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Least Favorite Characters Part 2

The 100 – Emori. She is shady AF.

Archer – Cyril Figgis – all out nerd and hindrance to all the crazy I enjoy from everyone else.

Baby Daddy – Ben Wheeler. I know this revolves around him but he is a jerk most of the time. He treats women poorly and he’s a screw up (he forgot his own daughter’s birthday, come on, guy).

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Hands down, Josh Chan. He’s annoying and immature and quite frankly, dumb. I don’t get what Rebecca sees in him.

Game of Thrones – There are a lot to choose from but Jorah wins. Hands down. Please go away already. You are just a nuisance and a creep.

Making History – Chris – sorry, man but there are literally three characters of note on this young show, and you’re kind of a buzzkill.

Pitch  – Will Baker (If you forgot like me, that’s Ginny’s brother – this show hasn’t been on for awhile) overall screw up and not even in an interesting way.

The Ranch – Abby. She gets this basically by default. I love all the Bennetts so it pretty much leaves her. Plus I just don’t get her and Colt. I’ve never been able to get on board.

Riverdale – This is tough because even the characters that are shady and evil are amazing. Gonna go with Clifford Blossom mostly because he is so freakin’ creepy.

This is Us – Randall Pearson. Sorry buddy but you are kind of a snore.

Timeless – I could say someone easy to dislike like Conner Mason but I’m going with Rufus Carlin because he my least favorite of the time hoppers. I don’t know what it is but he is a lot less interesting than Lucy and Wyatt.

Underground – August Pullman gets this honor because very storyline involving him so far has been far less interesting than ones involving everyone else.

Victoria – Victoria’s mom. What happened to this woman’s face? What happened to her personality? She just sucks all around.

Young & Hungry – Sorry to say it but Josh Kaminski. I want to like him more but there is just something that bugs me about him.


Kudos and Criticism: April 2017


  • As much as I’m not a fan of how often Grey’s Anatomy has had episodes that only feature 2-3 characters, I gotta give it to the plane crash episode. It was a good one. Those flashbacks were gold. Baby Ellen Pompeo! More of these, please.
  • Are You the One: Second Chances‘ Devin and Rashida are the cutest. Please start dating immediately.
  • Reign’s main storyline involving Mary has been great all season, especially her marrying Darnley even after he lied and cheated and did all sorts of bad stuff because she is preggers, and you know, Queen so she can’t always do what she wants.
  • Jimmy Fallon hosted SNL and we got to see the older but not wiser or more mature Sully and Denise.
  • A.D. has upped his/her game on Pretty Little Liars, making the Liars play a Jumanji-like board game so A.D. is even more control. This should have been done years ago.
  • Before The Challenge: Invasion‘s final, the Champs had one final amazing elimination. Camilla took on the undefeated Laurel and kicked her butt. Darrell took on CT, and CT outsmarted him in a way no one ever had in the Challenge by wrapping the rope in their elimination in a big knot Darrell was never going to untangle.
  • Riverdale‘s Archie and Veronica are a hot couple. Keep it going, please.


  • The Amazing Race is finally back but unfortunately decided it needed a gimmick. All the teams are strangers and it means the show is missing just a little something. I enjoy the relationships of the teams and the contrast between them, now we are just stuck with people who have no reason to ever speak again after the race or even share their first place winning trips.
  • AMC’s The Son premiered and I’ll be honest, I’m several episodes behind, having heard of it too late, but there is one thing already bothering me. Pierce Brosnan as a South Texan. Really? James Bond just can’t quite pull it off. His accent cracks through a little too often.
  • The last few episodes of When Calls the Heart‘s fourth season were a let down. Jack is up north fighting the good fight and the season finale barely even mentioned his existence. Watching Elizabeth worry about him while spending most of her time on school problems just isn’t going to cut it.
  • Team Ninja Warrior‘s format doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. In the qualifying round, three-person teams go head-to-head on a course. If a team wins the first round, they take on a team that lost the first round Then, if they win the second round they move on to the championship relay race where the winner moves on to the finals. The problem with this format is that the first round is pointless. Case in point, in the most recent episode, Meagan Martin’s team blew out their opponents in the first round and then in the second round, they lost in a buzzer beater. This led to a weak team making it to the relay, and just being obliterated. Why even watch the first round? There has to be a better way.

Favorite Characters Part 2

Last summer I posted about my favorite and least favorite TV characters and couples. With a lot of new shows in my repertoire, it is time for Part 2!

The 100 – Bellamy Blake. He started off as the bad guy but it didn’t take long for him to become my fav. You gotta respect a guy who will go to extreme lengths to protect his sister.

Archer – I gotta go with Pam Poovey here. Everyone is great in their own way but Pam stands out.

Baby Daddy – Tucker Dobbs. This was hard, I almost had to go with Riley, but Tucker is a unique character with his own swagger. I can’t get enough of him.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Rebecca Bunch. She is so. Messed. Up. I see a little of myself in her, which is partially why she is my favorite, and you know, the fact that watching her only makes me feel better about pretty much everything I have ever done.

Game of Thrones – Seems impossible to choose one but I guess Jaime Lannister. Dude is B.A. His relationship with Brienne is what really made me love him. Showed a new side of him.

