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Beth and Rip are the Best Part of Yellowstone

It is evident from Yellowstone‘s first episode that Beth Dutton (third child and only daughter of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton) and Rip Wheeler (the lead ranch hand at the Yellowstone) have a history and some damn good chemistry. It appears to have been years since they had seen each other but that doesn’t stop them from a quickie on a dresser.

Beth is cold-hearted, usually with a cigarette or drink in her hand (everyone blames her for her mother’s death — it would mess you up too) while Rip is a lot softer. Though he is a ranch hand who doesn’t blink an eye at branding another man, he appears to have held a candle for Beth for decades. She’s a mess and he’s ready to fix her. He isn’t afraid throughout the entire first season to let his feelings known, no matter how much Beth pulls away, telling her in the finale he doesn’t care who she sleeps with, he just cares about her.

Though Beth isn’t all stone-cold bitch. She does tell Rip halfway through the season that everyone she loves dies so she isn’t sure how he’s still standing. Gave me chills.

Sure they seem doomed. I mean Beth is a basket case and will just pull out Rips’s heart again and again but I can still want it, can’t I? As the title of the article says, they are the best thing this show has got going for it and I will keep watching to see what they do together and individually.


I’ll Pass on The Revival of Last Man Standing

Tim Allen’s family comedy where he stars as a conservative man’s man didn’t seem like it would be my cup of tea on the surface but I enjoyed the first six seasons because the daughters (and Kyle) are fun to watch and it was some nice mindless watching (which I need every now and then, inset the need for Fuller House here).

But after a year off the air (even less time in my world as I binged the whole show not long after it went off the air), I think I’m good with giving this show a rest. I had accepted it’s cancellation and was fine with its place in my show watching repertoire (gone, only to be seen in small doses in reruns on CMT).

Then the recasting news came and my decision was final. It was bad enough when Kristen was recast after season 1 and Boyd was aged up. At that point it was like Kristen was a whole new person. With Boyd being recast again (who cares) and Mandy being recast, I can’t do it again. I can’t get on board with anyone being Mandy except Molly Ephraim, especially when it comes to Kyle and Mandy’s relationship. No way will the chemistry be the same.

Plus, the new promos came out yesterday and Kyle’s hair is short! How much change we do have to take here, people?