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Rehash: Big Brother 20 Finale

For the first time in many years, I did not get worked up into a Hulk-like rage during this year’s finale. I went in excepting to be reminded again why Bayleigh and Rockstar are the worst and to shake my fist at those who vote emotionally. Sure, Bayleigh and Rockstar are still the worst and some of these jury members did vote emotionally but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I think more of them than anticipated voted based on game play.

More than anything though, it came down to the fact that the final three all played good games. Even though they all played different games (I see JC as more of a Chilltown type, never winning comps but manipulating who he has to; Kaycee played a Dan-like game, laying low in the beginning and knocking out comps at the end when she really needed to and Tyler was just all around a great player. He won comps, he back stabbed and made enemies and played a great social game) I really couldn’t be too mad at any one of them winning.

As Julie revealed the votes I thought to myself “Is Tyler really going to win this? Did he pull it off?” In a way I’m glad it came down to a 5-4 vote. They both played well and they deserved for it to be close. In the end I think Tyler played a slightly better game but I’ve known all season this jury would vote with emotion so I’m not surprised Kaycee won.

Now, let’s talk about Swaggy C. Like really, guy? This attention-seeking whack job would propose on the finale, taking the spotlight away from the winners. Is anyone even rooting for these two? He was voted off second. He will be long forgotten by next summer. Oh and be original Swaggy C., Boogie did it first.

I’m surprised Tyler won America’s Favorite Player. Not because he isn’t well-liked (as he himself thought) but because he was in the final two. No one in the final three has won before and I always assumed they lost a lot of votes because they might win the game itself but Tyler proved that theory wrong. He seemed genuinely moved he won. If I had voted I would have voted for Brett so I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that felt that way.


First Impressions: Single Parents

What I Liked: After 20 or so minutes, the characters seem great which is what this show will need to stay in it for the long haul. Rory is amazing already. I want to adopt him.

What I Didn’t Like: How rushed it all seemed. They didn’t have a lot of time to establish a large cast of characters and start Will’s new friendship with them so I’ll let it slide.

What It Needs: I’m sure it will come in due time but I want to know so much more. What happened to all the other parents that made these people single parents and how the group formed in the first place? I am really hoping for a funny flashback detailing how they all became friends (suggestion: Check out the Happy Endings episode with this concept. None have done it better).

Prognosis: Very good. I am already ready for episode 2.

Fall Shows I’m Giving A Shot 2018 Edition

Well this fall looks better than last year when I picked up no new shows. It is also entirely possible I am being less selective in hopes of finding a gem.

  • A Million Little Things (Sept. 26) – It is being compared to This is Us but about a group of friends rather than a family. It all starts with the suicide of one friend and I guess is about their journey from there. Its success depends on the characters. If they are interesting and have good relationships, I’ll stick around.
  • Single Parents (Sept. 26) – A comedy about a group of single parents. The concept alone isn’t that appealing but Taran Killam and Leighton Meester are enough for me to give it a shot.
  • I Feel Bad (Oct. 4) – A comedy about not being perfect. That isn’t much of a selling point but Amy Poehler is the Executive Producer and she has never let me down so that means I’ll give this show at least one episode.
  • The Connors (Oct. 16) – I enjoyed Roseanne and quite frankly feel the show can go on without it’s title character. I assume it will continue with its same type of comedy and if we get more David even better.
  • The Kids are Alright (Oct. 16) – A comedy about an Irish-Catholic family in the 1970s – yes please. I enjoy a good family comedy (I’d be fine if this had Real O’Neals vibes) and the 1970s fascinate me so…let’s go.
  • Legacies (Oct. 25) – A Vampire Diaries and Originals spinoff focusing on Klaus’s daughter as she attends the Salvatore School. Need I say more?