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The Origin Story

I love when we’re introduced to how characters met, especially if it involves flashbacks. On shows that revolve around a group of friends, it’s the first thing I want to know. How did these people come to be friends? We all meet people throughout our lives, usually in boring ways like work, but with TV the story can be as wacky as you want. Some shows have done this very well.

How I Met Your Mother – Obviously the entire show is an origin story and flashback within flashbacks but how they become friends is fun to see. Any time a show does this it gives us a  glimpse into a part of the friendship we don’t get to see in present day. By seeing where it started, we connect that much more to why they are friends and why we should care about them as friends.

Friends – The flashback episodes are well known. Monica in a fat suit, Rachel’s original nose, Chandler’s Flock of Seagull’s haircut. They are done well. The only flashbacks we get with Phoebe though are the ones where she is already living with Monica. How did this come to be? Probably something as boring as a newspaper ad for a roommate, much like Joey becoming Chandler’s roommate, but I would still like to know. It may not be as interesting as the long history between Ross and Rachel,and even Monica and Chandler, but they could have mentioned it at one point. More than anything, the flashback I wanted to see was Street Phoebe. How great would it have been to see her living on the streets stealing backpacks from nerds like Ross?

Happy Endings – My favorite episode of the entire series introduces us to how these six came to be a group. It took until the third season to fully find out how Brad came into the fold. Most everyone else is boring – Alex and Jane are sisters, they grew up with Dave and Penny, Penny dated Max in college. This is how most of us met our best friends. Brad’s story is one that I’m not sure any other show can top. He and Max were on the Real World together. Of course, a season where a house guest went berserk and burned down the house so it never aired. You gotta get around that loop hole somehow. The flashback to when the gang visits the Real World house is classic. Jane is a Gwen Stefani wannabe, Max is super closeted, Dave is basically the exact same, Penny’s got a pink velour jumpsuit and Brad’s got dreads.

Heartbeat – Flashbacks are ingrained in the structure of the show, which I like. It gives it a little something different from the 40 other medical dramas out there. I like that they tie back to what is happening in the present and actually serve a purpose in the episode. This is actually my favorite new show of the season. It’s got heart and character. Alex is lovable and I already feel very strongly about things (I’m very much Team Pierce).



Rehash: The Bachelorette

I’m going to start out by saying I have never seen The Bachelor or Bacherlorette until now. I know you’re probably asking yourself, “How is that even possible?”  I’m not exactly proud. It took a few of my co-workers and the promise of a Bacherlorette  bracket at work to get me to jump on board. This is one TV junkie’s reactions after watching her very first episode of this reality kingpin.

  • Got off to a slow start. I definitely didn’t care about past bacherlorette’s advice. Maybe those of you who remember these women care, but I don’t.
  • They really make these poor guys say the cheesiest things in their intro videos (see: I hope I’m JoJo’s #1 draft pick).
  • Apparently hipster is a job.
  • Jordan is cute. I like the chemistry he has with JoJo right off the bat. He’s never going to win.
  • Why do I kind of like that this guy showed up dressed as Santa but hate every other gimmick the guys tried (Will dropping those note cards. Just weird man.)
  • It’s a little creepy how much these guys are already talking about how great JoJo is. Okay you saw her on TV. Slow your roll a minute. See if you actually like her before declaring your love.
  • I think I might like The Bachelorette more than I would The Bachelor just because it is kind of hilarious watching these guys say mean stuff about each other. They are just as catty as girls but with less tears.
  • The first impression rose is interesting. Definitely adds more drama to the first night. I can get on board with it.
  • Having the first rose ceremony after only a couple of hours is harsh. I guess that’s what you gotta do when you start with 26 guys. Easy way to avoid this: Start with less guys.
  • The first two hours of the season could have been used more wisely. Skip the advice and show us more of the guys. Show more intro videos.
  • Having never seen the show, the rose ceremony seemed anti-climactic. I have no clue who got kicked off or how many of them there were. I’m sure this will become more clear as the weeks go on.
  • It would have been WAY better if Jake showing up was actually a twist. What a letdown. It would have been great if a guy showed up this late in the game. Think of the potential drama. Especially if that guy was known from another season (not so much if JoJo already knew him outside the show as it was in this case).
  • She kept the drunk Canadian. Really? That’s the producers interference for sure.
  • I picked Chad to win in my bracket. With nothing to base this off of, I just thought there was no way it will be Jordan, he’s the obvious choice. Chad is good looking and white enough to stick around a long time and just douchey enough to win.


