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Refresh: Grey’s Anatomy

  • Owen’s sister is still alive. When Meredith told Riggs, she told him, if it were Derek, she’d already be gone (and I died a little inside).
  • The hospital blew up. You know, no big deal.
  • There seems to be some chemistry between Maggie and Jackson. They could be great. They could suck. Jury is still out on this one.
  • Edwards was in the middle of the fire, because you know, she was trying to protect that kid from that crazy rapist. It had been rumored the actress that plays her was leaving so I assumed she’d just be the next Grey‘s casualty. But to my surprise, she survived the fire, only to quit, deciding she needs to finally live her life. I wish I could say you’ll be missed.
  • Minnick is gone. Not even sure this bullet is necessary. We have all already forgotten about her and she may never even be mentioned again.
  • DeLuca dropped the charges against Alex and Alex is back at work.

Refresh: This is Us

  • We still don’t know how Jack dies exactly or when. We just know Kate blames herself.
  • Randall’s biological father, William, passed away and Randall quit his job.
  • Kevin is still with Sophie (his childhood sweetheart and ex-wife) and they are the cutest.
  • Kate and Toby are engaged (after he had a heart attack at Christmas).
  • We’re still not quite sure how Rebecca ended up married to Miguel or why Kevin has a much bigger problem with their stepdad than the other two.
  • Basically, so much happened in the first season, if you can’t remember the majority of it, I won’t be much help here. I trust it will come back to you.

I’m sure we’ll get more answers this season but I’m guessing they’ll make us sweat it out bit more. You have one day to get your Kleenex ready…

Rehash: Fuller House Season 3 Part 1

I love this show. I do. I rewatched season 2 recently and I couldn’t have been more excited for these next nine episodes. There’s just something so easy about it and funny. They may be easy jokes but I find myself laughing out loud all the time, which is hard to find in TV. Don’t change, Fuller House.

What a cliffhanger though, right? For more than 20 years (and that’s dedication, that means I was in elementary school when I first loved these two together. Hell, they may even be my first real ship), I’ve been rooting for DJ and Steve and seeing that look on his face as the season ended after she admitted she was going to choose him (even though she thought was she was talking to Kimmy), eek. Part 2 can’t come soon enough. Can’t these two kids work it out already? Matt is fine and all but I’m with Kimmy on this one. Team Steve all the way.

Then you’ve got Stephanie, who has always been my favorite Tanner sister (quite possibly because I myself am the middle of three children). Her and Jimmy continue to be adorable (and he continues to be beautiful. He his new haircut is top notch). I love that they are going to try to have a baby together.

Max Fuller is still the cutest kid on TV so nothing has changed there. I’m also enjoying watching Jackson as he comes more and more into his personality.

Danny is getting divorced. Raise your hand if you are sad about this. No one? That’s what I thought. Seriously I still don’t even understand who his wife is. Good riddance. Where is Vicky already? She is pretty much the one cameo I am still waiting for. Though Grandpa Nick! Woo who even knew it would be so great to see that guy again?

Another thing I had never thought I wanted to see: The Gibler house, but now that I’ve seen it, not disappointed. Of course there would be farting chairs and Velcro wall time-outs. Now can we meet the rest of the Giblers? Where is Garth? Remember that guy?


Rehash: Big Brother 19 Finale

My chin is still on the floor after that one. If you’ve ever read what I’ve had to say about Big Brother, you know that I enjoy a strategic game (what some would call dirty). I think the best games are the ones that involve all aspects of the game: a little backstabbing, winning comps, making the right alliances and manipulating when you have to. Needless to say, I respected the hell out of Paul’s game. Everything he said in his final speech was true. He had a hand in every jurors eviction. Not just a hand, but was the mastermind. He got people to throw HOH competitions, for god’s sake. He was never on the block. He won more competitions than anyone. One of these stats is reason enough to win, but all of them together! In my eyes he is in the same class as Dr. Will, Derrick and Dan. Great strategic players.

Unfortunately for Paul, he found himself with a jury who voted based on emotion rather than actual game play. Elena made the good point that a bitter jury is part of the game, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is nothing I hate more than a bitter jury. Paul is the reason all nine of them were sitting there tonight and they were just all too mad to admit that they got played. Alex as worst of all. I hope she looks back at this episode and realizes how stupid she looked making faces when Paul talked. She might possibly be the most bitter juror yet (“I’m voting for the person who stabbed me in the front not the back.” I’m not sure she has watched this show before.). So congrats on that I guess.

At least Dr. Will hasn’t changed. He clearly thought Paul should win. The best part of the episode was him putting those jurors in their place. “Are you all just sore losers?” he asked them point blank. It was fantastic. The answer: yes, yes they are. Oh and Will still looks good. Silver fox.

As the episode played out, it was clear Josh would win. He isn’t the most unworthy person to win this game (that’s actually Adam from the winter season we all try to forget existed), he did at least do a few things and win a few comps (unlike Christmas who the only comps she won were thrown to her). So I really wasn’t too surprised when that final vote went to Josh. What did shock me though was Cody winning America’s Favorite Player. I won’t complain, I didn’t vote. But I just can’t believe people voted for him. Like were they ironic votes? If so, I guess I can get behind it a little.