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Refresh: The Royals

The Royals is back! Now what was happening again?

  • Ted Pryce (head of security, in case you forget his name like I did) was revealed to be King Simon’s murderer.
  • Liam has a plan to expose him – show footage of him stabbing the king to the crowd at a football game.
  • Jasper helped Eleanor and Liam exact their revenge and Eleanor told him she wants him out of her life after it is done. Say it ain’t so!
  • Liam was about to shoot Pryce when Eleanor called him and stops him – wouldn’t want to disappoint dead dad and the people after all.
  • The video was played at the football match and the mob went after Pryce.
  • Helena helped Prudence and her baby escape and then revealed to Cyrus that the person who married them was actually Helena’s gynecologist, so yeah they’re not actually married. Sorry, Cyrus, sucks to suck. Oh and he still has cancer.
  • Helena decided she wants to restore Liam’s right to the throne. They dug us Simon’s remains only to find the coffin empty. Dun..dun..dun…
  • There is hope for Jasper and Eleanor as they held hands while escaping the press after the diabolical at the football match.
  • The season ended at the site of Robert’s (the eldest prince) plane crash with implications he may still be alive.

Rehash: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I am still processing all that happened in the 6 hour revival and am unsure of how I truly feel about it all. The only way I can express everything is through a bulleted list of my reactions. There is no way I can coherently write about the revival in full paragraphs at this point. But, don’t worry, I’ll cover those famous last four words. Let’s break it down by character (this is the most logical way my brain can sort through it all).


  • I glad she never went on the Wild hike. I wouldn’t have been able to believe it. Lorelai Gilmore is a lot of things – mother, daughter, business owner, pop culture goddess, Pop Tart lover, but hiker and outdoorsperson are not among those things.
  • Her and Luke are still the cutest. This show is full of amazing couples and each and every time Luke and Lorelai put the others to shame.
  • I really questioned how Paul Anka was still kicking (by my estimates he’s got to be like 11 or 12) or at least not appearing weathered until I read the same dog, Sparky, played him in the rival. Sorry for doubting you.


  • Am I surprised that she had a long drawn out affair with Logan? No. This is Rory after all. Let’s not forget she isn’t as perfect as she wants you to think. She slept with Dean when he was married. Plus her career crisis reminded me a lot of when she dropped out of Yale. This just seems to be a pattern for Rory.
  • In my eyes, Rory really isn’t that great of a person (or least not as good as she wants you to believe) and the fact that she kept forgetting to break up with her boyfriend is just further proof. She kept forgetting he existed! Who does that?
  • I had a huge smile on my face during the entire “With a Little Help From My Friends” sequence. I really did miss Finn and company. Can they be my friends, please?


  • How can you not love this woman? She proved again and again just how strong she is throughout A Year in the Life.
  • Her quitting the DAR was everything! Since the show was on Netflix they had many liberties they didn’t have on the WB, one of which is choice swear words. Bravo for choosing only to  use words forbidden on the WB in this one scene spoken by Emily Gilmore herself.


  • His passing was handled splendidly. It was nice there was a flashback to the funeral even if most of it was just Lorelai being Lorelai.
  • The footage of him sitting at his desk at the end might have been the most heartbreaking of all the great homages to him and Edward Herrmann.


  • Same wardrobe, same snark, and the diner hasn’t changed a bit. In a world that is always changing, we know Luke Danes is going to stay true to his roots. He didn’t get queasy at the idea of franchising Luke’s for nothing.


  • He’s married!
  • The fact that he hadn’t moved on from Stars Hollow and the Dragonfly by now is kind of shocking. He was always bigger than the small town. Though I hope for Lorelai’s sake he stays with the expansion, I also think he deserves to do something bigger and better.


  • Not much to say here. She’s living in the wilderness or something and left Lorelai in a lurch. Doesn’t really sound like Sookie but I get it, Melissa McCarthy was probably available for like one day of shooting.
  • Why do we still not know the gender and name of her third child?!?!?
  • Rachael Ray = not a good actress

Lane and Zach:

  • Still going strong = all I ask for.
  • Zach hating his life in management and not feeling like himself wearing a tie was perfect.
  • Plus, Hep Alien is still rocking!


  • Paris is a mother = terrifying
  • Paris and Doyle are getting a divorce = please tell me its not true. They’re gonna work it out, right? Is there really anyone else out there for either of them?
  • Glad her career is successful, but how could it not be? But also, how in the hell did she get into running a fertility clinic?


  • Since the show’s ending I have struggled with the Jess vs. Logan debate. I was even going to write a post debating the merits of each but could never bring myself to do it. They are both great in their own ways. But, having said that, I have to say I basically shrieked when Logan showed up in that doorway. During the entire conversation when we only saw Rory, I kept thinking, this has to be Logan’s place in London, right? Right? This reaction basically answered the long debated question for me.
  • I got chills each time Logan called Rory, Ace.
  • Ugh he has a fiance. Though it is somehow perfect that they are having an affair. Like, Rory, would, wouldn’t she?