In Defense of Ross Geller

12 years after Friends aired its last episode, Ross Geller still gets a lot of flak on the internet. Ross is one of my favorite characters on that show (though all six main characters are great), and I think he gets a bad rap. Sure, he’s the divorce force and he tends to jump into relationships but you gotta remember he’s just a loving guy who cares about the people in his life. (See: Dressing up as the Holiday Armadillo in attempts for Ben to learn about and appreciate his Jewish heritage. And, most importantly when he misses his chance to be on TV to help a hurt Rachel go to the hospital).

I don’t think as a society we will ever agree if Ross and Rachel were on a break. But they were! This is the exchange between them:

Rachel: Maybe we should just take a break!

Ross: Ok, fine. Fine. Let’s take a break. Let’s cool off. Let’s get some frozen yogurt or        something.

Rachel: No! …a break from us.

I am not a communications expert but she is the one that uses the word “break”.

He may be too smart for his own good, correcting grammar every now and then, but it could have been worse. When you’re friends with Joey, the opportunity has to arise quite often. I would go so far as to say, in this instance, he’s not as bad as Ted Mosby (see: Encyclopedia and literally).

A lot of things that Ross does that come off as annoying to most, I chalk up to passion (see: getting upset over his co-worker eating his sandwich, getting an excessive spray tan and teeth whitening, unagi).

Really he’s just unique. Because he is a TV character. You can’t tell me that the fact that Monica is controlling and Phoebe is super eccentric (she hates Pottery Barn and has rats for pets) doesn’t make them a little annoying.  They are this way to serve the purpose of the show: comedy. This is a show that is supposed to make us laugh. Ross always makes me laugh. Isn’t that the point?



Where is Lady Kenna?

We’ve gone the entire season of Reign without Kenna. I can’t even recall them mentioning her. Mary has said how Greer is her last lady-in-waiting  now that Lola is in England. Is Kenna ever coming back? Hasn’t it been enough time for her to have her baby and return to court? If she’s not returning, I would at least appreciate a brief mention of her. Especially by Sebastian, who last I checked is still her HUSBAND.

In last night’s episode Sebastian looked longingly as Mary mentioned the love that still burns between Greer and Lord Castleroy. I assumed/hoped he was thinking of his wife and her illegitimate baby. The two couples are actually in the exact same situation. But no, he was thinking of Mary. I’m not against this as much as I thought I would be. Her love interests post-Francis haven’t been too great. Sebastian would definitely be a step up.

With Greer gone, possibly for good, it would be a great time for Kenna’s return. You can’t really leave us with just Lola, who I assume everyone dislikes just as much as me. Plus she’s not even in France and doesn’t appear to be going to Scotland. The women on this show are dropping like flies. At least give me more of Claude if you’re going to deprive me of the better ladies-in-waiting.

Rehash: Game of Thrones Season 2

I’ve finished season 2 and before I break into Season 3, these are my reactions:

  • Daenerys is out and Robb has become my new favorite. He is a pretty bad ass king. He didn’t really do a hell of a lot in the first season and Daenerys has been pretty boring in the second so it makes sense.
  • The dragons have been a letdown. The only time I was even slightly interested in Daenerys all season was when Khal Drogo showed up in her dream/hallucination.
  • I did fist pump when Robb and Talisa finally hooked up. I am jazzed Robb is saying screw you to be his betrothed and married her anyway.
  • Arya continues to be great. She really has great instincts for survival. I give her props for pretending to be a boy, silencing waiting on Tywin Lannister as he bad mouthed her brother and finding a way to escape. Is it wrong that I just keep hoping she’ll hook up with Gendry? She’s pretty young, but like, in the future.
  • I’m ready for a stark family reunion of any kind. Can any two people in this family besides Catelyn and Robb interact please? I’d even take Theon actually going to the Wall and seeing Jon, and Theon’s not even a Stark.
  • Shae and Tyrion snuck up on me. All of sudden in the finale, I thought to myself “When did they become the best couple on this show?”
  • Most upsetting death: Renley. He was already so interesting, self-proclaimed king married to his lover’s sister. A secretly gay king has so much to offer. I guess we’ll never know. Most disappointing because he was killed by a frickin’ smoke monster birthed by a crazy red headed witch. Man didn’t even have a chance to fight back.
  • I’ve very interested in Margaery. Her motivations to be a queen no matter what could make for an interesting story. Marry the gay guy? Sure. Marry the creepy dude known for beating women? Why not. She’s all about that title.
  • I’ll give it to Sansa. She’s had it rough. I wouldn’t want her place in this world and now to be thrown aside by Joffrey who knows what will happen to her.
  • When the Lannisters won the battle in King’s Landing I was really hoping Stannis was dead. He’s a generic older guy. They haven’t shown enough of him to get me invested. When he shows up on screen, it usually takes me a couple of minutes to remember who he is. I don’t care about him and I especially don’t want anything more to do with his red headed friend.
  • Loved when Jaime just straight up admitted to Catelyn that he’s been sleeping with his twin sister. These people are straight up crazy.
  • The penultimate episode that focused solely on the battle at King’s Landing was not my favorite. I’m sure it appeals to many but I’m way more interested in the characters than a battle only a few of them are a part of.