Making History – Dan (no last name). Adam Pally is reason enough.

Pitch  – Mike Lawson. Mark-Paul Gosselaar as a veteran catcher with a chip on his shoulder? Fox did you develop this character just for me?

The Ranch – Rooster Bennett. I love all the Bennetts but there is something that has me rooting for Rooster the most. It may have all started with him dating Mary.

Riverdale – Jughead Jones. I loved him the minute I heard the first voiceover. Troubled badboy writer? Um, yes please.

This is Us – Jack Pearson. Does every woman in America want to be married to Jack? Hell, does everyone kind of wish he was their dad?

Timeless – Lucy Preston. She’s a historian who gets to travel back in time and has great chemistry with her sexy partner. She would be toward the top of the list of TV characters I would trade places with in a heartbeat.

Underground – I’m not sure who to go with here. I guess, Ernestine mostly because she is so scrappy. She has had to be resourceful to get what she wants over the years and keep her family safe. She’s done what she thinks she had to do even if that means killing. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Victoria – Prince Albert. Have seen his mustache? Have you heard his voice? If so, you understand my choice here.

Young & Hungry – Gabi Diamond. Bubbly and adorable. She’s hard not to love. Usually ditsy characters annoy me but I let it slide with her.

Ranking the Pretty Little Liars Couples from “They Better End Up Together” to “I Couldn’t Care Less”

Now that we’re getting into the last 10 episodes, it has me thinking: What is the end game for these couples? Who will live happily ever after? Well as happy as you can ever truly be after growing up in Rosewood. I, like all fans, have my priorities:

    1. Hanna and Caleb – Where to even begin with these two? I’m miserable when they are apart (which has been too many times over the years) and elated when they are together. I want to be Hanna so I guess you could say I want to date Caleb. From their friendship that bloomed with him secretly sleeping in her basement to their most recent reconciliation, they have been the highlight couple of the show.
    2. Spencer and Toby – These two have been end game since they spent the night in that motel and Toby beat Spencer at Scrabble. Even when she was in Radley, he was with someone else, she was working with A, she was with someone else, or he was working with A, I was rooting for these two. They are a classic opposites attract couple and who doesn’t love that? She is from a well-to-do family and a classic type A while he has had some rough family times and even has a tattoo from his time in Juvey.
    3. Aria and Ezra – They may have started off as student and teacher which I will admit is creepy, but come on their first hook up in the bar bathroom. Hot, right?
    4. Emily and Alison – I was very against them in the beginning but after seven years of watching Emily get stuck with the worst love interests, I’ve given in. This might be as good as it gets for her.
    5. Emily and Paige – Paige tried to drown her. What else is there to say? I might throw up a little if Emily ends up with her. You deserve so much more, Em.

Refresh: Pretty Little Liars

As we prepare for the last 10 episodes, let’s refresh:

  • Hanna accidentally killed Rollins (Aka Ali’s psycho husband who was pretending to be someone else but was really in cahoots with Mary Drake) with a car. The girls all buried him.
  • Sara Harvey is dead. Killer: unknown.
  • Alli is pregnant with Rollins’s baby.
  • Ali and Emily kissed (if you care about these two). Paige has also been back in the picture (puke, I know) so this could get interesting.
  • Hanna and Caleb got back together (imagine me doing a happy dance).
  • Nicole (Ezra’s supposedly dead ex) was found alive. Not long before, he had proposed to Aria.
  • But let’s not forget those flashbacks. Aria and Jason had a thing in those years we missed. He had a ponytail then. Not just any ponytail. A halfies. It was gross. Image result for aria and jason season 7
  • Toby and his finance (who’s name is unimportant) are moving away (they may be the only smart ones around here) but got in a car accident on their out of town. Their current conditions: unknown.
  • Spencer (who is obviously still in love with Toby) has been seeing his boss who is possibley 40.
  • Jenna is back. She shot Spencer. Oh and Mary Drake is Spencer’s real mom.
  • Noel Kahn was accidentally decapitated (and thus proven not AD or Hanna’s torturer. Sorry Hanna. You thought you were sure). You know every day stuff in Rosewood.
  • AD kidnapped Jenna.

You’ve Most Likely Never Heard of Underground But You Should be Watching it

WGN’s Underground is the story of the Underground Railroad. Set pre-Civil War (1857) at the Macon Plantation in Georgia, it tells the story of the slaves and owners there. Ernestine works in the house as does her daughter Rosalee. Noah works as the blacksmith and Cato the overseer.

You don’t only see the story of the slaves themselves but those hunting the runaways with August who has made his living leaving his family behind in search of the reward money of bringing in runaways.

Elizabeth and John are abolitionist who find themselves deep in the Underground railroad, risking their own lives to transport “cargo” through their home along the Ohio River.

Currently in it’s second season, even historical figures have been showing up with Harriet Tubman playing a large role and John Legend’s portrayal of Fredrick Douglas making an appearance.

