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Refresh: Younger

It’s time to rejoin fake 26-year-old Liza. Here is where things stand:

  • Liza told Kelsey the truth about her age. Dun Dun Dun!!!!
  • Josh was going to propose to Liza (!!!!) until he saw her kissing Charles (Boo!).
  • Kelsey broke up with that writer boyfriend we have already forgotten about.
  • Liza signed a terrible author to the imprint without Kelsey’s knowledge because said author was blackmailing her about her age.
  • Maggie is still awesome.
  • Lauren’s adorable doctor boyfriend is moving in with her.

See you tomorrow night, Younger.



Rehash: Reign Series Finale

After four seasons, Reign and our time with Mary Queen of Scots is over. There was some good and some bad and the best way to get through it all is a pro/con list, so let’s get started.


  • After Mary’s death she enters the afterlife to be with Francis again. This was perfection. It had been so long since we’d seen Francis, so it was a nice surprise to see them together again.
  • The montage of the last four seasons/Mary’s journey was a nice touch.
  • Thanks for the Bash shout out, but it still doesn’t make up for him being gone all season.


  • Main thing: Things seems super rushed and lots was left unresolved.
  • I appreciate the flash to the future, it is actually what I prefer to see in series finales, but time jumped 21 years and we only saw Mary and Elizabeth. What happened to the other characters? Particularly Catherine who we have been with through this whole journey.
  • Also, did Greer and James get together? James clearly raised Prince James as Mary requested. Did Greer help him? Come on, people. What happened to Charles and Henry?
  • Who the hell is Margo? Had we been told she exists before?
  • Did Claude and Luke make up? So many unanswered questions.
  • Once I was done watching, I instantly went to Wikipedia (something I’ve been waiting four years to do) to read about the real Mary Queen of Scots to see just how accurate the show was. Here are the highlights: She did marry Francis and he died two years later. She married Darnely and had a son with him and he was murdered after a fire shortly after James was born (Bothwell was even suspected of the murder). She then married Bothwell right after that. Wish we could have seen her happy with Bothwell, if even for a moment. After all that sexual tension, I think we deserved a kiss. She then spent years in captivity under Elizabeth before she was beheaded at age 44 for plotting to assassinate Elizabeth. So pretty good for an over-dramatized CW show.

Least Favorite Couples Part 2

The 100 – Jasper and Maya. She was whiny and then she died and he became unbearable.

Archer – Lana and Cryil. Do they make sense to anyone? Sorry but the nerd doesn’t get the hot girl.

Baby Daddy – Riley and Ben. It’s just not right.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Rebecca and Josh. They just aren’t good together. They’re both too whiny or something. Immature, that’s the word. 

Game of Thrones – Jon and Ygritte. My brother and I agree on most time GoT but not this. While I despise Ygritte, he was devastated by her death and the end of her relationship with Jon.

Making History – It’s a moo point (like a cow’s opinion)

Pitch  – N/A (ie cancellation)

The Ranch – Colt and Abby. Maybe they made more sense in high school but as adults they aren’t good together.

Riverdale – Frank and Hermoine. Frank, you’re better than that. Oh yeah and you’re both still technically married.

This is Us – Toby and Kate. Sorry I know a lot of people love them, but I just don’t get it.

Timeless – Why?

Underground – Ernestine and that jerk that beats her.

Victoria – Are there couples besides Victoria and Albert? Not really. Just Albert’s brother and that married woman. So guys, you win, by default. Congrats!

Young & Hungry – Josh and Caroline. She sucked, huh?

Kudos and Criticism: May 2017


  • Grey’s Anatomy ended with a bang as per usual. The best part of the last two episodes was this twist: Stephanie’s patient got in a car accident with a woman and all the doctors assumed they had crashed because they were hooking up, but it turns out he was actually trying to rape her, and she had run off the road on purpose.
  • Speaking of Grey’s, Hunt’s sister is actually alive ,which led to Meredith saying to Riggs: “If it were Derek, I’d already be gone.” That’s some old school great Grey’s dialogue right there.
  • Riverdale‘s finale gave us a good cliffhanger (is Frank dead)? but more importantly it gave us this.
  • Pretty Little Liars finally followed on the fact that A.D. had stolen Emily’s eggs. Oh and it didn’t disappoint: Alison is not actually pregnant with Rollins’ baby but Emily’s. Father TBD.
  • New Girl will return for one more season which hopefully means we’ll see Winston and Ali’s wedding. Fingers crossed.
  • Bobby Moynihan said goodbye on SNL but thankfully we got one more Drunk Uncle.
  • Fox announced it will be staging Rent Live. Rent is my favorite stage show so I’m definitely excited to see how Fox does it. Will it be true to the show and be 98% singing or will it gravitate more toward the movie version and be more of a traditional musical? I’m hoping for the former myself.
  • The 100 season finale was amazing. I spent the entire episode wondering how Clarke would survive to see the next season. But wait, it is 6 years later and because she is a nightblood she survived and so did a group of nightblood children. Can’t wait for next season.


  • Kathy Griffin won’t be doing NYE on CNN with her bestie Anderson Cooper this year. What is even the point of New Year’s now?
  • The Challenge: Champs Vs. Pros turned out to be pretty boring despite the fact that The Challenge has never disappointed me before. One of the biggest reasons it is a flop: Host Victor Cruz. Please don’t consider a career change.
  • Team Ninja Warrior has had seven weeks of qualifying and even though there have been some close races, it really has been pretty boring. This is mostly due to the fact that the course doesn’t really change from week to week. Only one, if any, obstacle changes. Regular American Ninja Warrior changes things up each week and thus keeps my attention much more.
  • Though it was short-lived, I gotta say NO, NO, NO to Pretty Little Liars reuniting Emily and Paige.
  • On Grey’s Anatomy, we finally got to meet Jo’s abusive ex-husband. But he is played by Matthew Morrison. You know the former star of Hairspray on Broadway. Don’t buy it? Yeah, me neither.
  • Baby Daddy was cancelled without much pomp and circumstance or warning. Thankfully for all of us fans, the finale did wrap things up quite nicely. Well except for the fact that we have no idea what Riley and Danny named their son.
  • Speaking of cancellations, several of my shows got the axe this spring. Pitch, Making History and Timeless, all freshman shows I had given a chance, all shows I would have watched for a second season, are now off my series recordings list.

AMC’s The Son is the Hidden Gem no one is Talking About

AMC’s The Son takes place both in 1915 and the mid-1850s, each telling the story of Eli McCullough. As a young boy we see his struggle as Native Americans capture him after killing his family. Then, in 1915, the older Eli (Pierce Brosnan) runs a ranch in south Texas with his sons, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. Of course things aren’t easy as they are at war with the Mexicans and struggling to keep the ranch running.

If you like family drama, old west, some violence, bad asses riding horses, early America, or racial tension, give it a shot. The season finale airs Saturday at 9/8 c.