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Diana Trout’s Necklace Game is on Point

We are three seasons into Younger, and I’m ashamed to say it took me this long to discover that Diana Trout has the best necklaces on TV. They are the best thing to look at on this show (aside from Josh and his tattoos). I find myself instantly looking at her neck with each new outfit wondering what large thing will be hanging there. And I am disappointed when I find it bare. Just take a look at some of these beauties. I wish I had the guts (and neck strength) to pull of what Diana does so flawlessly.

Image result

Image result
Mr. T would be proud of this one. 


Kate Middleton, or more likely Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, would be all over this necklace.

Image result

Image result

Image result

Image result
Seriously how does she not have a constant neck ache? That thing has to weight a ton.

Well we know who has the best coats on TV and now necklaces. Just looking for the best shoes and the accessory trifecta will be complete.


Rehash: The Ranch Part 2

After 10 stellar episodes in Part 1, I wasn’t sure if Part 2 would hold up but it definitely did. The most important development is that Beau and Maggie are getting a divorce. When they came to this decision, sitting on the porch at the ranch, my heart sank. Their relationship has really been a staple. Though I doubt either is going anywhere.

Colt and Abby are together. I still haven’t found a reason to be rooting for them though. If anything, they just showed me more reasons why I’m not on board (they have nothing in common and ended up being pretty boring once together).

I’m still on Team Mary and Rooster. I hope these two kids stay together awhile. They are somehow a great match. In the middle, she was only mentioned and not shown for several episodes so I feared they were writing her off but she reappeared and they  had some cute moments so I am breathing easier.

Rooster took out on his own and is working at the My Little Pony Ranch, causing tension with him and Beau. Beau’s interactions with the boys are the best part of the show and this drama was much-needed after the dull Abby/Colt story line.

Of course things can’t be happy for long. The season ended with the cliffhanger that Heather is pregnant with Colt’s baby. This wasn’t shocking once we saw her standing outside the  house in the snow. I have to say, I’m not surprised nor disappointed. Like I said, I’m not a huge Colt and Abby fan. I’ll be interested to see how things go for them after this news. My prediction: Colt handles it horribly, keeping it from Abby for too long and it will lead to her being disappointed for the millionth time. Kenny is boring but really, he is a good guy. I think you might have made a mistake, Abby.


Refresh: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I am excited for no TV premiere more than that of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. But since I binged the first season, watching season two in real time may be quite painful. Before this hilarious, brilliant musical returns, let’s remember what was going in Rebecca Bunch’s life:

  • Rebecca and Greg were hooking up (and I couldn’t be happier)
  • Paula had found out and was not happy. Her and Rebecca stopped speaking.
  • Josh looked at engagement rings
  • Rebecca had big plans to tell Greg that she wanted a relationship with him at Josh’s sister’s wedding
  • Josh and Valencia broke up after he found out she had called his aunt and asked her to bring a family ring. Josh did not appreciate her interfering and trying to push him toward proposing.
  • Rebecca told Greg how she felt. He responded by telling her she’s cool.
  • Paula and Rebecca made up (thanks to Darryl’s interference).
  • Rebecca and Josh ended up hooking up in his car and then Rebecca told him she moved to West Covina for him. He looked freaked out.
  • Greg drunkenly said to himself he should have told Rebecca he loves her.
  • Darryl and White Josh continue to be cute. The season ended with them holding hands in matching tuxes.

