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Ranking the Big Brother Alliance Names

We’ve got our newest BB alliance – 8 Pack! Here’s how it fairs among the alliance names of old. This is based solely on the name of the alliance, not the success of that alliance.

21. The Friendship – Is this My Little Pony or Care Bears?

20. Quack Pack – I have no words.

19. Weirdos – Give yourselves some credit.

18. 3 A.M. – This means nothing.

17. Regulators – Sounds like it has to do with digestion.

16. Chilltown – Great alliance. Terrible name.

15. Late Night Crew – What?

14. Rationale – Cody and Derrick were in so many alliances with names, they were bound to run out of good ones.

13. Moving Company – I get where they were trying to go with this but, doesn’t work.

12. Sovereign Six – Loved these guys. The name seemed great in comparison to their rivals, The Friendship, but looking back it’s not that great.

11. Mrs. Robinson – I like the idea behind it, even if it fell apart immediately.

10. Exterminators – Just don’t think too hard about bugs and you won’t hate it.

9. 8 Pack – I don’t hate it.

8. Mr. and Mrs. Smith – The stealthiness behind the name is great. The alliance was not.

7. 4 Horsemen – Ahh the days when naming an alliance wasn’t mandatory and good names were still left.

6. Detonators – Not as good of a name as its predecessor, Bomb Squad. Basically Season 16 was too “name happy.”

5. Renegades – It fit Memphis and Dan.

4. Bomb Squad – Bomb name (pun intended).

3. Brigade – I might be biased and giving this a better ranking than it deserves based solely on how great it was hearing Enzo say “The Brigade!” every five minutes.

2. Legion of Doom – Very menacing. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to is name, especially since Will and Boogie were just playing the rest of the alliance the entire time.

1. Hitmen – It helps Derrick and Cody are one of the only pairs to ever make it to the final two together. The name is also good too.



Rehash: Game of Thrones Season 4

Season 4 had a lot to live up to. It wasn’t quite as good as season 3 but still had it’s moments.

  • Most shocking death: Shea. Woah there Tyrion. Did. Not. See. That. Coming.
  • Second most shocking death: Lysa. How creepy is Littlefinger? But I’ll give it to him for pushing Lysa through that moon door. It was pretty cool.
  • Least sad death: Joffrey. His death was pretty cool though. The make up team did wonders. He looked gross.
  • Second least sad death: Tywin. Sorry dude, won’t miss you. Leave your sons alone.
  • Third least sad (presumed) death: The Hound and fourth least sad death: Ygritte. So much dying this season.
  • How wrong is it of me for being excited that Cersei and Jaime made up? (Though not cool about the rape, dude).
  • My love for Jaime has only grown. Who doesn’t love the things he does to try to save his brother? He was willing to give up his place on the Kingsguard and Cersei to go to Castlerly Rock and marry and have children.
  • I like the recasting of Daario. This guy is much better and a lot less creepy. Also, love him and Daenerys hooking up. In your face Jorah. Also don’t let the door hit ya.
  • So apparently Tommen is important now. Margaery is going to eat you alive.
  • The trial by combat was awesome. Really Tyrion’s entire trial was super fascinating. Poor Imp gets screwed again.
  • Oh how I wish Arya trusted Brienne. What a badass duo they would be.
  • Best couple: Hands down – Grey worm and Missandei. They are adorable. She’s teaching him the common tongue, guys.
  • Am I supposed to care about Gilly?
  • The three eyed raven just reminds me of Snoke from  the Force Awakens. I’m not sure what to think of this.
  • Just like in season 2, wasn’t a huge fan of the penultimate episode that focused solely on the battle at the wall. What goes on at the wall and beyond is never going to be my favorite.

Rehash: Big Brother 18 Premiere

After the two-night season Big Brother premiere, it finally feels like summer. 15 years in and I still get giddy over this show (and pissed and frustrated and pretty much every other emotion). I’m very glad to have Julie back in my life once a week. This season seems like it will be a good one.


