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Miss McGee, It’s So Sad: TV Moments That Make Me Cry

You ask someone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m a crier. I cry equally when someone gets kicked off Project Runway and when someone wins Project Runway. These moments get me every time.

  1. Cristina losing her baby on Grey’s. When Burke shows up to her hospital room at the end of the episode and gets in bed with her, I lose it. 
  2. Rory’s high school graduation speech on Gilmore Girls
  3. At the end of The Vampire Diaries 5th season, Damon and Bonnie get stuck on the other side and as a result Elena says goodbye to Damon as his ghost listens in and says his own goodbye. Nina Dobrev is an excellent ugly crier. The tears continue as Jeremy runs to find Bonnie before the other side collapses and then Damon and Bonnie hold hands waiting for the unknown. Though sad, it is the start of one of the greatest friendships on TVD (though I still say Alaric is Damon’s best friend. No one will convince me otherwise).  
  4. Obviously Grey’s Anatomy is usually a weekly tearfest but in season 3 is one of the saddest moments of the show and it doesn’t even involve main characters. When Jillian comes to Seattle Grace to discover she has a tumor, Rachel plans to drop everything for her friend. “Cradle to Grave” they’ve always said. When Jillian’s parents show up, Rachel lets her go, lets her be Amish and die Amish. Talk about true friendship and selfishness. We all can hope to have as great of a friendship at some point in our lives as these two have. When Jillian’s parents tell the shunned Rachel, they’ll tell her mother “We saw you and you are well and happy and have grown into a fine woman” I can’t even take it. Capture
  5. Marissa’s Death on The O.C. Even ignoring the fact that a main character and Ryan’s one true love has died, the use of  Imogen Heap’s”Hallelujah” gets me every time. 
  6. Kacy Catanzaro’s run in the 2014 Dallas American Ninja Warrior finals is a entirely different kind of tears. I tear up seeing what she accomplishes and the barriers she breaks down. There are times I watch this show and can’t take it seriously as a sport but dang Kacy is a damn good athlete. Plus, Akbar’s enthusiasm makes it that much more thrilling. “Are you not entertained?” he yells as she powers through the course.


History of TV

I have always been a huge TV fan. Before I had a DVR, my life basically revolved around that night’s TV line up. If I couldn’t be at home, glued to the TV, doing homework or reading during commercial breaks, I recorded it on VHS tape and if the recording failed, my life was ruined. This was long before you could just watch an episode on demand or online. If you missed an episode, your only hope was to catch it in summer re-runs.

Going on summer vacation with my family always required a massive TV recording session. There was no way I was missing out on one second of Big Brother (still true 15 years later). My sister and I went so far as to set two recordings for The O.C. in the summer of ’03 in fear we would miss an episode. In the end we just made our entire family watch the episode in our hotel room anyway.

I attribute my love of television to my parents whose main TV is always on even when someone isn’t in the room and who put a TV in my bedroom long before I was 5.

Now I have my 30 series recordings on my DVR and the 1-4 shows I’m bingeing to keep me busy. And from time to time the out of nowhere need to watch my favorite episode or scene.

I’m currently a year and a half in to re-watching Boy Meets World. It started  after all the hype over Girl Meets World, which is now in its 2nd season. I’m slowly working my way through West Wing. Great show. Super well done. But with such lack of shipping, a girl like me can’t get through it very fast. And I’m getting caught up on Degrassi: The Next Generation so I can watch Degrassi: The Next Class on Netflix just like all 29 year olds do.

I just finished the first season of Master of None on Netflix. I don’t have a lot to say except my initial thought was I love the “vibe” of this show. It is different. It had a very short indy film vibe that I really enjoyed. Each episode is like its own work of art not necessarily connected to the others.