Kudos and Criticism: June 2017


  • Season 5 of Orange is the New Black was it’s best. I was very concerned when I read that the season would take place over the course of a couple of days. Well I was wrong, it was amazing. Everything with the riot was on point. Ensemble shows tend to best when all characters are involved in one story line. This would be hard for a show with this large of a cast but they found one of the only ways it could work. I wish it wasn’t over. I can’t wait for season 6 and see all of the repercussions of the riot.
  • Big Brother season 19 is underway and it seems like it is going to be a good one. So far, I am on board with the temptations twists. I think it could lead to some interesting developments in the game. We will see. Also, I won’t complain that Paul is back. Love that guy.
  • My favorite part of the two hour Pretty Little Liars finale was that for awhile at the beginning we got to see the girls happy and living normal lives. This is something I expected to end with, but either way it was nice to see even if it only lasted for a short time. I mean in the end, Caleb and Hanna are married and having a kid. That’s all I need.


  • Underground was cancelled. I’m still holding out hope it will get picked up by another network. It is too good to be over.
  • In American Ninja Warrior’s ninth season, the top five women from each city qualifying round move on to the city finals, instead of just the top 30 qualifies no matter what their gender. Not a fan. They claim they made the change because women like Jessie Graff paved the way; well that is the exact reason they shouldn’t do it. Women don’t need special treatment i.
  • We are only a few weeks into city qualifiers on American Ninja Warrior and there have already been two proposals on the course. Come on guys this is lame. How is this special to your girlfriend and your relationship? I just fell on national TV and am all wet but hey let’s spend our lives together. Just what?
  • Team Ninja Warrior‘s finale was a huge disappointment. The course didn’t even change for the final relay race. Nothing about this competition makes sense or is exciting.
  • I gotta say, the series finale of Pretty Little Liars seemed rushed,  very much like when Uber A was revealed. A lot of information was thrown at us in a short time. I still feel like I’m processing. It was also kind of a disappointment that the final A.D. reveal felt like something we had seen before. Spencer has a secret twin (Jessica had a secret twin) who wanted vengeance for a sister she didn’t really know and the life she thinks she was cheated of (Charlotte). I was expecting something a little more original. Like how many family secrets can one person have? Spencer is Mary Drake’s daughter and has a secret twin and Jason is her half brother. Come on now. This couldn’t have been spread out among the liars a little more? Why does Emily have such a normal family in comparison to Spencer and Alison?

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