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Defending Champs: Jake and Peyton

The Elite Eight in the 2017 Couples Bracket has been determined and my defending champs: One Tree Hill‘s Jake and Peyton were upset by Degrassi‘s Miles and Tristan. It took four years for them to finally take the prize but they won’t be repeating the way Delena did those first three years.

Even knowing that, it is still worth reminiscing all the reasons they won in 2016:

  1. Mark Schwahn had both characters wear black Converses as a clue to the audience that they would be getting together.
  2. Jake returned to the show with Jenny in season 3, which was when I was a freshman in college. I accidentally discovered this information online and immediately called my sister in the hallway to scream with glee. My joy was very high that day.
  3. They go on the best first date ever where Jake uses cheesy lines about how he called in favors to get their walk down the pier just right.
  4. Peyton’s relationship with Jenny is so adorable. Not every 17-year-old is cool with dating a teenage dad but she understands that Jenny comes first for him, even when it means moving away.
  5. Which brings to me all of their heartbreaking goodbyes. “You know, I could of held you in my arms forever. It still wouldn’t have been long enough.” Unfortunately their timing was just always off.
  6. I mean this exchange: “You know, um, I wasn’t entirely honest with you, before.” “About what?” “The reason I came back.” “You said you were tired of running.” “Yeah, but that’s not the only reason. See, the whole time that I was gone, I kept thinking about all this stuff that I should have done when I had the chance, but didn’t.” “Well, like what kinda stuff?” “I don’t know. Mostly being with you.”
  7. He wrote a song for her.
  8. The chemistry
  9. Probably one of the main reasons they won last year’s bracket: I am still heartbroken they didn’t end up together, even though it has been five years. It still pains me that we really never got enough of them. Clay and Quinn got their adequate time, just wish the same was true for these two.

The 100 is Greatly Underappreciated

I binged the first three seasons of The 100 this fall and now seven episodes into season 4, I’m still wondering, does anyone even know about this show? I binged it on a whim. I hadn’t really heard that much about it despite how much I watch The CW. This show is great. A good post-apocalyptic mix of Lost and Battlestar Galactica . If this sounds up your alley, you should give it a shot. Earth has been uninhabitable for almost 100 years so humans live in space but their resources are running out. What are the leaders in government to do? Send 100 imprisoned teenagers down to earth and check it out, obviously.

In a world like that, it is obvious that characters will die but no death has been as shocking as Finn’s in season 2. I thought he was important enough to stick around for the long haul. I took him to be on Clarke and Bellamy’s level of “the show would never kill them off.” I assumed Monty or Jasper would go way before Finn. I was wrong. But Finn’s death started the one trend you can be certain of on The 100. If you are in a couple, one of you is going to die, and it is going to be the less important one to the show. First Finn died and then Maya (because let’s face it no one cared about her) and then Lexa and they even had the nerve to kill off Lincoln (still sad). Oh and I guess they killed off that girl that Bellamy was dating for like five minutes. Anyone remember her name? Yeah me neither. Today’s couples should watch their backs. Murphy and Empori (I assume she would go), Monty and Harper, and Kane and Abby (they seem of equal value to me but things seem to be tilting a bit more toward Abby’s eventual death considering she isn’t doing so hot right now).

The real question isn’t who is going to die next but more what will be the next big bad? Right now it seems the world is going to end (radiation is a killer) but we can only assume they will find a way to survive. If so, where does the show go from here? What is the next big conflict if they have already survived the world ending for the second time?

I’m not worried that they won’t find a way to live but I do have a few requests. First, can Roan make out with someone already? Second, can Bellamy and Clarke make out already? Okay, so if you’ve read my blog before you know that couplings, hook ups and ships are most important to me when it comes to TV, so yeah those are my requests. Just one good hook up please to get us through doomsday.

Rehash: Are You the One: Second Chances Premiere

I’m calling it: MTV’s newest reality TV gold is Are You The One: Second Chances. Ten perfect matches are back to prove they are the best perfect match. In this first episode they had to follow clues around Melbourne to find the house they’ll be living in. The always loud Devin and Rhasida from season 3 came in first. Their reward: Immunity from the first elimination and $20,000 in their bank account (each time started with $20,000). Cas and Derrick from season 5 came in last which meant minus $10,000 and an automatic bid to elimination. The entire house voted on the other couple to face elimination. Not shocking: they chose the ever annoying Hayden and Carolina because they can’t help but show everyone that they don’t have their shit together.

The episodes ends with the first Choice (the elimination round). Carolina and Hayden have to stand in front of everyone and make a choice. Share the money or steal it for themselves. If they both share, Cas and Derick go home and they return to the game. If one steals and the other shares, the stealer takes the money and goes home while their partner leaves with nothing, and if they both steal they leave empty handed and Cas and Derick stay with their money. Hayden and Carolina had to address each other before locking in their votes which was just awkward to watch because there is so much baggage between these two. Their votes were revealed: both voted share. Boring. But that won’t last long. So long Cas and Derick.

