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Farewell, Night Shift

So I’m a little behind on this one but apparently Night Shift got cancelled. Was it a poor man’s Grey’s Anatomy? Yes. Was I over how much military stuff there was and WAY over all of T.C.’s time in Syria? Double yes. Will I still miss it? Yes.

One of the reasons this show may have lost viewers was because it could never really find its way. In five seasons, way too many characters came and went, it was hard to decide who was important. Remember Krista and Ragosa and Landry who all seemed so important at the time but were out by the end of season 2? If you are like me you barely remember they existed (I had to look up their names). I’m a big believer that you gotta love the characters to make the show work. Good, annoying, evil, whatever they are, they gotta be good characters. Who can really get into a show with a revolving door of characters?

Though thankfully, for me and the show, Drew was never a character that got the boot. If you have read my blog before you might know of my deep love of Drew and Rick. They have made it to the Final Four in the Couples Bracket the last two years and even with the show’s cancellation I see them going far in 2018. They are definitely going to be the thing I miss the most. Let’s just all take a moment to watch this again (or if you are me for the 50th time). I feel a little ripped off, really. After they got married, they got pretty boring. I really would have liked more Rick. They could have done more with them as a couple.

Now on to what most people will miss the most: T.C. and Jordan. No conclusion on these two? Just nothing? Cruel. T.C. was planning on staying in San Antonio and helping with the military medical training program, so I guess in our minds we can just pretend they lived happily ever after.


Kudos and Criticism: October 2017


  • I was never for Teddy and Owen being together on Grey’s Anatomy but that was when Cristina was around. Now that she is long gone, I’m 100% on board with this. Teddy reemerging after several seasons made me see how they could be great together. Please, Shonda, do it. Amelia is out of the picture (thank goodness), so what’s the problem?
  • The current cast of the Are You the One? may not be doing a great job at the match up ceremonies but they do deserve credit for being the first cast to purposely let a strong couple win a challenge so they could vote them into the truth booth.
  • I’ve always loved when Crazy Ex-girlfriend has brought back songs from the past and they did it again in great fashion with Rebecca’s  “After Everything You Made Me Do (That You Didn’t Ask For).”
  • Outlander, oh where to begin. Jamie and Claire’s reunion was everything any fan could have wanted. It was slow, it was damn sexy and it showed us again why they are one of the best couples on TV. Moments I’m still thinking about weeks later: Jamie asked Claire’s permission to kiss her (swoon.) Oh and then’s there’s this: “I’ve burned for you so long, do you not know that?” And obviously this:  “Do it now. And don’t be gentle.” Okay, now I just want to watch it all again.


  • I forgot to say it last month and it is still bugging me. Grey’s Amelia has a brain tumor and that’s why she’s been acting so weird. Fine, except for one thing: Been there, done that. Remember? Izzie had a brain tumor and she was hallucinating Denny? Did Shonda really think we had all forgotten about ghost sex?