Why I Won’t be Watching the Dirty Dancing Reboot

I can’t think of a single thing to change about the original. Sure Abigail Breslin will pull off awkward Baby well enough but that doesn’t mean I want to see anyone besides Jennifer Grey in the role. Can she carry a watermelon as well? I doubt it. And there is no way she’ll scream “Johnny” in quite the way Jennifer did.

I don’t know who this new Johnny Castle guy is but he is no Patrick Swayze. I can’t imagine it will be quite as satisfying hearing someone else say “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” And this nobody could never look this good:

Image result for dirty dancing patrick swayze gif

Hell I don’t even want to see anyone else as Baby’s parents. Jerry Orbach, we all miss you. 

The 1987 version has a lot of great moments but none compare to this. I couldn’t stomach watching this scene redone.

I just don’t see why this movie needed to be redone. I will admit I haven’t read much about the plans for the remake so maybe there is some grand scheme that makes the movie different and therefore worthy of another shot. But I really doubt it. It doesn’t need to redone but spoofs are always welcome.


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