I’ll Pass on The Revival of Last Man Standing

Tim Allen’s family comedy where he stars as a conservative man’s man didn’t seem like it would be my cup of tea on the surface but I enjoyed the first six seasons because the daughters (and Kyle) are fun to watch and it was some nice mindless watching (which I need every now and then, inset the need for Fuller House here).

But after a year off the air (even less time in my world as I binged the whole show not long after it went off the air), I think I’m good with giving this show a rest. I had accepted it’s cancellation and was fine with its place in my show watching repertoire (gone, only to be seen in small doses in reruns on CMT).

Then the recasting news came and my decision was final. It was bad enough when Kristen was recast after season 1 and Boyd was aged up. At that point it was like Kristen was a whole new person. With Boyd being recast again (who cares) and Mandy being recast, I can’t do it again. I can’t get on board with anyone being Mandy except Molly Ephraim, especially when it comes to Kyle and Mandy’s relationship. No way will the chemistry be the same.

Plus, the new promos came out yesterday and Kyle’s hair is short! How much change we do have to take here, people?


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