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Rehash: Big Brother Season 2 Premiere

I got chills when Julie Chen said “Welcome to Big Brother.” She said it, it is officially summer now. Let’s break down the two night premiere.

The Twists
The jury is still out on the apps. I guess we’ll know more on Sunday but it doesn’t sound like it is anything revolutionary; it sounds like it will be similar to last summer’s temptations.

As for these first two punishments, I don’t think they are created equal. Kaycee has to wear a weird uni-tard and whenever her wheel spins has to stay in the room she is in until it stops. It is meant to stop her from socializing and strategizing how she sees fit but in the first week, I don’t think it will be detrimental to her game. On the flip side, Sam is a robot and has to spend half the week talking to everyone through a screen. This is so much worse. In the first week when forming bonds is so important, this could mean she leaves this week. She is already in tears feeling she is being shunned. Both these punishments would be better suited later in the game when they can do real damage to a players game, not determine a player’s social status from the get go.

On a similar note, the two competitions that determined who received these punishments were far too different. One was pure luck (Trash Folder) and the other was more of a physical competition (Cyber Security Zone). Doesn’t really seem fair does it?

The Houseguests
Steve – I like him. Unfortunately for him I think being the older guy is going to make him an outcast from the beginning. Being on the block week 1 isn’t a death sentence but I don’t see him lasting long term.

Sam – She’s sweet. I hope she can overcome her robot punishment.

Haleigh – A lot of the girls run together still. She seems cute though.

Kaycee – She could be a physical threat.

Tyler – Dude…

Bayleigh – She’s starting off annoying but I said the same thing about Janelle, who is one of my fav players of all time.

Kaitlyn – Do I think she is weird? Yes. Do I also think it is kind of mean that Big Brother is outwardly making fun of her lifestyle and beliefs? Very much yes. If she was talking constantly about her religion and leading people in prayer, they wouldn’t dare put fake orbs and light on the screen to mock her.

Winston – I’m getting behind the alliance he is forming. They seem like they could be strong.

Rockstar – I have no words for a woman who chooses to go by Rockstar.

JC – He is one of my early faves. It might be because he is adorable, and the fact that he was the only one smart enough to not want to win the first HOH doesn’t hurt.

Brett – Bro…

Angela – She seems strong. Maybe too strong right out the gate.

Scottie – Will he be kissed? I couldn’t care less.

Faysal – I think I could like him.

Rachel – I have no opinion on her. She didn’t seem to get any air time. Or maybe her and the other girls are too much alike this early on.

Swaggy C – He’s gonna need to tone his cockiness down because it is going to be put a huge target on his back. Also, he is already super annoying and that is only partially because he refers to himself in the third person.



Sorry, the Double Dare Reboot Isn’t for Grown Ups

I spent a large chunk of my childhood in front of the TV watching Nickelodeon. When I think of summer I think of Stick Stickly and reruns of Hey Dude more than I do playing softball or tag outside. As a child of the 90’s I spent time imaging myself on Double Dare, sticking my hand up that giant nose, searching around for a flag.

With all the reboots these days, Double Dare was a fun new surprise among them. An obscure kids game show wasn’t exactly the first thing I thought they’d bring back. I naively thought, that like all the other reboots, I would be full in. I set a series recording, no question.

But this reboot isn’t meant for me and others in their 30’s who grew up with this show. Sure it was fun to see it brought back and see that final obstacle course again but this show is for the kids. Sorry guys, but if you’re trying to recreate childhood this isn’t the place. The nostalgia alone doesn’t make watching this kids show worth it for adults. Even Marc Summers can’t save it. He’s not even the host! I guess they thought kids today wouldn’t appreciate a white haired man way based his stardom prime. They are probably right.

So as excited as I was for the reboot, I say to all my fellow Nick kids of the 90’s, this isn’t worth anymore than the 20 minutes it would take to watch one episode. The games are ridiculous and the prizes even more so. Sure yard games and bikes are cool prizes for kids but you won’t be as excited as your 10 year-old-self was about some Gak or a Skip-It.

If they were going to bring back Double Dare in any of its forms it really should have been Family Double Dare. How great would it be for all those people out there who watched this show in their youth to come back and play with their kids now? Just saying, Nickelodeon…

If you have kids, definitely point them in this direction, and they will get a taste of what we enjoyed as kids. If not, move on. There is way too much good TV out there for your time to be used watching this.

Refresh: Young and Hungry

We’re in the home stretch. I don’t know about you but I had no clue what was happening on this show so I rewatched the last three episodes. Here’s your refresh:

  • Josh and Gabi were doing their punch card relationship thing.
  • Josh realized he loved Gabi while on a date.
  • Gabi realized she was in love with Josh while trying to get Josh’s date back together with her boyfriend.
  • Gabi told Josh she loved him. Josh hit his head and had amnesia (no, for real).
  • Elliot is apparently a softy because he put a Tegan and Sara song on Josh’s phone to trigger is memory.
  • Josh remembered everything and chased Gabi on a train (she was on her way to a wedding in Aspen).
  • And all was good. Nothing was really happening with any other characters.

