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Degrassi Story Line Requests

I often think that Degrassi has tackled everything there is and then it comes back with something I would never have thought of (accidentally racist drawings, for example) but there is one thing I’ve been wanting for for years: Teen marriage. They’re gotten close a couple of times. Ali was briefly married to that abuser and Drew and Bianca were engaged for a while, but I want a full-fledged teenage marriage like Nathan and Haley on One Tree Hill. No pregnancy, just straight decide to get married. Everyone doubts them, they have to find ways to make it on their own, living together, being financially stable on their own. It would be great.

Degrassi has done teen death well in the past. We’ve had suicide and car crashes, even a gang related death (still not over J.T.’s death) but I’d like to see them tackle death by disease. Sure, two characters have had cancer (Spinner and Claire) and there’s been a few other health problems along the way (like Holly J and Grace) but I’d like to see a story focused around a character’s death when it isn’t unexpected. Sure that’s more shocking and adds more drama. But why not take a look at the other side of the coin where someone loses their long fought battle with disease?


The End of Vampire Diaries

With the announcement that Vampire Diaries will be ending after the upcoming 8th season, I have to say I’m relieved. This show has consistently been phenomenal, and I would like it to end on a good note. Plus, after an entire season without Nina Dobrev it is obvious this show can’t continue at this level for much longer. It is always so much better when a show knows their end is coming so it can have the sendoff it deserves, and I can’t be happier that Vampire Diaries get this opportunity and that the show runners will be able to end it on their own terms. Plus, this gives us fans the opportunity to mentally prepare as we go into those final 16 episodes knowing we’re leaving Mystic Falls for good.

Now this is my plea to Julie Plec and the others behind this show. Please please please bring back Nina Dobrev in the finale. Ever since Elena was put into her magical coma I envisioned the show ending with her waking up and getting her happy ending with Damon. Please give this to us. I love nothing more than a finale that flashes forward and gives us closure with all characters, letting us know that they are okay in the future even when we won’t get to see it.

Another request. Let the brothers leave things in good terms. This show, despite love triangles and supernatural events, is really about the journey of two brothers. They’ve had their ups and downs, and we’d all like to see them being best friends instead of enemies.

Also, can Alaric please fall in love with someone who doesn’t die right away or is, I don’t know Caroline, who is desperately in love with Stefan. Poor guy’s wife ran off to be a vampire and then killed herself, Jenna was sacrificed by Klaus, Jo was killed by her evil twin brother and Meredith, well who really knows or cares.

Matt needs to come to terms with the fact that this is his life. Whatever he has done he can’t seem to leave Mystic Falls and vampires and witches, and all that comes with it, behind. This is your life, Matt Donovan. Live with it.

Okay, I had more requests than I thought. My wish for Bonnie is happiness. Her and Enzo are great together. They’ve both had a rough road. Let’s just give them this one thing.

I won’t get too greedy. Farewell Vampire Diaries, you’ve treated us well these last seven seasons.


Rehash: Degrassi: Next Class Season 2

I’m still reeling from the finale. That cliffhanger was brutal. A bus crash that leaves the fate of Jonah, Maya, Zig, Tiny, Grace and Tristan up in the air. So mean, Degrassi. Three of my fav characters were on that bus (Maya, Zig and Tristan). Good thing Miles is safe in the gym otherwise I’d really be hyperventilating. But still, Degassi‘s two best couples (Maya and Zig and Miles and Tristan) are vulnerable and I don’t want to be in the dark until season 3, which doesn’t have a release date yet.

