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Kudos and Criticism: January 2017


  • The sexual tension between Victoria and Lord M on Victoria is fabulous. For the first two episodes I found myself wanting them to get together (or least kiss) even knowing the end result is her marrying Albert. Well done. But now that has all changed with Albert in the picture. Him and Victoria together is super sexy. I could have watched them dance for an entire episode.
  • The friendship between New Girl‘s Winston and CeCe has been one of the best relationships on the show as of late. For starts, their hand gestures are adorable and then there is this…

Image result for cece winston

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s latest gem is “Let’s Have Intercourse.” Every interaction between Rebecca and Nathienal has been pure gold. Can they please get together?
  • Riverdale is the teen drama that’s been missing from my TV lineup.
  • Vampire Diaries has had an abundance of Elena flashbacks (most importantly, Delena’s dance at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant) and now we’ve heard that Nina Dobrev will be returning for the finale. Excuse me while I squeal with glee. Delena forever!
  • I enjoyed the twist on This is Us when Kevin showed up to a third woman’s door after an inspirational speech from Toby. Even better yet was discovering she is his ex-wife. “Kevin was married?!?” American collectively gasped.
  • Grey’s Anatomy came back from winter hiatus with an episode focusing only on Arizona, Bailey and Jo taking care of an inmate at a maximum security prison. Normally I would hate this, you’ve left us hanging on the Alex cliffhanger for almost two months, I want answers. But this episode was well done and an emotional rollercoaster. Did I cry like a baby pretty much the entire second half of the episode? Why yes, yes I did.
  • Aziz Ansari is this season’s best SNL host by far. Just watch this and you’ll know why.


  • On The Royals why does Robert look so much older than Liam and Eleanor? He looks about 40. He can’t really be that much older than the twins, right?
  • Why did This is Us even have that episode that took place right before the pilot? It didn’t move the plot forward, told us nothing new or interesting and for some reason gave the backstory no one asked for on the firefighter who found Randall.
  • Are You the One? switched up its format once again for season 5. If they black out they lose half their prize and there are 11 couples instead of the usual 10. Despite there being more contestants, the final prize is the same and they have the same amount of match up ceremonies to figure everything out. It seems a bit  cruel, like they are setting them up to fail. On past seasons the contestants have just barely squeaked by and won the money, I don’t think it was necessary to make it more difficult.
  • Does anyone care about the servants on Victoria? Okay. Just checking.
  • Nasville is back and unfortunately so is Maddie’s teen angst. She is such a brat. She makes me question why I still watch this show.
  • Can someone explain to me how Topanga (Girl Meets World) who passed the bar in the state of New York would be able to practice law in London, an entirely different country?

Need a Fix: One Tree Hill

If you’re like me, you often find yourself wanting to watch an episode of an old fav but aren’t sure where to begin. Picking a random episode can sometimes lead to disappointment. If you’re ever in the mood for One Tree Hill, I would suggest starting with these episodes:

  • Spirit in the Wind (Season 1, Episode 17) – Everyone ends up in Charlotte for a basketball tournament and cheerleading competition.
  • To Wish Impossible Things (Season 1, Episode 18) – Boy Toy Auction = amazing pairings, confronting baby mamas, judgmental Lucas (better get used to it) and the beginning of a beautiful friendship (Mouth and Brooke obs). Karen dating Peyton’s dad is skippable.
  • I Will Dare (Season 2, Episode 5) – The gang participates in Dare Night and my life was officially boring in high school.
  • Unopened Letters to the World (Season 2, Episode 15) – Tree Hill High creates a time capsule  video and we all fall in love with Jake and Peyton. Can I really be the only one still bitter they didn’t end up together?
  • Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades (Season 3, Episode 6) – The cheerleaders fight over the boys at Tree Hill High with a fantasy boy draft.
  • With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept (Season 3, Episode 16) – Tree Hill tackles a school shooting. Grab your Kleenex
  • The Show Must Go (Season 3, Episode 22) – Nathan and Haley’s wedding leaves us with the cliffhanger of who is pregnant.
  • Pictures of You (Season 4, Episode 13) – Students pair up to find out if 50 minutes can matter. So deep. But also why wasn’t my high school this cool?

If you’re feeling anything past the high school years, you’re on your own. Those episodes are all a blur to me.

First Impressions: Riverdale

What I Liked: This teen show has everything: student affairs with teachers, cheerleaders and football players, love triangles, someone in love with their best friend, a mean girl, former friends, the new kid, former rich people (maybe), Luke Perry, murder, formal dances, seven minutes in heaven. What’s not to like?

