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Kudos and Criticism: September 2017


  • Nothing was better during the excellent season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy than the return of Teddy.  She is Owen’s best friend, of course she would be there when Megan came home. So few times does a character come back when they should (weddings, funerals, etc.) so it was nice to see it happen for once. Oh and Owen kissed her and I am 100% behind it for the first time. I mean, let’s face it, Amelia is the worst, and now that Cristina is gone, I would be fully on board with Teddy and Owen.
  • Kevin and Kate on This is Us continue to be the best siblings on TV. That conversation they had in the premiere? Gold. They had an entire conversation in about 6 words. It was awesome.
  • There is going to be a Pretty Little Liars spin off! We know next to nothing about it, but I. Marlene King is involved which means I’ll be tuning in.


  • We are only two episodes into the new season of Are You the One? and there has only been one match up ceremony. Instead of ending the episode with this ceremony as they always have, it looks like we may be ending all the episodes with the truth booth. Not cool. This is so much less exciting. Please go back to the ways of old. This includes bringing back Ryan Devlin as host. I don’t know why he left but he is already missed. His severe judgement of the contestants was one of the things that made this show worth watching.
  • Project Runway decided to change the format a bit this year. For some reason, they decided they should use some of their hour and a half run time to show behind the scene looks of the judges setting up, Heidi being called to stage, and the models being herded to the runway. This adds nothing to the show. And in adding this content, they have taken away the safe designers going backstage and discussing who they think is in the top and bottom. Go back, Project Runway. Go back.