The entire season was great, not just that shocking finale bus crash, so here are my thoughts on what went down for each character:

  • Tristan – Swoon. Him and Miles are the cutest. If I went to Degrassi, I’d want Tristan as my best friend.
  • Miles – Dang big brother Miles being all stable and stuff. He’s turned it around (for now, this is Degrassi after all).
  • Maya – Oh Maya, embarrassing yourself and making me uncomfortable as per usual (see: Peter’s birthday party). Never change.
  • Zig – Classic Degrassi story line: Zig accidentally auditions to be a stripper. It’s right up there with Spinner’s uncontrollable boners. I hope Maya can find a way to forgive him because they are the best couple.
  • Zoe – Her arch this season was the best. Kudos because it was well done. This show has done coming out the closest in many ways but Zoe’s struggle with her sexuality was fresh.
  • Grace – I don’t know how to feel about her crush on Zig. I like her with Zoe, even if Zoe is self-destructive.
  • Tiny – Dude finally gets what he wants – Shay – and he may not be able to enjoy it.
  • Lola – She’s adorable. Pretty naive but still adorable.
  • Shay – Glad to see she had a more hard-hitting story than my parents are strict.
  • Frankie – Woah. The perfect Hollingsworth child isn’t so perfect  anymore. She really capitulated the season into its main theme of racism.
  • Jonah – I don’t dislike this guy as much. He does seem like a decent boyfriend to Frankie. Though I’m Team Winston all the way.
  • Hunter – His eyes after he crashed Miles’ car. Epic.
  • Yael – I like her and Hunter. Also, loved the scene where Vijay and Baaz think they need to make up ground rules for their relationship because it will affect the group. Been there. Groups dynamics are important.
  • Baaz – He’s gonna need better story lines than farting apps and fake dates with Yael for me to like him.
  • Vijay – See Baaz minus any dates plus a dumb story about covering Maya’s song.
  • Esme – Pretty boring this season. I’m sure she’ll find a way to reek havoc again next season.
  • Winston – Poor guy got strung along by Zoe but props for his reaction to her coming out. He might be her best ally through this all.
  • Goldi – She could be super interesting. Get this girl a story.

And of course I have to comment on the return of Next Generation‘s finest: I loved this just as much any fan. So many people back – Liberty, Emma, Holly J, Sav, Spinner, Peter, Craig, Marco and Mo, for some reason. I just wish we could have learned more about what they are up to. Spinner and Emma are still married and everyone in Canada (and all of us die hards in the U.S.) rolled their eyes in disgust, screaming “Where’s Sean?” We all cringed a little when Spinner called Simpson “dad”, right?

Peter is in the music biz, good for him. So glad he never tried anything with Maya. I’m over story lines with older creepy dudes and I wouldn’t appreciate them involving Peter in that.

Well, until we find out the fate of the bus crash…I Know I can Make it Through.

Rehash: Orange is the New Black Season 4

The fourth season was well done and quite intense. My reactions are as follows:

  • Most importantly, RIP Poussey. She was my favorite character, so sad to see her go. I had seen the news of her death before I got to the episode which I’m kind of okay with. Otherwise my devastation would have been through the roof. Of course she was happy before her end. She had made up with Brooke and talking of the future, with Judy King in her corner. OITNB, you would do this to us. I’m glad we got closure on her back story and why she was in prison.
  • I do feel bad for Bayley though. He’s a good kid and now he is forever changed.
  • Taystee curled up on the floor next to Poussey’s body, sobbing was my favorite part of the entire season.
  • Loved how the season full of tension ended with Daya pointing a gun at the C.O.s. Is it season 5 yet?
  • Good to have Nicky back, that’s for sure. I like her wit.
  • And Sofia. It was a long road but I’m excited for what may happen with her next season.
  • So seriously fucked up that that guard made Ramos eat the baby mouse. I’m still cringing.
  • Piper was a lot less annoying this season. Keep the panty business away. She was getting too big for her britches. Biggest what the f moment: Piper getting branded with a swastika.
  • Also, what the hell? Sam walked into the lake and only walked back out because work called. Then he committed himself. These people are all so broken and I love it. I really enjoyed his connection with Lolly and felt for him as he watched for brought into psych. You know how much of himself he was seeing in her and how helpless he felt for not being able to protect her.
  • Judy King, you crazy bitch. I think I’ll miss you. Good story line. Interesting the privileges she received and the crazy shit she could do (getting high and having a threesome, anyone?)
  • Why am I glad Alex and Piper are back together? I can never decide if I love them or hate them.
  • There was a lot less flashbacks this season, but as usual, none of them disappointed. The best was easily Crazy Eyes.
  • It’s good somethings never change: Lorna is still a crazy pants when it comes to men. Gotta love her.
  • Piscatella, what a d-bag.
  • I will forever love Red for her loyalty, so the scene of her and her girls at the end of the season was perfect. She is the best prison mother hen, giving them a project to keep them out of trouble.

