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Best Songs from the First Season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

We’re still three weeks out from the season 2 premiere of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and I can’t stop listening to season 1’s soundtrack. These are the tracks I keep coming back to and keep getting stuck in my head.

Feelin’ Kinda Naughty – Haven’t we all had a girl crush like this? Well, maybe not this extreme. I can’t say I’ve had the desire to wear someone else’s skin like a dress. But you gotta give it to a song that can find a way to use the word “rando.”

Face Your Fears – So inspirational. It’s a more serious sounding/tamer version of Lonely Island’s “YOLO.”

I Have Friends – She has friends, okay? This song has such a good tempo or beat or whatever (listen, I don’t know much about music, that’s why I write about TV). Also love that grocery clerk with half an eyelid comes up later in the season.

Settle For Me – Has such a great Broadway vibe.

I’m a Good Person – I want this to be my anthem anytime someone makes me feel like a terrible person

Where’s the Bathroom? – You can learn everything about Rebecca’s relationship with her mother from this one song

Women Gotta Stick Together – It’s true, we do gotta stick together.

Put Yourself First – Great dance beat

You Stupid Bitch – Great moody ballad. I feel I may sing this to myself next time I am pissed at myself.

I Could If I Wanted To – I want to sing a song like this when I’m over everything too, Greg.

Heavy Boobs – My personal anthem

I Gave You a UTI – He’s so happy and proud

Oh My God I Think I Like You – The song version of this classic Cher Horowitz moment:

After Everything I’ve Done For You (That You Didn’t Ask For) – Everything that is great about Paula in one song.


First Impressions: Designated Survivor

What I Liked: The underdog story. I’m already rooting for Krikman to prove everyone wrong. 

What I Didn’t Like: I still have lots of questions especially about Hannah. How does she connect to all of this? Who does she keep calling? I know they will be answered but she seemed disjointed from everything in this episode.

What It Needs: To prove it is more than the gimmick. We get it. Designated Survivor is a thing. Now why should we keep tuning in?

Prognosis: Yet to be seen. I plan to keep watching but could easily see this being a show I give up mid-season when the initial excitement wears off. In general, it is just too early to tell. There is a lot left to learn about these characters and the consequences of the events.

First Impressions: Pitch

What I Liked: The concept was as good as I anticipated. Ginny is likable. Mark-Paul Gosselaar is awesome. His rough and tumble veteran who doesn’t like the change in his world but comes around quickly is reminiscent of every 90’s baseball movie and I’m okay with it.

I think the first episode set things up well. Ginny didn’t blow everyone out of the water. She actually failed but got a second chance. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

What I Didn’t Like: The twist at the end. It was really unnecessary to reveal at the end that her dad is actually dead.

I’m also not a fan of the documentary-style it has going on. I don’t think its necessary to have FS1 sportscasters weighing in on things. If a character is watching it, fine, but otherwise let’s stick to making this a character-driven story.

What It Needs: Am I the only one that wants Ginny and Mike to hook up? In general, I could just use some steam that doesn’t involve Mark Consuelos being creepy to Ali Larter.

I know Ginny has been so focused on baseball and living in a man’s world that it has been hard for her to make friends but I’d like to see someone in her corner that isn’t a player’s wife it seems she barely knows. Where is her brother? Can’t they be friends so she has someone to talk to?

Prognosis: Good. I like this one. I think it has potential. I am intrigued already and want to know what happens to Ginny.

Can’t Alex Karev Catch a Break?

The 13th season of Grey’s Anatomy has begun and throughout the first episode, I kept asking myself “Man, why can’t Alex catch a break?”

Seriously, he had a crappy childhood, syphilis, failed his medical board exams. Plus,  he dated a crazy lady (Ava/Rebecca) who turned out to be married, he married Izzie who almost died and he had to freeze his sperm and then she left him, and now he’s got Jo who keeps jerking him around. Arizona took his place on the plane that crashed and lost her leg. He felt guilty and gave up Johns Hopkins. He lost his seat on the board that Cristina bestowed upon him. Oh and he got shot that time.