I’m not sure why this show thinks it needs to just bombard us with twists. I would prefer they just leave the game as it is and let them play Big Brother. Not lovin’ the team thing. It wasn’t great when they had the cliques and it’s still not great. I am 100% on board with the battle of the block being gone. It should have never made it out of its first season. It was just too much. Bringing players back, while not my favorite twist, doesn’t really bother me. Though I do prefer the seasons with all new people. I would rather they just do another all-star season if they are going to bring people back.

First Impressions

  • Paul – I hate this guy so much already. Dude, your beard is gross. You aren’t getting fans by dissing the returners.
  • Victor – Not sure how I feel about him. I’m either gonna love him or hate. I don’t think there is an in between with this guy.
  • Corey – He and Paulie look too much alike. I like him though. I could get behind an alliance with him and Nicole.
  • Paulie –  I hope he’s just going by Paulie because there is another Paul in the cast.
  • Bronte – I instantly dislike her. That voice sends a chill down my spine. She has to be Tori Spelling’s cousin or something, right?
  • Bridgette – The word “mousy” comes to mind
  • Frank – Not super stoked to see him back. Wasn’t a fan of his before but this could change since I am loyal to the vets right now.
  • Zakiyah – Since she is friends with Jozea and Paul, my instinct is to dislike her.
  • Jozea – Who is this guy? I’m all for getting him out week one. He may be the real life Angel from Rent.
  • Nicole – This is my girl. Loved her in season 16 and love her now. She’s adorable.
  • Glenn – Why bother?
  • James – I can get on board with this.
  • Michelle – How is she not related to Nicole?
  • Natalie – I honestly don’t remember who she is.
  • Da’Vonne – Really? This is the best you could do, Big Brother? There are about 70 people that would have been better to bring back.
  • Tiffany – Already sick of her Vanessa-voice.

Closing Thoughts 

  • I still miss the old starting when a person’s  name would disappear and their picture when change to them leaving the house after they were evicted.
  • Why didn’t they reveal the mystery punishment? They had time to show James prank Nicole but couldn’t spare 30 seconds? Here’s to hoping we see it Sunday.
  • Can’t wait to see what this new competition is. As long as it is better than the saboteur, BB takeover or the second twin twist, it has hope.
  • We’ve got our usual Big Brother pool going at work. I drew Frank and Tiffany. So fingers crossed one of these two wins the game so I will be $80 richer. I haven’t won yet but there is a first time for everything. There is an online shopping spree waiting for me if it happens.


It’s been two days since the news was broken that Kacy Catanzaro and Brent Steffensen have broken up. I am still upset. They are the golden couple of American Ninja Warrior. Two years ago when she finished the city finals course and made history, he climbed the side of the course and gave her a kiss. The world melted. My sister and I have since dreamed up his proposal on top of Mount Midoriyama. I didn’t expect this break up and like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, I may still not be over it years from now.

Now all there is left to do is wonder, what happened to the king and queen of this fake sport? Did stardom get to them? Did the pressure? Did Kacy crack after her disappointing runs last season? Or did Brent finally break and realize he couldn’t listen to her high pitched voice anymore? I’m betting on the latter.

Best Personality on TV

I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to American Ninja Warrior. I  have my favorites like anyone, which usually results in me yelling “that’s my boy” upon seeing Brian Arnold or Brent Steffenson. When it comes down to it, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila makes American Ninja Warrior so great. His commentary is priceless. Without fail, you can count on Akbar for:

  • Homoerotic comments (“Yeah this guy looks like Clark Kent until he takes his shirt off and he looks like Superman. This guy is cut like steel.” or “You big drink of water”)
  • Extreme excitement (“Are you not entertained?” or “That’s not even human!”)
  • Being WAY too concerned about the clock
  • Bringing up football whenever possible
  • Claiming a competitor needs to watch their “L”s
  • Making a comment that indicates a competitor is about to fail but then right after the competitor gets him or herself out of the bind.

Best Players in Big Brother History

With the season 18 premiere in a few days, I had to breakdown the best players to ever walk into the Big Brother House.