If you are stickler for historical accuracy this show may not be for you. I don’t know much about the Underground Railroad but I’m guessing this show has its flaws like any else. Plus the show features modern music, which I think it s a cool effect but could bother any history buffs. But hey my parents are the ones that turned me onto this show and they don’t seem to mind, and they hate modern music in movies like The Great Gatsby.

Why is Riggs Still Pursuing Meredith?

I mean seriously? I don’t know how much time has passed since this thing with Meredith and Riggs started. Could be weeks, months, years. On Grey’s, you never really know. We would maybe be able to venture a guess by the age of Meredith’s kids, if they ever showed them.

Regardless, He has been pursuing her for what feels like forever, and she just keeps pushing him away in her dark and twisty way. She basically the definition of a tease. Every time they get close she has some excuse to be super rude and push him away. Hey I get it, Maggie’s mom died. Totally be there for her. I want you to, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch to Riggs about it. Maggie is an adult. Tell her the damn truth already. She can handle it. She’s a big girl. Maggie is just an excuse Meredith keeps using to not be happy. Typical Meredith move. It’s played out, girl. Get a new move.

Hey I like Meredith just as much as the next person who has spent that last 13 years of their life watching this show but can she really be worth all this? She is a widow with three kids who is a workaholic. Plus she has serious mommy issues and is a total bitch to him 90% of time. This guy is such a masochist. I’m finding it hard to root for them at this point. Especially after Arizona dropped the Derek and Meredith were the ultimate love story crap.

Why I Won’t be Watching the Dirty Dancing Reboot

I can’t think of a single thing to change about the original. Sure Abigail Breslin will pull off awkward Baby well enough but that doesn’t mean I want to see anyone besides Jennifer Grey in the role. Can she carry a watermelon as well? I doubt it. And there is no way she’ll scream “Johnny” in quite the way Jennifer did.

I don’t know who this new Johnny Castle guy is but he is no Patrick Swayze. I can’t imagine it will be quite as satisfying hearing someone else say “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” And this nobody could never look this good:

Image result for dirty dancing patrick swayze gif

Hell I don’t even want to see anyone else as Baby’s parents. Jerry Orbach, we all miss you. 

The 1987 version has a lot of great moments but none compare to this. I couldn’t stomach watching this scene redone.

I just don’t see why this movie needed to be redone. I will admit I haven’t read much about the plans for the remake so maybe there is some grand scheme that makes the movie different and therefore worthy of another shot. But I really doubt it. It doesn’t need to redone but spoofs are always welcome.

The Question Shouldn’t Be Will New Girl Be Renewed But Should it Be?

New Girl‘s season six finale wrapped things up in a nice bow and word is still pending on if there will be a season 7. Jess and Nick got back together. Schmidt and Cece are having a baby. Ali and Winston are getting married, and Winston called the dad he’s never met. Things seem to be working out just fine for the gang.

After six years of three of the best male characters on television (Sorry Jess Day just doesn’t compare to the rest of her loftmates), maybe it is time we said goodbye. How much story is there really left to tell? I would always rather a show I love end while it is on top rather than drag on for far too long. Though I will say I never imagined New Girl being a show where I wouldn’t go into the finale knowing if it was the series finale.

With everyone coupled off and assumably happy, I’m not sure I need to see much more. Well except for Winston’s wedding, I wouldn’t mind a glimpse of that. You know it’s gonna be weird. Ferguson is at least the ring bearer, right? And quite frankly, I don’t know if I can stomach Jess and Nick together again. They are always great in theory but never in practice.

Only time will tell. If it’s over, I’m happy with how it ended. If it returns, I’ll tune in.

2017’s Final Four

The real NCAA tournament championship may be tonight but the 2017 TV Couples Bracket is only at the Final Four. Here’s where the lucky couples stand:

  • Drew and Rick (The Night Shift) – These two have become the Florida Gulf Coast (aka Dunk City) of my bracket. They came in last year as pure underdogs, making it to the championship. Now they are back in the Final Four, but is it far from surprising. They definitely aren’t underdogs anymore, considering they are the only couple in the Final Four that has been here before. They stand a shot. They aren’t as exciting as they used to be but they are still cute even though they are married and adopting a daughter (which is usually a death sentence for a TV couple).
  • Albert and Victoria (Victoria) – I’m a sucker for dislike turning to love and these two do it so well. She was appalled by the concept of marrying him when it was first proposed. But his gentleness with both her and Dash made her pull down the wall rather quickly. Oh and the sexy piano duet. Does it every time, right?
  • Eleanor and Jasper (The Royals) – Their on-again off-again thing has been killing me but also has sucked me in and kept me coming back for more. They had it good there for a while leaving each other love notes in a hollowed out book and he even created a story book for her for Christmas. My extreme need for them to work it out definitely got them this far.
  • Bonnie and Enzo (The Vampire Diaries) – After so many years of loving Delena and sitting on the edge of seat waiting for them to kiss, I was surprised how much I loved Bonnie and Enzo. They ended up being just what I needed after Nina Dobrev left the show. I was as shocked as anyone when they kissed in the flash forward but their chemistry has made them the second best couple on the show.

If we want to treat the Final Four as scientific fact on my couple preferences than I’m much more into couples where the show is still on the air (or recently ended in TVD‘s case) and I love accents.