Refresh: The Vampire Diaries

We’re a week away from the premiere of Vampire Diaries‘s eighth and final season. Before the tears begin, let’s take a look at where things left off:

  • Elena is still gone.
  • Lizzie and Josie used their magic to siphon the seal on the Armory (never too early to start, girls)
  • Damon goes into the vault by himself to destroy the Everlasting
  • Bonnie is still all psycho Huntress and chasing all her vampire friends trying to kill them
  • She almost gets Enzo (how sad would that have been) but Damon kills the Everlasting in time to drop Bonnie from her Huntress spell (uh, Bonnie and Enzo are still the cutest)
  • Things seem to be back on track for Steroline (Sorry, Ric, maybe one day you’ll find someone who actually deserves you and won’t die)
  • Matt and Bonnie had gotten into a car crash and he hallucinated Penny as he bled out (snore) but then he was rescued. Matt then leaves Mystic Falls (I doubt for good).
  • Bonnie is still magic-less.
  • Damon and Enzo have been turned to the dark side, if you will, by whatever the hell is in that vault and are now hanging out with dead people in a warehouse.

First Impressions: Timeless

What I Liked: The concept was different than I thought. I wasn’t anticipating them having to go back to multiple different points throughout history. Even more promising than I thought.

I like the characters so far. We definitely have a lot more to learn about them but I think the main three will turn out to be a good group of time traveling future savers. And Lucy and Wyatt are going to get together right? Think of the time periods and outfits they will get to make out in?

What I Didn’t Like: The confusion. Why did the Hindenburg crashing a day later make Lucy engaged, her mom not sick and her sister non-existent?

What It Needs: It’s going to need to explain how events changing actually led to the future changing. Right now none of the changes make sense. My other concern would be how it will sustain this concept. Since I originally thought they would just be going back to 1937 I was very concerned about this and thought it was better fit to be a movie or miniseries so going back in time many times will stretch things out longer. But what after that? Sure there are lots of questions to answer but how long can a show like this have these characters hop around time?

Prognosis: Good. I enjoy American history so I’m excited to see these three go to different important events and will be interested in what major ways the future will be affected. I plan to watch for a while.

Please Make Grease 2: Live Happen

Since the success of Grease: Live there have been talks of doing Grease 2: Live. I can’t stress enough how amazing this would be. I want it. BAD. Grease 2 is one of my favorite movies (hell, this very blog’s name is inspired by it) and I strongly feel it is underappreciated.

I’ve long believed it is far superior to the original. The characters are stronger (Stephanie Zinone – I want to be you).

The couples are better (Not only do Johnny and Paulette rule but Dimucci and Sharon are pretty great too).

The music is killer (I listened to “Back to School” on the first day of school for 10 years).

And the movie is full of comedy gold (see anything and everything having to do with Blanche or Goose/Dimucci).

If they can do it as well as the original, it has the potential to be amazing. I would enjoy seeing them run between sets again (Rydell to the bowling alley to the gas station). I mean who wouldn’t love to see them attempt “Score Tonight” live? Or Michael’s many motorcycle jumps?

Ball’s in your court, FOX. Please make this 30-year-old Midwesterner’s dreams come true.

Kudos and Criticism: September 2016


  • I gotta give it to 90 Day Fiance, my new reality TV obsession. It is pure gold. These people are all nuts, maybe even more so than those on Married by Mom and Dad. How did I not find this gem sooner?
  • Loosely Exactly Nicole is MTV’s fun new comedy about a young actress struggling in Hollywood. The break out of this show is Nicole’s best friend and roommate Devin. He’s the out of control gay best friend we all wished we had had in our early 20’s.
  • The Big Brother Houseguest who walks away with the $500,000 isn’t always the most deserving (I still struggle with if I think Paul should have won over Nicole) but this season gave us a final six who all played good games and a suspenseful finale that came down to the last vote. It really was one of the best seasons.


  • The Amazing Race has made no announcement to air its next season this fall as it usually does. Get it together CBS, some of us are going threw withdrawals. I think we could all use some new racers in our lives, like our favorite dating goths, Kent and Vyxsin.
  • I’ve already said it  but The Good Place got too weird too quick. I stopped watching after two episodes which is too bad because I do love Kristen Bell.
  • This Grey’s Anatomy story about Alex being charged with a felony for beating up Deluca is already old. It needs to end quickly please.