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Riverdale’s Best Episode Yet Was Missing One Thing

If you watched Riverdale‘s latest episode (Season 3, episode 4) then you know it was one of the show’s best. It was mostly told in flashback about when all the parents went to Riverdale High in the ’90s. All the “teen” actors played their parents and they were all spectacular. I would watch an entire spinoff about these characters. I want to know everything about the short lived Midnight Club.

We learned a lot about the parents. 1. Penelope was adopted by the Blossom’s and literally groomed to be Clifford’s “life partner” (cringeworthy creepy) 2. Tom and Sierra were a secret thing in high school 3. Alice and Fred kissed 4. F.P. didn’t want to be a serpent and wanted to go to college instead, which led his drunk of a father to break his arm. Oh and F.P. was a jock who lied about living on the south side. 5. Hermione basically married Hiram so she wouldn’t end up cleaning hotel rooms like her mom 6. Hiram went to Riverdale High? I swear this is new information. I in no way thought he was from Riverdale.

It also showed us some things we had only been told about in passing. 1. Hermione and Fred’s quick fling 2. Alice’s teen pregnancy

The most important thing the flashback did was give more backstory to Gryphons & Gargoyles and made the mystery of the game that much sweeter. In all the mysteries this show has had, this one has to be the most interesting. There are no spooky voices calling Betty or Archie forming rebel groups to stop murderers. It is just plain good. (Can you tell season 2 wasn’t my favorite?)

But to get to the title of the article: there was one thing missing. Mary, Archie’s mom. We all know she went to Riverdale High. It has been mentioned before. So where the hell was she? Sure I am fine with her not beingĀ  involved with G&G but why wouldn’t they have had one passing moment with her? We got to see Hal, not that anyone cares.