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I Highly Recommend it: Elite

I’ve told everyone who will listen about this show and now I’m telling you about Netflix’s hidden gem. Elite is the best teen drama in years. Set in Spain, three working-class students get scholarships to attend a private high school after their school collapses. They immediately clash with the rich kids which ends in murder.

The entire first season takes place in flashback and you see how the teens interact with each other and each episode shows a little of them being interrogated by police. You find out which teen is murdered at the end of the first episode — I won’t give it away.

The murder is really secondary throughout the first season. What is most compelling is the relationships. So much is covered in just 8 episodes. There is brothers in love with the same girl, threesomes, closeted guys, love triangles, drugs, parties. So yeah, everything you want from a teen drama.

It is dubbed over in English which took me about the first episode to get past but once you get sucked in by these characters you’ll hardly notice (just try and forgive what can seem like bad acting at times by the voice actors).

Just give it one episode, you’ll be glad you did.