What I Didn’t Like: Nada

What It Needs: Right now I just need to know if I should like Veronica or not. At first I was put off but then she and Betty became fast friends so I was in but I still don’t trust her. Also, what’s the deal with Josie and the Pussycats? Are they important? Are they like a thing that will matter down the road? (Important Note: I know little to nothing about the Archie comics, coming in blind here).

Prognosis: It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good teen drama. I’m all in. It seems basically like a cross between Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill with murder. Basically right up my alley.

Is the Series Finale Even Important Anymore?

With reboots and new networks picking up shows left and right, is there really a point to a good series finale anymore? Is a show ever really over?

You’ve got shows like Will and Grace and Gilmore Girls picking up years later and shows like Nashville and Mindy Project we thought were over but then got picked up by another network at the eleventh hour. You even have re imagined shows like Girl Meets World and Fuller House following the same characters in a new world years later.

Series finales used to be a big deal. Emotional and final. We used that time to say goodbye to our favorite characters and worlds but now I’m not sure they hold the same weight. We can never really be sure if its over. I watched the series finale of Girl Meets World over the weekend. There are still rumors it could be picked up by someone else. I cried, I prepared myself for it to be over, but I’m not sure it is.

Vampire Diaries will end this spring and I fear it won’t have the same finality to it shows did years ago. Like say, Dawson’s Creek, one of the best series finales I’ve seen. It was emotional and tied up all the loose ends. It was done well. I hope I will be able to say the same when Vampire Diaries ends but am I really saying goodbye? In this special case, definitely not, with the Originals still on the air, but in the land of reboots and spin offs, is anything truly dead? Is there a show out there is completely off the table for some kind of reboot? I can’t think of one. Movies and TV shows keep getting remade (Hawaii Five-O, for example). So even if the same people aren’t involved in any way, the concept will be back in some form or another. I guess we really are all just running out of ideas.

Days of Our Lives Will End in 2017: Farewall, Old Friend

Like Sands through the Hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives…

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that. I grew up watching Days of Our Lives, took a few hiatuses along the way, came back in college, and since have tuned in at least once a year for the Horton family Christmas. The last time I watched was when Alice died. No one does flashbacks quite like Days of our Lives.

Since I haven’t watched in years, I can’t rightly be too sad to hear it is ending for good. But after so many years of soapy satisfaction, I couldn’t let it end without going through my favorite moments over the years.

    • We gotta start with Sami Brady. Oh is she the best villain ever or what? Her relationship with her sister Carrie was the best. She drugged Carrie’s boyfriend, Austin, to convince him he was her and they slept together and then she was pregnant and claimed for years the baby was his. Slow clap!
    • The most epic romance of all: Bo and Hope. He was from the wrong side of the tracks, she was rich. They had everything working against them. You know normal stuff like Stefano pretending to kill Hope and then brainwashing her so she thought she was someone named Princess Gina. Every day stuff.
    • Horton Christmas’s were always the time to tune in. Each family member hung an ornament on the tree bearing their name and they hung the ornaments for the members of the family no longer with them. Great flashbacks usually followed.
    • At one point Vivian buried Carly alive (Bo’s wife when he thought Hope was dead) though she managed to escape somehow (who can remember 20 years later). Considering being buried alive scares the bejesus out of me, I’m not sure how I watched this as a kid. Or is it the reason for the fear? Thanks, DOOL.
    • Marlena was possessed by the devil. I try not to think that much about it though because it scared the crap out of me as a kid. Related image
    • In more recent years, there was the great baby swap. Shawn D and Mimi decide to have a baby via surrogate and Belle and Phillip are also doing in vitro fertilization but Belle will carry their child. This of course went off without a hitch.Ha ha not in Salem. A gloved hand switched them out so Belle’s egg was fertilized with Shawn’s egg and vice versa. Belle and Shawn are of course old flames. So much drama!
    • And who can forget how many people died and came back to life on this show and how many people miraculously aged (See Sami for one and then her son Will and most crazy of all was Stefano’s son E.J. who I remembered being born in the late nineties when I was in middle school and then in the mid-2000s as I was finishing high school he somehow became older than me).

Feel free to chime in with your favorite DOOL memories.