Big Brother: Road Kill, Gone Too Soon

I am all for last night’s announcement that the teams are disbanded. It was needed. They hadn’t really had much affect on the game except keeping everyone’s most hated houseguest Frank safe for three out of four weeks.

I do really think they should have kept the Road Kill competition. It wouldn’t have been feasible to have for much longer, but the show could have benefited from a few more weeks. Unlike the teams, this twist made a big impact on the game. I would be so bold as to say its been this show’s best twist yet.

Without the Road Kill, Bronte would still be around and we wouldn’t have had the most compelling elimination/flip.Plus you have to love the irony of the fact that during Bridgette’s HOH reign her best friend went home. That can’t happen this early in the game without a twist like this.

It also really made a big difference in Tiffany’s game. When she was put up as the third nominee in the second week she showed her true colors and doubted everyone she was aligned with. As a result, she was put on the block the following two weeks.

The twist was cut short before we could see all of its potential. In the four evictions, there was never three nominees with votes. It wreaked such havoc, leaving Tiffany completely paranoid and Corey looking like a fool telling everyone Frank won this week. I want more of this. The secrets and the backstabbing is what Big Brother is all about.

Least Favorite Characters

This is a little bit harder. Not every show has a character I can’t stand. Most shows may have a villain but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them.

  • Awkward – Jake Roasti. Guy is boring with a capital B.
  • Degrassi: The New Class- Jonah Haak. Dude wears eyeliner. Do I need another reason?
  • Fuller House – Fernado Hernandez-Guerrero-Fernandez-Guerrero. Is this guy for real? His accent sounds fake, and I really question how the makers of this show expect us to believe he’s a real person.
  • Girl Meets World – Isadora Smackle. She’s going to school with the gang now and even though she’s not usually present, I need her to prove why she should be their friend. She’s weird but not in a fun way like Farkle. It is mostly just annoying.
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Dr. April Kepner. I don’t know. She just bugs me, okay?
  • Heartbeat –Dr. Jesse Shane. This is a bit of a stretch. I in no way dislike him. I’m very much on team Pierce though and Jesse stands in the way of that.
  • Nashville – Scarlett O’Connor. The hair. The voice. The whining. It’s too much.
  • New Girl – Honestly, probably Jess. Of the main five characters she’s my least favorite. Most of the time she is just annoying. Any screen time she has just takes away from her amazing three roommates (formally four. Bring back Coach please).
  • Night Shift – Dr. Paul Cummings. He’s so awkward, which normally I love, but he has  gotten so much worse this season. It’s hard to watch.
  • Orange is the New Black – I’ve got to go with Piper Chapman on this one. Unfortunate since she is the main character but she is whiney and far less interesting than everyone else. Plus, ugh, she made us put up with Larry.
  • Pretty Little Liars – Alison DiLaurentis. I just honestly don’t get the appeal.
  • Reign – Lola Narcisse. I’ve already said how pleased I am by her beheading.
  • The Royals – Cyrus Henstridge. I mean dude is straight evil.
  • UnReal – Quinn King. Maybe it’s because she is the bully but I just can’t get behind her. I’m team Rachel all the way and it doesn’t really seem very easy to root for both of them.
  • Vampire Diaries – Matt Donovan. I’m over his holier than thou attitude. Just leave town already and stop acting like you haven’t been friends with and helping vampires for years.
  • When Calls the Heart – Bill Avery. This guy is nothing but trouble. And creepy. So creepy.
  • Younger – This is difficult, mostly because everyone besides Josh is pretty blah. Thad Steadman, I guess. That’s a cop-out, I know. He’s the easy choice. He has no redeeming qualities.

