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Rehash: Fuller House Season 3 Part 2

Once again, it didn’t disappoint. Before I get to anything that happened in these nine episodes I have to say: VICKY!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for her for awhile. I may have fist pumped when I saw her in the living room. This better not be the end. She was there for such a short time. I hope this wasn’t just a cameo for our sake. Danny is moving back to SF after all so I am crossing my fingers real tight they get back together. If he wants to propose to her again using fireworks, I’d be okay with that. But he’s not actually going to move back into the house, right? I don’t think anyone wants that. Sorry, Bob Saget.

Vicky was the last cameo I really needed but I didn’t mind the Rippers being back or the return of the Smash Club. With Joey, Becky and Jesse also moving back, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of them and the Smash Club. Though I am torn on this. I like that we get just an episode or two of the original gang each season. It makes it special and ensures they don’t take away from our main characters, so it will be interesting to see how much of them we see now.

As time has gone on, I’ve liked Fernado more than I did after the first season, but he seemed to be around less this season and I liked it. One character I need more of though is Jimmy. He is adorable. Him and Steph are adorable. More please. Now that they are officially having a baby together, he better be in the Tanner-Fuller house more.

Oh and then you have Steve. Him and DJ were finally going to get together and she made him take that job in LA. Are you serious, Fuller House? You’re killing 10-year-old me and 31-year-old me at the same time. We’ve already waited three seasons for them to be together, why make us wait longer? It is just mean.