Rehashing the Last Six Months

It has been almost six months since I last posted. I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t think it had been quite that long but I’m back and ready to talk some serious TV. I’ve still been watching at the same rate (but not writing about it; I have no excuse or reason). So sorry to my regular reader (shout out to my sister!)

We have a lot to get caught up on, so here goes…

I’m currently working my way through one of my fav childhood shows, Step by Step and it didn’t take long to realize how strange and sexist the 90’s were. We think women have it rough now, try being Carol Lambert married to the most stereotypical macho man ever (example: he assumes he will never have to change their baby’s diaper). I am also working my way through Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Westworld so stay tuned for insights on those.

I also watched all of Handmaid’s Tale since last posting. This show is SO good. During the Trump era this show is a little too close to home. I’ll continue to be thankful for my current freedoms. Thanks America for not being Gilead yet. There have been a lot of shocking twists in the first season and a half but I gotta say Nick’s impromptu marriage and the bomb of late have been two of the biggest.

The second season of Timeless far surpassed the first. The concept alone has made it better. I much prefer them following Rittenhouse around and finding sleepers to going after Flynn. And I mean Lucy and Wyatt getting together, however brief it may have been, didn’t hurt either. Please, someone, anyone, bring this show back for season 3. I need more of future Lucy and Wyatt.

Hell, I even have a new take to share on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Anfisa and Jorge are both ridiculous. We all know this. But a year and a half into their marriage and I feel for Anfisa for the first time. She is all out crazy but has really calmed down this season. His lies and b.s. are really getting old. I’d be crazy too if my husband lied about what he was doing and how in debt he was.

Victoria‘s second season was in no way as good as the first but there was one thing that saved it all: Drummond and Lord Alfred. I know, I know, shocking that a ship can make or break a show for me. After many episodes of secret glances, they finally kissed. I may have watched that kiss a few too many times. Then they killed off Drummond, devastating but it brought two great moments. The first between the Duchess of Buccleuch and Alfred. She was the one that had to bring the bad news to Alfred and talked him through it. Telling him “I may be old but I’m not blind. I know what he meant to you.” Then Miss Coke gives him a lock of Drummond’s hair and he proposes. Before answering she asks “Are you sure?” and he responds with what can only be considered the most romantic words ever uttered during a marriage proposal: “There is more than one kind of love.”

Roseanne was back ever so briefly. I’m not going to comment on the show’s cancellation except that I am sad to not have a resolution for David and Darlene. 13 year-old me was very happy to see them together again (the episode is still on my DVR) and I had high hopes for a permanent reunion in season 2 but we all know why we won’t be getting that.

The short-lived Real O’Neals was another one of my binges over these last few months. I kind of want to be an O’Neal. What can I say? They are a great family. Sure they are screwed up but who’s family isn’t? If I can’t be part of the family, I would settle for being Kenny’s best friend. Or friends with any of them really.

New Girl came to end and I have to say I was very satisfied. My favorite series finales flash to the future and this one did it in its own way. First the entire season flashed forward and then the finale gave us one glimpse into the future to see the entire gang playing True American with their kids. They are still friends. That’s all we wanted to know, right? Plus we got one more appearance by Tran, another game of True American and Winston’s biggest prank yet. I don’t think anything was missing.

Masterpiece’s Little Women exceeded my expectations. I have long loved the story of the March sisters. I always cry when Beth dies and get uncontrollably mad when Amy burns Jo’s manuscript. Hell, when I was a kid I used to stop watching the 1994 movie right after Laurie proposes to Jo so I could pretend she said yes. I even made my way through the entire novel last year (most of it is quite boring, I wouldn’t recommend). This new version made me see the March sisters in new light. First I felt Jo and Laurie’s relationship was handled much better than I had seen before. Jo repeatedly makes it clear she sees him only as a friend, making it much less heartbreaking when she refuses his proposal. And this version of Amy is a lot less whiny and dare I say almost likable. I didn’t even mind when her and Laurie got together. I know, I was shocked too. 12 year-old me is in shock.

I couldn’t recap the last few months of TV without touching on When Calls the Heart. After five seasons of watching Elizabeth and Jack’s love story they had the audacity to kill him off. The penultimate episode ended with Elizabeth learning of his death. I, like most Hearties waited that week assuming there was some explanation. They certainly wouldn’t kill off Jack. Well there was rude awakening for us all. Season 6 will be interesting and potentially a lot less interesting. I’m gonna need a Lee and Rosemary baby ASAP.


Okay that’s enough. I won’t let it go this long without posting again.