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Rehash: Fuller House Season 2

Solid second season. There was so much to love:

  • There was a reference to Mr.Bear and an appearance by the Pillow Person!
  • I’m really on board with Stephanie and Jimmy. He’s a moron but in an adorable way and they are cute together.Plus, he has great nickname’s for her. (ie Stepharoni the San Francisco Treat)
  • There was a Girl Talk reunion, which meant the return of Gia, who is still B.A.
  • I’m still on Team Steve but was surprisingly okay with D.J. dating Matt. Though not okay with C.J., she’s annoying. Though D.J. and Steve had some great moments: he gave her the Pillow Person, the most thoughtful gift ever, and he came to her rescue at her reunion.
  • Speaking of the high school reunion: Nelson and Viper! What did we do to deserve to see both of them again? Of course they were up to their usual petty ways which was kind of a disappointment, and D.J.made many jokes about how she never should have dated them, which hurt my Viper-loving heart a little. But let’s face it has always been Steve. Can’t wait to see what happens with them next season. He’s not going to actually marry C.J., right?
  • I kind of like Fernando now. Shocking, I know! I don’t know if I’m just getting used to him or if he less extreme than last season but something is working for me here. He’s actually funny now.
  • Max is still the best thing to ever happen in my life.I want this kid to be my own. I dare you to find a cuter kid on Earth than him.

A few things were a bit confusing though:

  • Like, where is  Garth? We had never heard of Jimmy before, which really brings up the question of how many Giblers are there?
  • Where is Danny’s wife? She had other plans at Thanksgiving and wasn’t even mentioned at New Year’s. What’s the point of him being married if they aren’t ever going to show his wife? Can we know something about her, please?
  • Joey is married? Did I miss something or is this new information? His wife is perfect though. A bubbly magician, who else should Joey be married to? Oh and he has kids. So many surprises.
  • Why are Becky and Jesse adopting a baby? I’m not against I’m just not sure what the point is.Where is this going? Though so adorable they named her after Pam.



Thoughts on How I Met Your Father

It was announced today that How I Met Your Mother may get a spin-off after all. Two of the writers from This is Us and the creators of How I Met Your Mother are teaming up for How I Met Your Father, the spin-off no one asked for.

I can’t stress enough how unnecessary this show is. Okay I get it, in a Grease 2 (or Step Up 2, or basically any sequel ever) sort of way the gender roles will be reserved and it is about a woman’s journey to finding her future husband. Do we need this though?

If this makes it to air it needs something that will make it different than the original. Not enough time has based to do a carbon copy and no matter what you do it won’t be as funny or clever as the original. You’ll never be able to create the same unique group of characters, with punch catchphrases and secret teen singer pasts.

I suggest changing the format. Sure the woman can still be telling the story to her kids but maybe by the end of the first season she meets him. Show us more of the father than the original did of the mother. This is how I expected HIMYM to go and think it could have worked just as well. We can still enjoy a show about a group of friends who are married and having kids – heck Marshall and Lily proved that themselves. Then you also avoid the setting yourself up for a disappointing ending where the father dies and she ends up with her friend. If we’re going to invest some much time in the love story, I want to get to enjoy the end result.

What the Hell, Married by Mom and Dad?

Married by Mom and Dad is a ridiculous reality show where adults ask their parents to choose a spouse for them. In its first season, only two of these four idiotic people got married and only one couple made it to the finale. I guess TLC wasn’t okay with that because they completely changed  the format this year. What the hell?

Last season, Christina and Tom, the only couple now married, didn’t meet until the alter. Insane, right? Christina seemed like a basket case insisting on this and Tom even more so for going along with it. Apparently TLC think this is the only way to get people to actually get married on this show because in its second season all four couples will be meeting at the alter. Does this seem like a good idea to anyone?

Three episodes in and Devin (the only male participating) is already married. He is a party playboy who clearly doesn’t want to be married. I predict they are divorced within 10 days. Erica, his wife, is a little smarter. She did make him sign a prenup only minutes after walking down the aisle.

Devin’s parents appeared to have met with two women, once each to pick his wife. They possibly spent an hour with this woman before asking her to marry their son. I swear last season many dates were had before the final decision was made and they definitely met more than two people. So either TLC is skipping that part so we can see more of the drama after the weddings or they are making these people make hasty decisions for the drama. I guess I’m okay with it either way because I am addicted to this show.

Another participant, Marissa, has parents who claim to be traditionalist. Her tattooed gun-yielding dad will meet the boys first and then after weeding through them her mom will meet them.They claim that, since they are so traditional, they insist Marissa not meet her husband until the alter. What tradition did these people grow up with?

You’ve also got Bethany whose divorced parents have managed to get along to pick her man. Though this has thankfully resulted in her mom making as many digs at her past husband as possible, to his face, of course.

Well then you have Tahnee, who we just met. I hated her instantly. She is 30 years old and complains of having to watch her friends get married and have babies. She’s 30 and single and is desperate to change it. Ugh Tahnee, you give us all a bad name. I am 30 and single and 100% okay with it. Sorry, Tahn, but you may just be too weird and that’s why you are single, oh and desperate. That too.

I’ll finish by saying, thanks mom and dad, one for not being crazy, two for never asking when I am getting married, and lastly for thinking these people are as crazy as I do. I know you’d be very concerned about my well-being if I asked you to pick my husband.