Thoughts on the Charmed Reboot

Because TV can’t help itself, Charmed is being rebooted. Not much is known about the new series yet but that won’t stop us all from speculating. We know there will be a power of three, but will they be sisters again? Could we see a gender swap and it be brothers? What is known for sure is that the TV shit show known as Shannen Doherty won’t be cast so we can only hope there won’t be on-set drama again leading to a fourth sister (though I enjoy Paige and the episodes when she is on the show much better so it isn’t a real loss) .

The new series will take place in the ’70s which means the fashion probably won’t differ much from the original. See this:

Or this:

Image result for worst charmed fashion

Or basically anything Phoebe wears. Will the new characters bear as much skin as the Halliwell sisters? Or have as many tattoos? We’ll have to wait to find out.

If nothing else, I  hope this show brings us as good of story lines but better special effects. Technology  has come a long way since the original so there better be less cheesy orbing, explosions and supernatural creatures.

By far the best story line in Charmed‘s eight years was anything and everything having to do with Chris. He comes in as the sister’s new Whitelighter and as time goes on his secrets are discovered: He is Piper and Leo’s son from the future who came to save Wyatt. Brilliant! Phoebe eventually figures out who he is and they have to scheme to get Leo and Piper back together so Chris will be conceived, otherwise he will cease to exist. When Piper finds out Chris is her son he seems distant and she wonders why until he admits that in the future, where he will have to go back, she is dead and it would be too painful to be close to her now.


Rehash: Degrassi: Next Class Season 3

I have to say I was pretty disappointed by how the aftermath of the bus crash was handled. All you’re going to give us is a montage of hurt characters? They really glazed over everyone’s recovery (sans Tristan) and a great opportunity was missed. The first episode or two should have dealt with the summer instead of jumping right into the school year.

Besides that plot blunder, everything else comes down to the characters.

  • Tristan – Thank you for waking up. Obviously not much else happened with him. Season 4 will be his year. Can’t wait to see how his recovery continues. Prediction: He has to repeat his senior year because of the accident and he sticks around. It’s a Degrassi staple (See: Jimmy and Spinner).
  • Miles – I still love him so much. Is it wrong of me to not even be mad he hooked up with Lola? So glad Tristan forgave him (for now, this can’t be the end of that). Basically this guy can do no wrong in my eyes apparently.
  • Lola – ABORTION! About time this story line was revisited. It has been so many years since Manny’s abortion that wasn’t aired on American TV. I mean seriously Lola though, Miles? He has a boyfriend. Okay I’ll stop judging since I’m not judging Miles. Pretty unfair of me. Their friendship was nice though. Kind of sad to see it go.
  • Maya – Really thought she was going to off herself. Her depression has been a good story line and one that has been seasons in the making. Much better when things build up and don’t just come out of nowhere.
  • Zig – Please get back together with Maya. Thanks.
  • Esme – She is the worst.
  • Zoe – I continue to love her coming out story. Zoe’s struggle with acceptance and love has been amazing since the beginning, and I doubt I’ll ever tire of watching it.
  • Grace – Her CF is definitively one of the more interesting stories. But like, her and Jonah are gonna make out right?
  • Tiny – What do we know about this guy? He was in a gang and likes dating best friends. End of things we know. Please tell me more.
  • Shay – I’m starting to dislike her. She’s kind of annoying. The period story line didn’t  help. One of my least favorites. They might as well make her have a gambling problem while they are at.
  • Frankie –  Oh Frankie, by far the worst Hollingsworth. I get embarrassed watching you do basically anything.
  • Jonah – Nice hair, bro.
  • Hunter – The short story: He got a boner for Lola. Well that’s the gist of what happened with him. He apparently didn’t have to go to Juvey and got to return to Degrassi. It was not addressed. Apparently that is too boring, like the bus crash aftermath, to put on the show.
  • Yael – She doesn’t like make up or being treated differently now that she is dating Hunter. Preach.
  • Vijay – Things that included Viajy: A kiss in and measuring his penis. Yeah this guy is gonna need more stories for me to care about him. He is already in grade 11, let’s get moving.
  • Baaz- He is even worse. All he did was measure his penis and be on their YouTube channel. But also, he is Goldi’s brother? This is news to me. Were the writers just like hey these two could be related, let’s just do it? This could have been addressed earlier.
  • Winston –  YAWN. I’m done.
  • Goldi – All of her story lines had involved her religion. It’s a big part of her life so I get it but I would like to see her have something else going on.
  • Rasha – I don’t like her with Zoe. Zoe is a little too cool for Rasha. There’s just something about her I don’t like.
  • Sadd – What is there to say about this kid? I’m not even sure he’s actually a character.