1. Dr. Will Kirby (Seasons 2 and 7)

Jace said it best during the finale of the All-Stars season, “There is a mayor of Chilltown and his name is Will Kirby. He’s the most bad ass mother fucker to ever play this game.” He lied and manipulated everyone. And the best part: They all knew it. When he won season 2, his housemates all knew they couldn’t trust him, yet they all did. Better yet, when he entered the All-Stars house everyone knew how he had won previously. He even came in with a built in alliance with its own swag. In the early weeks everyone said they should put in on the block yet didn’t. He won and then made it to the final four without ever winning a competition. No one else can say that.

2. Boogie (Seasons 3, 7 and 14)

Though his season 2 performance isn’t worth mentioning, his win of the All-Stars season is the very reason he is number two on this list. He only won competitions when he absolutely had to to save him and Will. He, along with Will, convinced everyone they were in Chilltown and even got Janelle and Howie to put their best friends on the block. You can’t get much better than these two.

3. Janelle (Seasons, 6, 7 and 14)

Janelle is my personal favorite player. She impressed in competitions, making it to the final 3 two seasons in a row. She played a little too emotionally at times (see: “Give me that key, bitch!”) but she was very strong at competitions (see: When everyone thought she would be terrible at a hokey POV but she rocked at it. She did grow up in Minnesota). She has tied for the most POV wins in a season and HOH wins in a season. There has to be something said about winning competitions. It’s pretty hard to get very far without it (unless you are Will Kirby).

4. Dan (Seasons 10 and 14)

I honestly don’t remember much from when he won season 10. That season was pretty dull. He laid back in the beginning and didn’t win any competitions until later in the game. The strategy worked for him because he went home with the million dollars. When he came back as a coach in season 14 is when he really stood out to me. He made it to the final two even though he came in as a previous winner and made waves in the house by throwing his own funeral. I got in arguments with co-workers defending his game play. He played dirty but I say that’s the name of the game. Big Brother isn’t about honesty and making friends. It is impossible to make it to those final two chairs without lying and back stabbing at some point.

5. Derrick (Season 16)

He had a great strategy. He lied about his job (not an original idea) and used his experience as an undercover cop to assimilate to the people in the house. By the end of the season he was almost unrecognizable. There was no question he deserved to win at the end of season 16.

6. Rachel (Seasons 12 and 13)

She is really annoying? Yes. Did I grow to love her anyway? Yes. Did she play a great game? Yes. She came into the house for a second time with her boyfriend and a reputation. As a former player she had a huge target on her back yet still managed to come out as the winner.

7. Danielle (Seasons 3 and 7)

Danielle made it to the final 2 in season 3. She basically invented the secret alliance. Her alliance with Jason got her that far and if it wasn’t for the fact that the jury got to go home and watch all the terrible things she said about them in the diary room, she would have won. Her stint on the All-Stars season is a different story. She aligned herself with Chilltown, who everyone knew couldn’t be trusted and it led to her downfall.

8. Drew (Season 5)

This guy won the game in a way very few could pull off. He made friends with everyone. When the house split down the middle, boys vs. girls, he managed to cross the divide and align himself with both sides. He screwed over his showmance, Diane, and took Cowboy with him to the finals. He taught us good looks and charm can be a winning strategy.

9. Nokomis (Seasons 5 and 7)

Her spot on this list is because she came up with one of the most brilliant moves in Big Brother History. Her idea of the Five Finger Plan got the evil Jace right out of the house.

I Will Never Stop Watching The Challenge

28 seasons in and I still love this show, getting geekily excited each Wednesday when a new episode airs. In between seasons I spend time scouring the internet looking for info on the next season’s premise/rules and participants.

The things that have kept me coming back since I was 11 years old:

  1. The drama

2. The hook ups

3. The fist fights – It’s almost like these people forget that really the only thing that gets you booted from the house is violence.

4. The absurd people (See: Jeymme is scared of ketchup)

5. The veterans – People like Johnny Bananas (I’ll always hate that nickname) keep me watching. I come in each season knowing who I’m rooting for before its begun. Sometimes who I like surprises me (I was okay with Frank when he was Johnny’s teammate), but its fun going in knowing who the people are unlike more reality shows that it takes weeks to figure out who you like.

the challenge the challenge rivals iii rivals iii rivals 3 johnny bananas

6. The teams – Nothing is more interesting or dramatic than pitting rivals or exes together. These two formats will never get old.