Favorite Characters

My sister and I play this game when we need to pass the time where we go through all the shows we watch and name our favorite characters, least favorite characters, favorite couples and least favorite couples. Of the shows currently airing, these are my favorite characters:

  • Awkward – Sadie Saxton. “You’re welcome.” On a show where most characters have become caricatures of themselves, Sadie has remained snotty and amazing.
  • Degrassi: The Next Class – There really isn’t a bad character on this show. That’s the whole point. With that being said, I think my fav is Miles Hollingswoth III. So. Screwed. Up. Drugs. Boys. Girls. What hasn’t this kid gotten into?
  • Fuller House – Max Fuller. That kid is dang cute.
  • Girl Meets World – Hmm this is difficult because everyone is on the same level of just okay. Farkle Minkus I guess. Mostly because he’s a lovable weirdo.
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Dr. Cristina Yang has always been my favorite. She’s gone now but I’m sticking to it. She’s blunt and serious and damn good at her job.
  • Heartbeat – Dr. Alex Panttiere. A little off her rocker, mother of two, still besties with  her gay ex-husband, in a love triangle. That is recipe for greatness.
  • Nashville – Juliette Barnes hands down. She’s such a mess. I love a good mess. She’s really the only reason I’m still watching.
  • New Girl – It is hard to choose between the three guys but I gotta say Nick Miller. “I think I understand hunting!” Nothing is funnier than Nick in Russell’s office, wearing his sweater and pretending to be the president. 
  • Night Shift – Going against the grain on this one – Dr. Drew Allister. Most people are going to say T.C. Not me. Drew and his hubby Rick made it to the final four in this year’s Couple’s Bracket which just shows how great Drew is. My obsession with Brendan Fehr may also have something to do with it.
  • Orange is the New Black – With such a large group of characters, this is tough. I have to  say Poussey Washington though. Her back story is my favorite.
  • Outlander – Jamie and Claire are both great. Claire edges him out just a bit for being so badass.
  • Pretty Little Liars – Hanna Marin. I basically want to be her. She is so cute.
  • Reign – Mary Stuart wins out mostly because so few characters have stayed on this show consistently. She’s pretty tough which helps her cause.
  • The Royals – Jasper Frost. Mysterious and sexy. Need I say more?
  • UnReal – Rachel Goldberg. By now you’ve figured out I love a good hot mess. Her psycho moments and various hook ups are all I really care about on UnReal.
  • Vampire Diaries – Damon Salvatore. The best bad boy there is.
  • When Calls the Heart – Jack Thornton. A  Canadian Mountie in 1910. Yeah he’s my favorite and yes I want to marry him.
  • Younger – Josh (apparently no last name). He’s the best part of the show. Him and Liza breaking up was devastating. If he were to leave the show I would stop watching. That’s not an empty threat. I was close to giving up at the end of last season.


Ranking 18 Seasons of Big Brother Twists

20. Saboteur (Season 12) – Annie was brought into the house to mess up the game. Too bad she got voted out the first week. Ragan took over for awhile. It had potential with its Mole-like qualities but the twist still fell flat.

19. BB Takeover (Season 17) – This affected the game in no way and disappeared after only three weeks. The twists brought in Amazing Race contestants to play in the game (yawn), two houseguests had immunity for a week for sitting out the first HOH competition, the person who answered the 7th phone call in a phone booth in the house got to block three people from voting during eviction and Gronk came and they partied.

