Is this the End of Rooster Bennett?

Danny Masterson was fired from The Ranch, leaving the show to write off the character of Rooster. Going into Part 5 I wondered how they would do it. Death was my first thought. It seemed the easiest since obviously Rooster would never be coming back. As things progressed with creepy Nick, this seemed like even more of a possibility. He did break into his house and creepily sit on his couch in the dark and threaten him and then showed up again with a gun. It does seem out of character for the show to kill off a main character in such a horrible, tragic way (being killed by your ex’s new boyfriend/ex husband is pretty dark).

The second most likely way seemed to be jail time. It is keeping with the character and as the generator story line unfolded it seemed very possible. But no go, it seems Colt is intent on taking the fall for it.

If neither of these options were in Rooster’s future, I was at a loss. I won’t be okay with a solution that leaves things too open ended which may be what happened. After Nick threatened Rooster to either leave town or be killed, he left town. Is this the last we’ll hear about him? I can assume and hope not. But I’m going to need more of an explanation as to why we will never see him again. He has lived on that ranch his whole life and values his family. Is he really never going to see his niece? Netflix, get this right.


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