Let’s breakdown the ten couples:

  • Adam and Shanley – Blast from the past. I like these two. The OG.
  • Alicia and Mike – Boring. We all know she is with Eddie and is hooking up with Gio. Sorry, but she’s kind of skanky and I don’t dig it.
  • Asaf and Kaylan – Asaf is so adorable. I still think it’s weird that Kaylan is his match but let’s see where this goes.
  • Cameron and Mikala – I am most scared for them because they are in a real relationship and are cute. Please don’t let this show ruin that.
  • Carolina and Hayden – Carolina rubs me the wrong way. They are a hot mess.
  • Casandra and Derrick – We hardly knew you. No really, they didn’t know they were a perfect match until they lost the money and now they are first out. See ya.
  • Devin and Rashida – Devin may be a douche but I love him anyway. I’m rooting for them hard.
  • Ellie and Nathan – I forgot how annoying these two are. Please leave soon.
  • Francesca and Gio – They have to self-implode sooner or later. Gio is a ticking time bomb.
  • Tori and Morgan – They are just so sad with their messy break up. I want them to work things out.

Best Songs from the Second Season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

With each season, the music on this show just keeps getting better.

Love Kernals – Everything about this song is so desperately Rebecca Bunch. “It means I’m the most important person in his life next to his friend.”

Ping Pong Girl – This early 2000’s rock spoof brings me back to high school.

The Math of Love Triangles – “Thanks for teaching me Man Math.”

It was a Shit Show – As sad as I was to see Rebecca and Greg come to an end, this song almost made it worth it.

Thought Bubbles – I’ve never been a big Josh fan but this song is too perfect coming from his perspective. Plus it revealed a kid almost drowned on his watch when he was lifeguard. Like perfection, right?

Research me Obsessively – Scarily on point with how easily we all end up internet stalking people.

You Go First – If my best friend and I ever stop speaking to each other, even for like an hour, I want to sing this ballad with her to make up.

We’ll Never Have Problems Again – The first time you heard this, it reminded you of someone, didn’t it? Thought so. We all know this person/couple.

Let’s Have Intercourse – My favorite of the entire season. I can’t stop listening to it. What a great comedy song concept – I don’t know why, because you disgust me, but I have to bang you. How romantic.

Rebecca’s Reprise – I really like how this show reuses songs when it can and this reprise to finish out season two is amazing.

TV Math: Riverdale = Dawson’s Creek + 15 Years – Murder

I’m not very good at math but think about it: High schoolers in a small town. You’ve got the new rich girl who’s a bit mysterious and has some daddy issues (Jen/Veronica). Then you have the troubled rebellious guy (Pacey/Jughead), the innocent girl next door (Joey/Betty) and the best friend she is in love with (Dawson/Archie).

There are even smaller things that carry over. You have the gay guy (Jack/Kevin), the mean girl (Cheryl/Abby), someone’s dad is the sheriff (Pacey and Kevin),  someone’s dad is in jail (Joey and Veronica), someone’s sister is sent to the “loony bin” (Jack and Betty); that one is a bit of a stretch considering Andie really needed medical help for her mental health and Polly was actually just pregnant but bear with me. One of the guys in each even has an affair with his teacher (sorry Archie, Pacey wins in this one; Ms. Jacobs is way cooler than Ms. Grundy).

This isn’t a diss at Riverdale, I am enjoying it, just as I enjoyed Dawson’s Creek when I myself was actually a teenager. There are only so many stories for these teen shows to take on and so many character types to introduce, so it’s not surprising. I just had to make to the point.

First Impression: Trial & Error

What I Liked: I only watched it because I heard it compared to Parks & Rec. Let’s just say, it doesn’t.

What I Didn’t Like: It isn’t funny. I didn’t laugh once during the first two episodes. Sure, it has a similar feel to Parks & Rec with the documentary approach but the characters are a lot less lovable and much more ridiculous. Take Anne, for example, who has so many strange diseases I’m not sure how the fans will keep up. Then you have Josh, the Leslie Knope. He isn’t very developed at this point and is basically a much less adorable version of Ben Wyatt.

What It Needs: Jokes. Likable characters. Just to name a few.

Prognosis: I’ve already deleted my series recording.

TV Couple Bracket 2017

It’s that time of year. Beth and I have finalized the 64 couples for our annual TV Couple Bracket. As always some new couples were selected and others that got in last year just didn’t cut it.

The Newbies:

  • Victoria and Albert (Victoria) – I’ve been obsessed since episode three when he walked in. It’s the classic story of dislike turning into love. Basically almost too up my alley. These two, though new to the bracket, have a good chance of going far.
  • Rebecca and Jack (This is Us) – I mean, duh.
  • Kevin and Sophie (This is Us) – Sophie came out of nowhere, and we’ve haven’t seen much of them but I’m rooting for them hard.
  • Betty and Jughead (Riverdale) – I didn’t except them but I really like it. I was pretty giddy when the kissed.
  • Mary Louise and Nora (Vampire Diaries) – There are no good lesbian couples of on TV. These two were a breath of fresh air.
  • Lola and Miles (Degrassi: Next Class) – With two seasons airing since the last bracket, it is shocking there weren’t more couples to add. I mean I’m not even a fan. The possibility of them making it to my round of 32: very poor. They could have a good showing in Beth’s bracket though.
  • Winston and Aly (New Girl) – Winston has become my favorite character and no one balances his crazy like Aly.
  • Emily and Richard (Gilmore Girls) – These two took a hiatus from the bracket but were brought back this year due to the reboot. Even though Richard was dead when we revisited Stars Hollow, doesn’t mean we don’t remember how great they were. Their vow renewal is enough to keep me loving them for years.