18. Team America (Season 16) – America got to vote on things that three players did throughout the season. They opted out several times when it actually affected the game. I don’t know why this show keeps insisting on letting America participate. Just let us pick who gets a phone call from home so we can watch Janelle talk to Michael and ask if Britney Spears had her baby. That’s the only power we need.

17. Hit the Road (Season 18) – Though kicking someone off right away is an interesting idea especially when there is no vote, this didn’t really work. It all happened so fast and in the long run won’t affect much this season.

16. Soulmates (Season 9)  Each houseguest was teamed up with a person Big Brother deemed as their soulmate. They were nominated and evicted together. This lasted three weeks and then they played as individuals. Sorry Big Brother but matchmaker you are not. This entire season was a low point for the show.

15. America’s Player (Season 8) – Eric was America’s Player. Each week viewers voted on who he should try to get nominated, who he would vote for and things he would do when interacting with houseguests. I don’t like America having control like this. It is unfortunate especially in this case because it really affected the game and Eric wasn’t able to do things as he wanted.

14. Coaches (Season 14) – Four former houseguests (Boogie, Janelle, Dan and Britney) came in and coached a group of players. The concept is pretty dumb but it did lead to Dan’s great game play that season. I would rather forget Boogie and Janelle on this season though. Their greatness was kind of ruined for me.

13. Coup d’Etat (Seasons 7 and 11) – The Coup d’Etat allows one player to take down the nominees and replace them with whomever they choose including the HOH. This is a cool power. Unfortunately it hasn’t played out so well. Boogie won it in season 7 but never used it. Based on America’s vote, Jeff won it in Season 11. This resulted in a great BB moment. He got Jessie ousted which led to a breakdown by Chima who got kicked out of the house for throwing her microphone in the water.

12. Cliques (Season 11) – The houseguests were put into groups based on stereotypical high school cliques. When a member of a clique was HOH, their entire clique was safe for the week. There’s not much else to say about this. It didn’t really affect things much.

11. Returning Players (Seasons 11, 13, 14 and 18) – This has been done too much. I always like seeing some of my old favorites back but its an unnecessary and lazy twist. I would rather they bring back no one or do a full blown all-stars again.

10. Project DNA/Twin Twist (Seasons 5 and 17) – Cowboy and Nakomis are secret siblings. Interesting but had no affect on the game. Identical twins Natalie and Adria played as one person for part of the game. The look on Jace’s face when he learns about the twins and knows his fate is sealed moves this twist up a bit. The fact that they replicated it in season 17 moves it down.

9. Returning Evictee (Seasons 3, 6, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18) – Another twist that is barely a twist anymore. At this point I just expect them to bring back an evicted houseguest 4 or 5 weeks in.

8. Teams (Season 18) – This one is still playing out but so far it has been interesting. The houseguests picked their own teams of 4 and when one player is HOH, their teammates are safe.

7. Golden Key (Season 13) – The players were nominated as duos and when one was evicted, the other got a Golden Key and was safe until the final 10. I’m never on board with them changing up how people are nominated and evicted but this definitely played into the strategy at the beginning of the game.

6. Battle of the Block (Season 16 and 17) – It was a ploy to make the Sunday show more interesting. Two HOHs are named. Each names two nominees. They battle it out. The winning two are taken off the block and that HOH is dethroned. Again, not a fan of when they change basic rules of the game like this. The strategy was interesting to watch though. I enjoy people purposely throwing competitions.

5. Rivals (Season 8) – Three of the houseguests were surprised to learn someone they hated in real life was joining them in the house. Cool idea. I’d watch it again. Nothing memorable stands out though.

4. Secret Partners (Season 6) – Everyone came into the game with a secret partner, someone they knew from their real life. Friends, co-workers and even one romantic couple. This pretty much instantly split the house down the middle and it stayed that way the entire game. This twist led to great moments like James lying that he knew Sarah. Everyone had figured out the twist and knew he had to have a partner but he wouldn’t give it up. Also, when Maggie was on the block and James won veto, she said to HOH Kaysar, “Well I guess you sealed my fate.” “No I sealed your partner’s fate.” He put up Eric after the veto and the big dog left that week.

