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Fall Shows I’m Giving a Shot 2017

Last fall, I wrote about which Fall shows I was going to watch for at least one episode and as I read about this year’s pilots, I have to say, I’m not too impressed. Too many superheroes and military based shows for me. At this point, from what I’ve seen of the new crop, I’m really only planning on giving three a shot and two are reboots. This is sad.

  • The Crossing Refugees show up out of the water seeking safety from war. The twist: This war is 150 years in the future. It has a cool Jericho vibe from what I can tell from the trailer.
  • Roseanne – Pumped for this. Though I’m gonna need Johnny Galecki to come back as David to really make it worthwhile. I’ll even forgive the whole ignoring the finale thing (ie Dan is really alive).
  • Will and Grace – They are also ignoring their finale, which I’m not too concerned about. I was not a strict follower of the show. Even with reruns I don’t think I’ve seen every episode. I’m basically just in it for the nostalgia and laughs.

Kudos and Criticism: July 2017


  • I’m loving Freeform’s The Bold Type. Throughout each episode, my favorite switches from Sutton to Kat to Jane back to Sutton. All three are equally interesting and unique. The show has a nice new spin on young women in business.
  • The Challenge Dirty Thirty has been full of so many twists already (we’re only three episodes in, people). First, six people were eliminated on the first day (chosen by Corey and Jenna) and then they entered the redemption house. Plus the best twist so far is how eliminations are handled: the winners vote in one man and one woman and all other losers enter the elimination to pull Xs at random and whoever pulls the double cross picks who goes in against those voted in. It is intensely awesome.
  • Oh, Spouse House, I love you. This new reality show brings 14 singles ready to get married into one house where they are given an opportunity to propose every week. If she (or he) says yes, they get married like three days later (as we saw with Danny and Naya). Uh there is so much drama. It is basically Are You the One? but with higher stakes. Can’t get enough.


  • Night Shift‘s T.C. is finally back in the States after what feels 15 episodes of boring Syria story lines. Seriously he should have come back after about one episode. Syria is just too boring. He is already talking about going back. Please don’t.
  • Younger‘s Liza continues to be just annoying. She is the protagonist of this show but she has become my least favorite character. I just want Josh and Kelsey to hook up already.
  • I watched Married at First Sight for the first time this season and I will not be watching again. I think it has a great concept but was way too long and technical. They repeated way too much info, especially why they wanted to get married. We get it guys, move on. Also, why did Danielle and Cody stay married? The reunion is this week, maybe we’ll find out they have found a way to make it work. Who knows.