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Rehash: The Ranch Part 6

I was hesitant going into this season knowing Rooster wouldn’t be around but I was happy with how they handled writing the character off. I was glad they killed him. It was the only way that made sense. In what other circumstance would Rooster not be there when his niece was born? It was well done. I ugly cried. A lot. during his memorial service.

I love Debra Winger’s voice. She needs to be around more.

Beau and Joanne are relationship goals.

It is disappointing that Mary has become such a mess. I really liked her.

Going into this Part I had forgotten Dax Shephard was going to be the new Rooster. This is a classic TV show trick. One character leaves so you replace them with another who serves that same purpose. Luke really is the new Rooster in every way. He is a hot mess who has great banter with Colt. Hell he is even sleeping with Mary. They basically just were like “we need to make this guy Rooster but like he can’t be exactly like Rooster. Okay, I got it. He has PTSD. Done.”

And that leaves me with Colt and Abby. I really thought they were going to name their daughter after Rooster. Jameson could be a cute name for a girl. But they surprised me.¬†Also, their relationship is still a mess. I still haven’t found reason to like them together.