And the Rejects:

  • Mindy and Danny (The Mindy Project) – We both gave this show up when it went to Hulu. Maybe one day I’ll go back, but for now, they are old news to us.
  • Mary and Henry (Downton Abbey) – Though I rooted for them, Henry is quite forgettable. Sorry, Matthew Goode, but Matthew Crawley forever.
  • Karen and Andy (One Tree Hill) – I still love them but they are such an obscure couple from a show that ended five years ago. It was time.
  • Jackson and April (Grey’s Anatomy) – I was never fan. Beth has given up on them.
  • Claire and Drew (Degrassi: The Next Generation) – See Jackson and April.
  • Chris and Gale (Rookie Blue) – Just such old news.
  • Traci and Jerry (Rookie Blue) – See Chris and Gale.
  • Sadie and Sergio (Awkward) – Forgot they existed. Hell, basically forgot about this show.

Refresh: Baby Daddy

One of the great things about a show like Baby Daddy is there isn’t too many crazy plots that you need to know about to be able to enjoy the show. Here are the few things happening that might be good to remember before the premiere:

  • Riley is pregnant and up for junior partner at her firm. Danny is giving up a chance to play in Vancouver to stay in New York with her.
  • Ben and Sam broke up.
  • Tucker got a job in L.A. that it appears he is turning down to stay in New York with his friends.
  • Brad came back from his trek across the world and is now basically a giant hippie. He cut his hair and put his suit back on for Bonnie. They are now going to travel.

Rehash: Vampire Diaries Series Finale

Vampire Diaries has long been my favorite TV show and as sad as it has been to see it go, I am very pleased with how it ended. I asked for Jeremy to return and instead we got pretty much everyone ever which was amazing. Jenna, John, haven’t seen you two since season 2! Jo, I didn’t even know I needed to see her see her daughters but it choked me up. And, the best of all, Lexie, greeting Stefan in the afterlife. She was dead so I had never thought of her returning but nothing was more perfect than her waiting for him next to his beloved car.

Speaking of people I didn’t think I’d see again. Katherine. God how great is she? She was just as spunky as ever. It was really nice to get one more dose of her. The way she said “rude” after Damon dropped her was exactly what I needed.

Of course, things all wrapped nicely and they defeated Katherine and hell but it didn’t seem too perfect if that makes sense. It just seemed to work. I even like that they found a work around for Elena waking up early. Sure, one of my first thoughts was, Bonnie you didn’t try to figure this out earlier, you know get some witch friends together, but whatever.

I requested basically everyone get a happy ending (except Matt, sorry man, stopped caring years ago) and they did good. Delena forever. Though we didn’t see Bonnie and Enzo back together, she seemed to find peace in traveling the world. Hell, even Alaric seemed pretty happy being the new Professor X leading a school for “special” kids. And Jeremy was there, apparently teaching young children how to hunt vampires with a cross bow. This seems like it will end well. Like do the hunters and the vampires mingle? Isn’t that awkward that they presumably both go to this school?

Caroline and Stefan didn’t get as much of a happy ending. I mean the guy did die. But EEK Klaus donated a large sum of money to her school. Um Klaus and Caroline forever. Excuse me as I watch them by that tree again. Okay, back. But Stefan went out with his hero hair high. Did we expect anything less? Of course he sacrificed himself for Damon and Elena. He’s the good guy to a fault. He did get one more moment with Elena though when they ran into each other in the halls of the high school just like how they met. I keep using the word perfect, but there is no other word. That moment was perfect. If you didn’t cry when Elena told Caroline what Stefan whispered in her ear before they parted ways, then I’m sorry you are even more dead inside than these vampires.

And it all ended with “Hello Brother.” Just as it should have. This show, when it comes down to it, was so much more than the love triangle. It is a show about these brothers and it could have ended no other way, in my eyes, than to have them reunite.

First Impressions: The Arrangement

What I Liked: The premise is great and I like Megan. I am very interested to see what happens between her and Kyle, especially now that they’ve signed the contract.

What I Didn’t Like:  I know this criticism isn’t new coming from me but I don’t feel connected to the characters yet. A lot of shady stuff is going on, and I’ll be happier after another few episodes when it is more clear who we can trust. I don’t like distrusting Michael Vartan but I do. It is hard to look past the sweet teacher he played in Never Been Kissed but I’ll get over it.

What It Needs: I’ve got no suggestions at this point. Give me a character or two to love and root for, and we’ll be fine. And if you throw in a shippable couple, we’ll be golden.

Prognosis: The fact this show alone is about a contract marriage between two actors is enough for me to stick around.

Side Note: Remember when Michael Vartan was hot?

Second Side Note: I want Megan’s earrings in the above photo. If you find them somewhere, let me know.