Rehash: Fuller House Season 3 Part 1

I love this show. I do. I rewatched season 2 recently and I couldn’t have been more excited for these next nine episodes. There’s just something so easy about it and funny. They may be easy jokes but I find myself laughing out loud all the time, which is hard to find in TV. Don’t change, Fuller House.

What a cliffhanger though, right? For more than 20 years (and that’s dedication, that means I was in elementary school when I first loved these two together. Hell, they may even be my first real ship), I’ve been rooting for DJ and Steve and seeing that look on his face as the season ended after she admitted she was going to choose him (even though she thought was she was talking to Kimmy), eek. Part 2 can’t come soon enough. Can’t these two kids work it out already? Matt is fine and all but I’m with Kimmy on this one. Team Steve all the way.

Then you’ve got Stephanie, who has always been my favorite Tanner sister (quite possibly because I myself am the middle of three children). Her and Jimmy continue to be adorable (and he continues to be beautiful. He his new haircut is top notch). I love that they are going to try to have a baby together.

Max Fuller is still the cutest kid on TV so nothing has changed there. I’m also enjoying watching Jackson as he comes more and more into his personality.

Danny is getting divorced. Raise your hand if you are sad about this. No one? That’s what I thought. Seriously I still don’t even understand who his wife is. Good riddance. Where is Vicky already? She is pretty much the one cameo I am still waiting for. Though Grandpa Nick! Woo who even knew it would be so great to see that guy again?

Another thing I had never thought I wanted to see: The Gibler house, but now that I’ve seen it, not disappointed. Of course there would be farting chairs and Velcro wall time-outs. Now can we meet the rest of the Giblers? Where is Garth? Remember that guy?



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