I know Meredith has had it rough too but at least she’s had some bright spots – her kids, she had some good years with Derek and that house – what does Alex have? Before I would have said his career but now that doesn’t even seem likely.

Can something good happen for this guy already?

First Impressions: This is Us

What I Liked: The twist at the end was great. It is very cool thatall the stories are related. Definitely a huge fan of Jack and Rebecca right off the bat. Kate and Kevin are pretty great themselves.I already like all of these characters (plus Toby) which is a good sign.

Also, the feels. For sure cried. Grey’s Anatomy‘s days are numbered so I would be fine with this taking its place as my good weekly TV cry.

Oh and Milo Ventimiglia looks good. Like real good. 

What I Didn’t Like: I’m not sure about Randall yet. The whole story with his birth date is a little fishy.

Once things came together, I found myself questioning things. Like why wouldn’t Kate and Kevin have said anything about it being Randall’s birthday or vice versa? Or their dad’s? Who from the sound of it is dead now. I know these things were kept on the DL for the dramatic effect and I’m glad they were but it is still a plot hole for me.

What It Needs: Now that we’re past that twist, where do things go from here? Is this going to be similar to other family dramas (with the exception that one story line takes place 36 years ago) or will this continue to forge a new path?

Prognosis: Not Clear. I plan to keep watching. The next few episodes will really show what this show has got going for it.

Rehash: Big Brother Season 18 Finale

I gotta start out by saying that over 12 hours later, I’m still shocked Nicole won. I love her. She was my favorite in season 16 and favorite again this season but I didn’t think she would win. I prepared myself for this fact for a week. I thought her only hope was winning the last HOH and taking James with her to the end.

I personally think Paul played a better game. I would have voted for him. I felt his arguments were more compelling but I also had myself convinced he was winning. I thought it might be an 8-1 vote with Nicole only getting Corey’s vote. I guess I was just as shocked as Nicole. It is pretty cool though she is the first woman to win against a man. I’m a pretty dedicated Big Brother fan and I had no idea that that hadn’t happened.

I think it’s cool Paul took Nicole to the end especially considering part of his reasoning was that she deserved it. I read that Nicole was planning to take Paul too for the same reason. Love the comradery of this cast. They seemed to get along a lot more than most. Friendship!

I’m also surprised Vic won America’s Favorite Player. He didn’t get a care package which I thought was an indicator America didn’t really like him. I thought Natalie would win but I guess her annoying behavior as of late did her in. I didn’t vote but if I would have it would have been for Nicole who was in the finals. It really was slim pickings among those first 8 jury members.

I can’t finish this season off without commenting on how Michelle is the worst super fan. First of all, stop talking about being a super fan so much. Second, if you are a super fan you know that everyone hates a bitter juror and no one was more bitter than Michelle. The fact that she broke out in tears during the jury chat is absurd. Clearly she was upset when realizing she was wrong and that Nicole did play a good game and she is just made she got her out. At least Dr. Will seems to hate her as much as I do.

First Impressions: The Good Place

What I Liked:The concept of the Good Place.  A place to live out eternity that is perfect for you: a house specifically designed to your liking, a soulmate, the perfect neighborhood for you and endless frozen yogurt? Yes please.

I can only hope that in this place you can eat as much as you want without any consequences. Isn’t that everyone’s dream afterlife?

What I Didn’t Like: It got weird quick. Because Eleanor isn’t supposed to be there, everything in the good place goes haywire; this includes flying shrimp and everyone dressing alike. I know this is the afterlife so anything goes, but it was just weird.

I don’t like or care about the characters. This can take time but I’m not sure it’s going to happen. So far they are mostly all just annoying.