The 16 Reasons Why I Want to be Leslie Knope

I was asked if I could switch bodies with anyone for a day, Freaky Friday-style, who would I choose? Easy. Leslie Knope. There could never be enough words to express how great Leslie is, but I’m going to try.

  1. She’s passionate (see: Filibustering while in roller skates)
  2. She knows what she wants in life (“I would like to be president some day, so no, I have not smoked marijuana.”)
  3. She loves her job
  4. She seems like a genuinely happy person
  5. She’s optimistic
  6. She’s a great friend (“Oh, Ann. You beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn baby.”) And she just wants the best for the people in her life (see: the  career plan binders she makes for April). Plus, as a result, her friends are great to her. (Just one example is how everyone comes together to give her and Ben the perfect wedding. I mean Ron makes their wedding rings from a sconce.)
  7. She makes a difference in her community
  8. She made up her own holiday (see: Galentine’s Day)
  9. People (mostly) respect her
  10. She works hard but still makes time for fun
  11. She married a very cool guy (I mean seriously, Ben is a giant catch)
  12. She isn’t perfect (“I need you to text me every 30 seconds saying that everything is going to be okay.”)
  13. We share a love of delicious food (“I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things.”)
  14. She has good hair (though I could do without the large collection of blazers.)
  15. She’s awkward but owns it. (“I have to go to the whiz palace. You know, the toilet thing. It’s a bathroom! It’s called a bathroom.”
  16. She loves herself (“Hey, Leslie. It’s Leslie. Hang in there. I love you. Bye.”)

The Cancellation of Nashville

I was surprised by this news since Nashville has been on the bubble for years and always manages to bounce back. But I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. This season, the show’s fourth, has really been a dud. Each week it usually takes me days to get around to watching it, and I’m never excited about it. I’ve really stopped caring about pretty much all the characters. Rayna and Deacon have become a boring married couple way too quickly. Deacon bought a bar with his AA sponsor. Cool. Story should have stopped there. Rayna took an interest in a homeless girl who then disappeared. Story should have never started.

Maddie’s teen drama is just annoying. I’ve never liked Teddy and was glad when he basically disappeared from the show but this season has made me long for the days of Peggy and her fake pig’s blood miscarriages (and jaunty berets).

Layla, who I liked there for a while, has gotten creepy. For the longest time, I wasn’t sure of her intentions with Avery. Was she just doing it to get back at Juliette for Jeff’s death? There was definitely a weird stalker, Lifetime movie vibe there for a while.

Luke, who it took me awhile to like, hasn’t had an interesting story line for some time. I was not invested in his old buddy going on tour with him and really didn’t like the consultant lady he was dating. I’m glad he finally came to his senses and signed Will again but that’s the only good thing he has going for him. Gunnar and Scarlett continue to be blah. I can’t say I’m sad I won’t be watching their on-again off-again romance anymore.

Juliette has always been my favorite and Avery (after he stopped being a jerk at the start of season 2) has joined her. They are a great and interesting couple. Though it has been hard to watch them go through their divorce and custody issues. The only regret I’ll have about seeing this show end is not getting a happy ending for these two. Hayden’s Panettiere’s maternity leave was definitely a low point for the show. It really needs the Juliette drama to keep things interesting. When it comes down to it, I wish Juliette were real so I could see her in concert.

I am disappointed it is ending on a low note. I may not miss it but I will still look back fondly on the first two seasons with the stellar Deacon and Rayna flashbacks, the very cheesy finale cliffhangers and the Juliette freak outs. And, I have a feeling several songs will remain on my playlists for years to come (I’m talking about you, “Love Like Mine” and “Nothing in this World Will Ever Break My Heart Again”).