Rehash: Degrassi: Next Class Season 4

I’m really sad to see this class of seniors go (nothing new here). There are just so few good characters left at Degrassi, I’m not sure what to think about season 5. But let’s not worry about that now, let’s breakdown season 4.

  • Miles – Him and Tristan are still the cutest. Miles showing up at the hospital in his tux instead of going to prom was so adorable.
  • Tristan – I assumed we’d see a lot more of him this season. His recovery really should have been covered more. I really hope he is back next season to finish his senior year.
  • Lola – I love her so much. With each episode she gets better and better. She was such a good friend to Yael. It just shows she is too good for Frankie and Shay. They don’t deserve her.
  • Maya – Glad she finally had some screen time with Zig but things were left too open-ended for me. We will most likely never see her again, and I just want to know her and Zig are together.
  • Zig – See both Maya.
  • Esme – Oh man she is so pyscho. I love it. She is one of the most screwed up characters this show has had. I feel like her story can’t be over. I’m hoping she has to repeat senior year. If Imogene can randomly fail, then Esme can too.
  • Zoe – She was pretty absent this season so no real comment except her mom sucks.
  • Grace – She got new lungs!
  • Tiny – Guy can dance.
  • Shay – Between camping and promposal I can’t handle her anymore. She is so awkward. I get embarrassed just watching her.
  • Frankie –  Frankie has always been a little odd, but a three person relationship. Okay, that’s a new one.
  • Jonah – This is the least I’ve ever hated him. I attribute this to his relationship with Grace.
  • Hunter – No video game dating or bringing guns to school. This guy got boring quick.
  • Yael – Her gender identity struggle has been one of the most fascinating stories this show has had.
  • Vijay – He got a new hat. This is what happened to him in the 10 episodes.
  • Baaz – Even worse than a new hat, he just butted in where he didn’t belong when it came to Shay’s promposal. Seriously why are these two even on the show?
  • Winston – Did he used to be interesting? If so, I can’t remember.
  • Goldi – Finally this girl got interesting. Her being attacked on the street was new territory for Degrassi and I’m glad they tackled it.
  • Rasha – I still don’t like her. There is just something about her that rubs me the wrong way.
  • Sadd – His relationship Lola is the cutest. There are so few good couples right now, so I’m glad to have to them ship.

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