What It Needs: A reason for me to care about Eleanor. Right now I don’t care if she manages to stay in the Good Place or not. All they’ve shown us is why she wasn’t a great person when she was alive (see: Never being the DD). She wasn’t a serial killer. There had to be something good about her or at least relatable. Some TV characters aren’t good people but we still feel sorry for them (Thomas from Downton Abbey) and some are weird or annoying but we relate to them (Rebecca from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). Right now Eleanor has none of those things going for her.

Prognosis: Outlook is not good. I’ll give it another episode or two but its going to have to get less weird.

Refresh: Younger

It’s been a while since Younger wrapped up its 2nd season (since March, actually). So here’s where we left things:

  • Thad died and Liza admitted to Kelsey that she knew he was cheating on her.
  • After a fight with Kelsey, Liza quit Empirical. She goes to work at Nordstrom. Charles convinces her to come back to the publishing company. Really this is a moot point. This was all pointless.
  • Josh and Liza hooked up even though he has a girlfriend.
  • Kelsey and Liza made up, don’t worry.
  • Charles kissed Liza – Gross
  • Josh told Liza he’s all in (after he said he broke up with above mentioned girlfriend) – Yea!

I Won’t be Rehashing the Emmys

So the Emmy’s were last night. I didn’t watch. “Why wouldn’t you watch?” You ask. “You have a TV blog!” You say. Yeah well the Emmys very rarely celebrate the shows I enjoy. Sure, I’m not a real TV critic and the shows I enjoy are more cheesy than well produced but they entertain me. The Vampire Diaries is never going to be up for an Emmy, for example.

When I do watch an Emmy-worthy show it is usually too late. See: The West Wing which I am still getting caught up on or Game of Thrones. I see they won big last night but I haven’t seen the newest season so it seems pointless to watch those speeches and enjoy their victories.

Instead of spending hours of my night watching the awards (or let’s face it, recording it and fast forwarding through most of it), I watched some of the Packers/Vikings game and the new 90 Day Fiance. Basically what everyone was doing in America last night, right?

With that being said, I used to watch the award shows religiously, starting with the afternoon E! coverage of the red carpet. That was at a time in my life when I was in college or fresh out of college, when I had a lot more time on my hands. Now that I’m older, I have found more hobbies and ways to effectively use my time. Sorry to everyone who watched the Emmy’s. I’m sure they were cool.

The SNL Skits That Will Always Make Me Laugh (Digital Shorts)

Very rarely have I come across a digital short I didn’t like.

Jizz in My Pants: My favorite of all-time. Nothing is funnier than Jorma’s facial expressions. I just love that the first 30 seconds are just a cool club jam and then that first jizz in my pants line comes and the jokes don’t stop from there.

Space Olympics: This is the digital short that started my love affair with the Lonely Island.

I’m on a Boat: Poor Jorma.

Lazy Sunday: It made Chronicles of Narnia cool.

Like a Boss: This digital short provides so many great one-liners to use in your everyday office life.

Motherlover: Of the three installments of Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake’s R&B singers, this is my fav. It seemed impossible to out do Dick in a Box but the concept of this one is so much better.

I Just Had Sex: The anthem the world never knew it needed. Bonus points for the Blake Lively and Jessica Alba cameos

The Curse: Sergio!

Jack Sparrow:
 If you don’t think Michael Bolton being obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t funny, you’re crazy.

Jonah Hill’s Dating Andy’s Dad: You need to know nothing beyond the title to know why this is hilarious.

Threw it on the Ground: I have said “I’m an adult” in this voice more times than I should.

Two Worlds Collide: “Your friends are smart”

Tizzle Wizzle Show: An innocent children’s show turns into a death match.

Iran So Far: Mahmoud Ahmadeinejad is like a very hairy Jake Gyllenhaal.

Everyone’s a Critic: The punchline is everyone’s over the top reactions to Paul’s painting but I think the funniest part is Andy’s song.

Booty Call: The weirdness of Andy Samberg at its finest.