The rumors are that season 4 will be out this summer and since we weren’t left with a cliffhanger this time, I will rest easy over the next few months.

There Shouldn’t be a Dawson’s Creek Reboot

Reboots are all the rage right now and there has been rumblings that Dawson’s Creek should jump on the bandwagon. I disagree. I’m all for a reboot (see: Fuller House, Gilmore Girls and Girl Meets World) but not every fan favorite needs one. Dawson’s is a great example.

I’ve long thought Dawson’s finale is one of the most well done series finales. It jumps five years in the future to show us where the characters lives had lead them. Who doesn’t want to see the characters they have followed for years in adulthood and see where they wind up? I know it’s my favorite way to see a show go out.

We find Jen with a daughter, still best friends with Jack who is secretly dating the still in the closet Doug. Dawson is working on a TV show (about his life – shocker!), Pacey opened The Ice House in Capeside and Joey is working in publishing. It was a big leap for all of them from their college days where they were in frats, dropping out of school and dating dreamboats named Eddie.

The series ends with Jen’s dead (there are so many feels surrounding her passing, I might cry right now), Jack raising her daughter with Doug, Joey and Pacey finally getting back together, and Dawson getting a meeting with his idol, Spielberg. I don’t see why we would need to revisit this. Everyone got a happy ending (well except Jen). What more could there possibly be to tell? No one wants to revisit the Pacey-Joey-Dawson love triangle. Sorry, Dawson but no one was on your team. And more so, who wants to return to this group without Jen?

Really I just don’t want to return to the show all about Dawson (even though we all knew it was really about Joey) who is a whiny baby. Unless Dawson has grown up, I’m good.

Say It Ain’t So: Girl Meets World Has Been Cancelled

Ah Girl Meets World, you gave us so much and yet still had so much potential. I had really hoped to see these characters through high school the way we did with the original (could go either way on the college years). There are a few episodes left but I  still want to know so much:

  • Where is Morgan? What has she been up to?
  • Are Lucas and Riley ever going to actually date?
  • What ever happened to Maya going out with Zay?
  • Will Auggie ever grow out of his cuteness (the way Morgan sadly did)?
  • Will we ever see Shawn be a dad to Maya?
  • Is Eric for real? Like he’s actually a U.S. Senator? Am I the only one who thinks this is far-fetched?

Most importantly, I wanted to see the promise of Josh and Maya. He said one day to her and I wanted to see that one day. Oh and I kind of want a flash forward to see Auggie and Ava be teenagers and still a thing. That would be adorable, right?

From what I’ve seen online, the show didn’t know it was ending when shooting its last episode. Sure, it hadn’t been renewed for its fourth season yet so maybe they prepared for the worst and we’ll get a satisfying ending, but I somehow doubt that.

On the bright side I will no longer struggle with the awful Maya-Riley-Lucas love triangle, wonder why Smackle ever existed, or beg for Zay to just be permanent already; no more of this he’s in this episode and not in the next. Why isn’t he in class and some other kid has taken his desk you ask? No one knows.

Here’s to hoping for a good send-off filled with Boy Meets World characters to give us one last bit of nostalgia.


The Best of 2016

2016 was a good year for me personally: I celebrated my 30th birthday in Vegas, my sister got married, the Cubs won the World Series, the summer Olympics lived up to expectation and there wassome great TV. I’m not going to dwell on the TV negatives from the past year but here are my thoughts on the best of TV in 2016.

Best Sporting Event: Obviously the Cub’s World Series extra-innings win in dramatic fashion in Game 7.

Best Song: Crazy Ex-GirlfriendLove Triangle

Best Ship: Vampire Diaries–  Bonnie and Enzo. If you watch this and don’t think they are the cutest, then I’m sorry, you might be dead inside.

Saddest Death: Orange is the New Black – Poussey. Just take my word on this one.

“I’m Not Gonna Tear Up Over it” Death: Reign – Lola. Took them long enough. She was just annoying. Bring back Greer and Kenna please.

Biggest Twist: The Royals – Robert is alive. I didn’t see this one coming and it looks like we’ll be seeing the effects of his return in the coming episodes. Shit is gonna go down. Sorry, Liam, your life is about to implode.

Cutest KidFuller House -Max. Exhibit A and Exhibit B, and hell, any time this kid is on screen.

Best Reality Show: Big Brother 

Best New Show: This is Us

Saddest Show to See End: Rookie Blue