  • Swoon, right? He is looking good. And he is still reading and running his publishing company. I’m sure he still writes things in margins of books and yahoos directions. Some things stand the test of time, and Jess Mariano is one of them. Still love this kid.
  • Jess to the rescue – just as he had gotten her to go back to Yale, he gets her out of her professional slump. I can see these two being end game. He needed time to mature and get his shit together before he was worthy of her and it seems he has. Plus he looks at her longingly through a window. In TV terms they are basically already married.


  • One scene was just enough, Dean. Is Amy Sherman-Pallidino aware of how much anti-Dean is out there? Sure seems like it. Cool he’s married and has kids. Thanks for the update. Rory still has no chemistry with him. Glad we’ve established that.


  • We all could have done without her coming back but here we are. She turned into just the adult she should have: an annoying pretentious hipster


  • He is excluded from the rest of the Stars Hollow townsfolk because he’s Kirk. He’s iconic!
  • The town chipped in to get him and Lulu a pig in hopes of diverting them from having a kid for a few years. Nice move, Stars Hollowers.
  • He’s still with Lulu, still working crazy jobs, coming up with new business plans and working at the Black, White and Read Theatre and pursing his true gift of film making. Never change, Kirk.

Stars Hollow Townsfolk:

  • They pulled out all the stops for this revival. No townsperson was left out. I mean there were people I didn’t even know I wanted to see again – Bootsy, Tom, the Troubadour!
  • We got to meet Mr. Kim!
  • Taylor is still Taylor. Really liked the touch of the secret bar that had it be hidden whenever Taylor comes around.
  • There was far too little Miss Patty for my liking.

Other Random Cameos:

  • I have no opinion on seeing Francie after 15 years. It was definitively a nod to the fans, serving no real purpose, but I’m okay with that.
  • I would have preferred Chad Michael Murray actually be there though and Tristan do more than stand around not being Chad Michael Murray.
  • Digger! I am probably in the minority but I always liked him (I mean he is no Luke, let’s get that straight). I enjoyed his dynamic with Lorelai. They bickered at first and then grew to like each other. It worked for me.
  • Considering how out of left field some of the appearances were, it makes me wonder why these people and not say, Kyle or Lucy or Marty or Max. But hey I’m not complaining about no Lucy or Marty.

The Last Four Words:

  • There had obviously been a lot of hype around it. I didn’t expect it to be spoken by two different people so there was no way I would have guessed: “Mom?” “Yeah?” “I’m pregnant.” It was jarring. I instantly felt gypped with that cliffhanger. I went into these four episodes expecting to feel fulfilled and to have closure and instead a new bomb was dropped. Lorelai’s life was getting on track just as Rory’s was falling apart. It doesn’t seem fair that we were left were more questions than at the end of season 7.

General Thoughts:

  • I’m so glad it still felt like Gilmore Girls. It really felt like we had picked up where things had left off. Not a beat was missed.
  • I did really want to hear Carole King belt out “Where You Lead” one more time.

Kudos and Criticism: October 2016


  • Full Frontal‘s Samantha Bee’s take on the election. She says everything I am thinking. I wish I had a stage to scream all of these things at the top of my lungs while wearing a fun blazer.
  • This is Us has been full of sweet moments. One of my favorites is the relationship between Kevin and Kate. They have an adorable twin connection that leads Kate to feel Kevin’s rough plane landing across the country.
  • Pitch has had some good flashbacks, filling in the blanks on how Ginny got to this point. The best so far has been her relationship with Trevor, a catcher she met in the minors. This was much appreciate not only because we got to see Ginny in a romantic relationship but led to the great reveal that Trevor had not quit baseball  but instead was playing in the majors and was Ginny’s new opponent.
  • The Vampire Diaries‘s Bonnie and Enzo are bringing the feels this season. As he is brainwashed by the siren he is staying strong to get back to her by leaving clues only she would understand. This has led to cute flashbacks of them reading by the fire and Enzo teaching her to play guitar. The flashbacks just remind us how good they are together. Please get him out of this siren curse sooner rather than later.
  • As a Cubs fan, I was pleased by the World Series coverage. Fox’s camera angles were impressive. In Game 7, we got every angle of plays in question. None of us wondered whether a player should be called safe or out.


  • Younger‘s insistence on having a love triangle between Liza, Josh and Charles. Charles and Liza have ZERO chemistry. It doesn’t work. There is no such thing as Team Charles. I’m all for a good love triangle and some conflict but at least give us someone who isn’t so dull and actually seems like he would give Josh a run for his money.
  • The Unlocking the Truth finale was a bit disappointing. We didn’t get any closer on the cases we’d spent hours learning about. I understand there is no closer to give but it still left things feeling unfinished.
  • As great as This is Us has been with twists so far in its first season, I think the Jack is dead twist fell flat. I like that Kate feels a deep connection to her dad even after he’s gone but by that point in the show, I, and I’m sure most of you, had guessed Jack was dead. The kids talk about him as if he was gone, describing things he would always say and Rebecca still wears the necklace he gave her despite being married to someone else. You don’t do that if you got divorced. This show doesn’t have to make everything into a big reveal, keeping information from us until said reveal. Some things don’t need to wait when they have already been implied.