, huh nothing really happened. It all probably could have been spread out a bit more. In saying that, I will give kudos for not tying everything up as much as they could. Several things were left in the air for us to run with, with just a nod to the possibility of some pairings: Tom and the Editor and Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason.

When it comes down to it, I’m happy they are all happy. After deaths, rape, being left at the alter, blackmail, jail time, etc. it’s nice for once for everyone to be in a good place.
Setting the finale on New Year’s Eve was brilliant. As all the characters we’ve loved for six years toast a new year and look toward their futures (most of them with new significant others/romantic interests), we all get our goodbye.
But more  importantly, these are the things that made me cry:
  1. Anything and everything that had to do with Thomas. His saying good bye to everyone (especially George), how sad he was at his new job, and the joy of seeing him finally get the job of Butler. George’s goodbye got the most tears of the entire episode. I’m still rooting for  a spin off with Master George and Sybbie hanging at Downton in the 1940’s. Oh how their world will have changed by then.
  2. Carson (even though I haven’t been his biggest fan this season) saying goodbye to his life in service as he comes to the realization the palsy (his word not mine) isn’t going anywhere.
  3.  Edith and Bertie’s dinner. Everything from Bertie’s claim he’s done a very bad job or living without Edith (the look on his face brought the tears) to his statement: “The only thing I’m not ready for is a life without you.” Melt.
  4.  Edith coming down the stairs in her wedding dress finally getting her happy ending
  5. “We have a son, John.”
So, farewell, Downton Abbey. You’ll be missed by millions. This particular fan will miss Thomas, Mary’s fashion, Tom’s good looks and Violet’s snarkiness most of all.
On the flip side. Not to be missed: Anna and Bates, Denker, Baxter (she never really became an important character to me), Carson’s sexism, Robert most of the time, and Edith in seasons 1-5.

Rehash: Fuller House Season 1

This is one 90’s girl’s take on Fuller House. I am the same age as Michelle Tanner and grew up with this family. I, like Stephanie, am the middle child and always related to her the most. I was very excited for this reboot and rushed home from work on Friday to start what turned into a 4-day binge. After the first 13 episodes these are the pros and cons for me:


  • Max. That kid is the highlight of the show. He is so adorable and funny. I like that he is so smart for his age. He has a unique personality that draws us all in.
  • The First Episode. As a long-time fan, it was great that the first episode jumped right in and covered where everyone was in their life. Like when all TV shows end, you’re left wondering what happens to the characters you’ve loved for so long. I can say I am in no way disappointed to see who all of these people have become.
  • The Cameos. Loved getting to see Nicky and Alex and Harry (even if he is played by a new actor).
  • The Flashbacks: I am a sucker for a good flashback. They used them well (though I was hoping for a Jesse and Becky flashback when they renewed their vows). It was fun to see how 90’s everyone looked and get a glimpse at the show I’ve spent too many hours watching in rerun.
  • Steve. I was always a big fan of Steve and DJ. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Steve’s return in the last episode to take DJ to the prom. Steve was basically the best 90’s boyfriend. I’m so glad he is back. When I first heard of Scott Weinger’s return, the email exchange between my sister and I was basically just: STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Friendship. It didn’t take long for Stephanie and Kimmie to put aside their differences and have each other’s backs. The friendship between the three woman almost rivals that of the men from the original and felt like it took much less time to get to full-on best friend status.
  • Family. The chemistry of the cast was still there. Just glad to see they are all still in each other’s lives even if they live in different states.
  • Love Interests. The love interests didn’t let me down. I’m glad they didn’t wait to get these girls some men. I’m always in favor of a good couple to ship and I think this show will eventually give me some.


  • Steve. I love Steve but I’m not sure how I feel about this adult version of Steve. He almost seems like a cartoon or a caricature to me. Maybe I have teenage Steve on a pedestal but I was let down a little. I wanted to love him more in Fuller House. Though I’m still on Team Steve through and through. Matt is fine and all but I could never turn my back on Steven Hale.
  • Danny’s new wife. She says approximately two words in the first episode and I’m not sure of her name. Comet Jr. Jr. got more screen time than she did. I was just hoping to know more.
  • Fernando. This guy is the worst. Kimmie may be insane and I am on board with her having a strange love interest (Duane anyone?) but this guy is just a terrible Telenovela stereotype.

I love Thomas Barrow and I Don’t Care Who Knows It

With the series finale of Downton Abbey coming up this weekend, I had to say it. Sure, Thomas is generally a snively, conniving, rude person but I love him none-the-less. I have a tendency to love broken characters (see Juliette Barnes of Nashville and pretty much every character on Degrassi) so I am a bit biased that way. I know this isn’t a popular opinion. When I got my best friend to start watching Downton and immediately informed her Thomas was my favorite, her disgust was evident the first time he said anything remotely mean.

I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. He brings a lot of things on himself (it is no surprise to anyone why he has no friends) but it must be hard to be a closeted gay man in the 1920s. He will never truly be happy because he can never truly be himself.

Last week, I wasn’t too shocked when he slit his wrists. I felt it was coming for a few episodes. It is just sad that it took that for Carson to ease up on him. Thomas didn’t deserve the way Carson was treating him (neither does Mrs. Hughes but that’s a whole another issue). He may not be the most pleasant person and he may have done such things as stolen wine and Lord Grantham’s snuff box to try and frame Bates and taken a dog to try and get in good with his boss, but at the end of the day, I do think Thomas is good at his job. Its not his fault times are changing and under butlers are a thing of the past.

The way Thomas is with George melts my heart. My greatest wish for him is that he becomes to George what Carson was to Mary and he can live out his days in service as the Butler at Downton.