Katie Nolan: My New Girl Crush

Unlike most female sports journalists (sorry, Beth Mowins) who are just plain annoying, Katie Nolan is the real deal. She, much like P.J Franklin, is cute and yet still remains one of the boys. I mean I basically want to be her; she has great hair and the guys respect her when it comes to sports. She makes me want to know more about sports the way Samantha Bee makes me want to wear blazers. Basically at the rate we’re going I’ll be Rebecca Bunching her soon.

I just recently jumped on the Garbage Time with Katie Nolan bandwagon and I have to say the show is refreshing. It is a fun way to talk about sports. I don’t follow the NHL or the NBA so half the time I have no idea who is talking about but I still enjoy those segments. She laughs at herself and talks to the guys off camera, which as a viewer, makes you feel like you’re having a conversation with your friend and oh how I want to be your friend, Katie.

Rehash: Hairspray Live!

I’m a big fan of Hairspray, the original John Waters movie, the stage show and the musical movie. I was excited to see it take on new life in a new medium: Live on TV. This was a good opportunity to take what is great from each version of the story and make it into a new version. In general, I like the choices that were made.

We have to start with the best choice which was to make Edna as she was always meant to be: played by a man while being very obvious that the actor is a man. My biggest beef with the 2007 movie was John Travolta’s Edna. Edna is meant to be manly and have a deep voice. It was so great to have Harvey Fierstein back as Edna. No one does it better.

The movie musical introduced a few new songs and took out some from the stage show. I was glad to see “Mama I’m a Big Girl Now” back but appreciated that they kept in “Ladies’s Choice.” It was a good call moving this to Corny so that “It Takes Two” could stay in and be sung by Link. Also glad to see “Cooties” back in full form. It really is the best moment for Amber Von Tussle. “New Girl in Town” is my favorite addition to the movie musical so of course I wish it had been included but there wasn’t enough time to include every song from every Hairspray so I can live with the choice especially since “Big Doll House” was the other main song excluded. Not a big fan. Though my vote for song to get rid of is always “Miss Baltimore Crabs” but I don’t ever see it happening.

Besides the terrible performance from John Travolta the second most disappointing change in the 2007 movie was excluding Tracy being arrested. This results in having to change the words to “Without Love” and I’ve never approved. It was nice to have it back to its original form.

I’m sorry to whoever the kid is who played Link but no one is a better Link Larkin than Zac Efron. His winks alone can make anyone swoon. It’s hard to pull off calling someone “little darlin” and this guy just wasn’t doing it for me.

Maddie Baillio was a good Tracy and it was a great nod to the earlier versions of the story and the fans to have Ricki Lake and Marissa Jaret Winokur make cameos. I was hoping for some original cast members to make appearances much like they did with Grease: Live and I wasn’t disappointed.

We can talk all we want about the casting and song choices but really the production came down to how well they could pull it off. Besides a few hiccups in camera work, everything went pretty smoothly. The most startlingly part of the production was the outdoor scenes. Yes, when the show was put on it was dark outside but that meant it was dark when Tracy went to school and when she left school with her friends. These scenes really should have been done in a sound studio where the light could have been better controlled. It was distracting.

I was also surprised by how much racier it was the movie version. Ariana Grande was grinding, Wilbur felt up Amber and Link felt up Tracy. I just figured they would make it more PG and gear it toward a family event but what do I know?

Oh and I will not be commenting on Darren Criss and his behind the scenes looks because I didn’t watch them. For a three hour show on a Wednesday night, it was already a big commitment, I didn’t want to waste time hearing from fans or whatever they did.

Kudos and Criticism: November 2016


  • The cutest couple on TV right now (sorry Enzo and Bonnie, you are a close second) has to be Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s White Josh and Darrell. Josh is always coming around the office and Darrell feels insecure when he thinks Josh has an older man fetish. More of them, please.
  • This is Us‘s Jack is the best dad on TV. He really couldn’t get any more adorable. At first I feared he was being set up to be the bad guy when his problem with alcohol was introduced but now it’s Rebecca’s turn with her secret about Roland’s birth dad. I’m sure more skeletons will come out of Jack’s closet, but for now I’m going to enjoy his dad perfection.
  • The best Saturday Night Live sketches stick out in your memory and leave you talking about them for weeks. One of those this season has been “Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?” mostly because of the stellar Beck Bennett.
  • My birthday is in mid-November so once my birthday is over, Christmas is fair game for me. Christmas music, decorations and movies are all there before Thanksgiving. So thank you, Hallmark, for indulging my love of Christmas earlier than ever. They started showing Christmas movies in October! Nothing makes me happier than a made for television movie where two people pretend of be a couple and ultimately fall in love, and if it takes place at Christmas, even better!


  • Girl Meets World finally resolved the long triangle between Lucas, Maya and Riley. As a result, Riley and Lucas were going to give it a shot and Maya was going to go on a date with Zay. What happened with that? Oh yeah nothing. It’s like the episode never happened. No mention of any of this has happened since.
  • I’ve already said what I have to say about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life but we can all agree that Rory is the worst, right? The revival made this more apparent than ever. I didn’t really dislike her before and now, not a fan. Thanks Amy Sherman-Palladino.
  • The Saturday Night Live episode following the presidential election was especially somber. I get it, we, as a nation, are all kinds of bummed. I’m with you but I tuned into SNL to laugh, not to watch Kate McKinnon sing “Hallelujah” and other odd sketches. It just didn’t feel like SNL. Even after 9/11 they went on with the show as usual. This shouldn’t have been any different.