TV Couple Bracket 2017

It’s that time of year. Beth and I have finalized the 64 couples for our annual TV Couple Bracket. As always some new couples were selected and others that got in last year just didn’t cut it.

The Newbies:

  • Victoria and Albert (Victoria) – I’ve been obsessed since episode three when he walked in. It’s the classic story of dislike turning into love. Basically almost too up my alley. These two, though new to the bracket, have a good chance of going far.
  • Rebecca and Jack (This is Us) – I mean, duh.
  • Kevin and Sophie (This is Us) – Sophie came out of nowhere, and we’ve haven’t seen much of them but I’m rooting for them hard.
  • Betty and Jughead (Riverdale) – I didn’t except them but I really like it. I was pretty giddy when the kissed.
  • Mary Louise and Nora (Vampire Diaries) – There are no good lesbian couples of on TV. These two were a breath of fresh air.
  • Lola and Miles (Degrassi: Next Class) – With two seasons airing since the last bracket, it is shocking there weren’t more couples to add. I mean I’m not even a fan. The possibility of them making it to my round of 32: very poor. They could have a good showing in Beth’s bracket though.
  • Winston and Aly (New Girl) – Winston has become my favorite character and no one balances his crazy like Aly.
  • Emily and Richard (Gilmore Girls) – These two took a hiatus from the bracket but were brought back this year due to the reboot. Even though Richard was dead when we revisited Stars Hollow, doesn’t mean we don’t remember how great they were. Their vow renewal is enough to keep me loving them for years.

And the Rejects:

  • Mindy and Danny (The Mindy Project) – We both gave this show up when it went to Hulu. Maybe one day I’ll go back, but for now, they are old news to us.
  • Mary and Henry (Downton Abbey) – Though I rooted for them, Henry is quite forgettable. Sorry, Matthew Goode, but Matthew Crawley forever.
  • Karen and Andy (One Tree Hill) – I still love them but they are such an obscure couple from a show that ended five years ago. It was time.
  • Jackson and April (Grey’s Anatomy) – I was never fan. Beth has given up on them.
  • Claire and Drew (Degrassi: The Next Generation) – See Jackson and April.
  • Chris and Gale (Rookie Blue) – Just such old news.
  • Traci and Jerry (Rookie Blue) – See Chris and Gale.
  • Sadie and Sergio (Awkward) – Forgot they existed. Hell, basically forgot about this show.

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