7. Host T.J. Lavin and how much he hates quitters (and the time he called Tyler “a true gentleman”)

8. The History – This show has been on so long and some of the people have been around for so many years. The history they have with each and the competition (whether good or bad) will never get old.

9. The Politics – Alliances, backstabbing, nothing is better. Even though I’m team Johnny all the way, I gotta give props for moves like the one Sarah made at the end of Battle of the Exes II – throwing him and his partner Nany into elimination despite years of friendship outside the game and an alliance in the game.

10. The Challenges themselves. Some of the things these people can do is amazing. (Not American Ninja Warrior amazing, but still cool). Same goes for the eliminations.

11. The Reunions – Whoever the host is, they always call everybody on their crap and it’s great. Its mostly just a lot of yelling over each other, but there is always a few gems that make it worth it, especially if Abe gets upset and has to leave.

12. The Feels – The show honored Diem in just the right away after her passing.

Bring Back Morgan Matthews

As season 3 of Girl Meets World starts, there is one obvious character missing – Cory’s sister, Morgan. We’ve gotten updates on the rest of the Matthews clan – Alan and Amy, Eric, even Josh. Maya has a crush on him and it’s adorable. Hell we’ve even seen Tommy, the boy Eric almost adopted that most of us forgot existed. For those wondering, I looked into it, the same actor played him on both shows.

Feeny, Shawn, Angela, Minkus, Jack, even Harley and Mr. Turner, they’ve all come into Riley’s world, so where is her Aunt Morgan? They haven’t even mentioned her. I hope they don’t continue to pretend she never existed.

It’s possible they are struggling on which of the two actresses that played her to cast. That’s fair. Though I think we would all agree you’ve got to go with the first. That girl was adorable. Bring her back, don’t bring her back (but seriously do), either way, please at least acknowledge she exists. Let us know what she’s up to. If Eric can become a senator, she could be doing anything.

I’ll leave you with this Morgan gem that always makes me laugh:

Morgan: Mommy, if my dolly is cold can I put her in the toaster oven?
Amy: No, honey. That would be a mistake.
Morgan: Mommy?
Amy: What?
Morgan: I made a mistake.

Rehash: Game of Thrones Season 3

I was told season 3 was the best and it didn’t disappoint. Let’s do this.

  • Daenerys got even more badass somehow. When she struck the deal for the unsullied and her dragon ate that guy and then she set them all free, having known their language the entire time. Clutch.
  • I want her to hook up with Daario, mostly because I’m sick of  how creepy Jorah is and it would make him mad. Plus it would be hot.
  • I kind of love Jaime now. I didn’t have much of an opinion on him before. His rapport with Brienne is great. Love that he keeps coming to her rescue even if it could mean bad things for him. I got a little too giddy when he reunited with Cersei. Wish there would have been more. Would it have been so difficult to give us an embrace?
  • Most upsetting death: Robb (as if you’re shocked). Most surprising death: Catelyn. I knew Robb wouldn’t last too much longer but Catelyn, didn’t see that one coming. Saddest death: Talisa and her unborn child. That stabbing was brutal. Babies are apparently not meant to be born on this show.
  •  Arya and Gendry, I’ll wait for you two. This exchange: “I can be your family.” “You wouldn’t be my family. You’d be my lady.” Swoon.
  • Not sure I’m on board with Ygritte. Jon could do better. I mean she is basically just the equivalent to our trailer trash hick. That accent. I can’t.
  • Oh Stannis you’re still here.
  • It broke my heart how close so many of the Starks got to reuniting with another family member. The younger boys were feet from Jon, and Arya was just outside the castle as Robb and Catelyn were slaughtered.
  • I, as most do, love Tyrion and don’t really care what happens to Cersei. Loved that she got hers when her father told her she had to marry Loras. She’s not immune to his power/influence either.
  • Tyrion is so sweet with Sansa. This guy just keeps getting better.
  • Theon. All I really have to say is I’m hopeful his suffering will end with his sister’s rescue so he can have an interesting story again.
  • More Bronn please.
  • I’m not sure Edmure will ever get interesting or be important but it was a surprise to see good old Captain Jack Randall/Frank make an appearance.