Babysitter’s Club…Say Hello to Your Friends

Babysitter’s Club is coming to Netflix bitches!

So far it has only been confirmed that the main five girls will be in the show — Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, Mary Ann and Dawn. This begs the question what about Mallory and Jessi? Sure they are junior members of the BSC but just as important character-wise.

Mallory is important. Okay so I admit she used to be my least favorite until recently. Until adulthood I firmly believed I was a Claudia. I’m creative. I like junk food. (Though I really cared about school). But after taking one of those amazing Buzzfeed quizzes I had to finally admit to myself I am a full on Mallory. I am a writer after all. She may be nerdy but she is who I relate to the most (even if as a kid I just wanted to be Kristy or Claudia. We can’t all be cool).

Between the Disney Channel show of the 90’s and the 1995 movie, they really got the cast right. If they take a look at the best from each we could end up with the best BSC possible.
Obviously you got to go with the TV Kristy. Movie Kristy is way too whiny.
Image result for babysitter's club kristy tv show
For Claudia I gotta go with movie here. She is just cooler.
Image result for babysitter's club claudia tv show
Mary Ann is a tough call; they are both good. TV wins every so slightly. She comes off a little warmer.
Image result for babysitters club mary anne tv show
Dawn. I’m going with movie. I like her hippy vibe.
Image result for babysitter's club dawn movie
Stacey is a tough one too but because Stacey in general kind of sucks (I’m sure a lot of people disagree). Sorry, she is a snob. Movie edges out a little only because she has less frizzy hair. As long as new TV version isn’t crazy about having diabetes and eat terribly and become sick than we’ll be all good. Just take care of yourself, girl.
TV Mallory wins for the sole reason that she doesn’t wear bow ties and talk in a nasally voice about her novel.
Image result for babysitter's club mallory tv show
TV Jessi also wins out but really only because movie Jessi is used so little and not very memorable.
Image result for babysitter's club jessie

I’m guessing we’ll see Logan at some point (or least I can hope and dream). I feel his casting may be the most important of all. He needs to be the right amount of dreamy and southern.

Beyond the cast (which I will judge harshly), I’m curious how they will modernize it. How will cell phones and other modern technology will play a role? Does the BSC have a website? Can babysitter’s be scheduled online or through text? How can they justify meeting in Claudia’s room because she is the only one with her own phone line in 2019? Do the kids even care about kid kits? Don’t they just want screen time?

I guess our answers will come in time.  In the meantime, remember, nothing is better than friends.


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