3. Roadkill competition (Season 18) – Everyone can play. Whoever wins secretly nominates a third nominee. This is a great twist that can really affect the game.

2. All-stars (Season 6) – Bringing in a group of all-star players who were already experienced at the game, had built in alliances and perceptions of each other led to one of the best seasons so far.

1. X-Factor (Season 4) – Five houseguests entered the house to learn their exes would be joining them. This led to some great drama (see: Scott getting expelled before the first eviction after a violent outburst). It also led to one of the best secret alliances. Exes Jun and Jee appeared to the house to hate each other but were secretly working together which led to Jun wining the grand prize.


Rehash: Outlander Season 2 Finale

For a show that I’ve been ready to give up on, this was a stellar hour and half of television. This is exactly why I kept watching during a blah season of too much Scottish politics and battles. I knew I had to find out what happened to Claire and her baby back in the 1940’s and Outlander did not disappoint.

As the episode progressed, I found myself asking what will season 3 be about? Jamie is dead. Claire is living in the 1960’s alone and lost. Will it be a whole new world of Brianna and Roger’s love story? Weird but I could behind it. I love these two together all ready.

I should have known Outlander would have something up its sleeve. I did not see it coming but I love it. Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden. Claire declares she has to go back and I declare I can’t wait to see what happens. Will the stones take her to 1746 when she was last there or will she go back to 1766, finding herself 20 years later. This seems the most likely since when she was in the 1700’s for 3 years, 3 years had passed in her time. Though this possibility makes me sad. Is Jamie even still alive 20 years later? So much time has passed, so much time has been lost. But oh can you imagine that reunion. This could be Outlander‘s greatest sex scene yet. I’m sure they’ll make us wait for it.

I can only assume Brianna and Roger will go with her or somehow end up through the stones. Otherwise there introduction seems kind of pointless. Plus it would be super interesting to see them adapt to this different world, meet Jamie and most likely fall in loves themselves. Which leaves me with the question, that’s cool though, right? He is the ancestor of Dougal who is Brianna’s great uncle but they are distant enough, right?

I hope we get to see Fergus again. Were him and Jamie reunited after the war? I wonder why Claire never found out what happened to him. She knew he survived the war because the deed to Lallybroch got to Jenny.

It seems unlikely Murtagh and Jamie both survived so it will be sad if he’s gone. He had really become such a sweetheart in the end, offering to marry Mary so she wouldn’t have to marry Black Jack Randall and telling Jamie he would die with him which is for something.

After a mediocre season and a intriguing cliffhanger, I can’t wait for Outlander to return.


My Big Brother Strategy

I’ve thought about how I would play this game for years. There are always factors you can’t control or plan for but this would be my general strategy going in. Disclaimer: I would never be on Big Brother. If I survived the first eviction I would be Tiffany/Vanessa times 4.

  1. Be super nice and courteous. Cleaning up after yourself is a good way to make people want to live with you all summer.
  2. Only win competitions when I absolutely have to. You gotta get blood at your hands at some point but if you can wait until at least a third of way through the summer, you’re better off. You want to be able to say to the jury that you played a hand in getting them evicted without putting a target on your back too early.
  3. Make an alliance early on and keep it a secret. Big alliances fail. Keep it to around 4 people, including guys. All girl alliances aren’t usually successful. Be careful who you choose to be in this alliance. They should be people you like, can trust and actually seem like they will win competitions.
  4. Only lie when its necessary. Lying is a huge part of the game. I condone it in this situation but there is no need to lie if you don’t have to. These things come back to bite you often. (i.e. Tiffany should have been straight up about being Vanessa’s sister).