Refresh: Orange is the New Black

As always a lot is going on:

  • The riot is over and the inmates are being put on several buses to who knows where.
  • Frita’s bunker was a safe house for many but as the episode ended it was being blown open as Tastee, Alex, Nikki, Red, Piper, Frita, Flora, Nancy, Suzanne and Cindy held hands.
  • Pennsatucky escaped through the hole in the fence and has been hanging in Donuts’ house.
  • Linda (of MCC) posed as a prisinor and is being put on a bus.
  • Mei Chang also left through the hole. Where she is now is unknown.
  • Gloria’s son is in the ICU. She hatched a plan to release the guard hostages so she could go see him. Maria stole her plan and is now bargaining. She got to see her baby on the sidelines of the prison riot.
  • Alex and Piper got engaged.
  • Lorna is pregnant.
  • Flaca and Maritza are YouTube celebrities, having posted videos during the riot.
  • Daya shot the guard Humphrey in the leg. After a while she turned herself in, only after calling Pornstache’s mom asking her to take her daughter and raise her without interference from Daya. Humphrey suffered a stroke and died.
  • Piscatella attacked Boo, Alex, Piper, Red (scalping her), Nikki and Flora. With the help of those in the bunker they escaped and tied him up. He was later accidentally shot in the head by the squad rounding up the prisoners.

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