Ranking the Love Interests of Last Kingdom’s Uhtred

In three seasons of Last Kingdom, many women have come and gone from Uhtred, son of Uhtred’s life. In the first season he made his way through three of these women but as he’s gotten older he has slowed down considerably. Let’s rank these women from the “absolute worst” to “dang I wish they could have had their happily ever after” (but everyone on this show dies). Since everyone on this show has a crazy name and most of these names you’ve never seen in writing, I’ll provide a brief description of who each woman because I’m nice like that.
6. Skade: Remember her? Crazy witch lady from season three? She cursed Uhtred which could very well be the reason Gisela (more on her later) died and his brother Ragnar. She earns last place in this ranking for that very reason. She cursed him and straight up told him she would only take the curse away if he “bed” her. She sucked. Sorry not sorry he killed her.
5. Mildrith: Uhtred’s first wife, a nice innocent red headed woman. They had an arranged marriage and strongly disagreed on how to raise their son (see: she baptized baby Uhtred against his father’s wishes) so yeah they were doomed from the start.
4. Queen Iseult: She was the short lived love interest at the end of season one, a virgin queen with her own set of powers. They could have been happy together if she hadn’t been beheaded so quickly. He was pretty broken up over her death so I’m guessing he cared.
3. Aethelflaed: Kim Alfred’s daughter. Her and Uhtred have never had a real relationship but she has had a thing for for a long time and you know I am on board with it. You just have to ignore the fact that her character was aged up for story purposes and if it weren’t for that, he could be old enough to be her dad. I don’t see a full on future for these two but I wouldn’t mind a hook up. Season 4 has some potential.
2. Brida: The feisty Saxon girl who was taken prisoner by the Danes along with Uhtred when he was a boy. I like to think they are end game. In season 3 when they were getting along briefly before Uhtred betrayed the Danes, I thought there was real potential for a reunion for these two. They have always loved each other. She is pretty pissed at him because he left to go save Aethelflaed but he did help Ragnar move on beyond death. She’s stubborn but I’m guessing this won’t the end of them.
1. Gisela: Uhtred’s second wife and the mother of his three children. She tragically died in child birth, possibly because of Skade’s curse. They were pretty darn cute. RIP, Gisela.
Honorable Mention: Hild: Nun and good friend to Uhtred. Though they have never had a romantic relationship, she has always been there for him. He has said on many occasions that she is too good a woman for God alone.


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