Rehash: Vampire Diaries Series Finale

Vampire Diaries has long been my favorite TV show and as sad as it has been to see it go, I am very pleased with how it ended. I asked for Jeremy to return and instead we got pretty much everyone ever which was amazing. Jenna, John, haven’t seen you two since season 2! Jo, I didn’t even know I needed to see her see her daughters but it choked me up. And, the best of all, Lexie, greeting Stefan in the afterlife. She was dead so I had never thought of her returning but nothing was more perfect than her waiting for him next to his beloved car.

Speaking of people I didn’t think I’d see again. Katherine. God how great is she? She was just as spunky as ever. It was really nice to get one more dose of her. The way she said “rude” after Damon dropped her was exactly what I needed.

Of course, things all wrapped nicely and they defeated Katherine and hell but it didn’t seem too perfect if that makes sense. It just seemed to work. I even like that they found a work around for Elena waking up early. Sure, one of my first thoughts was, Bonnie you didn’t try to figure this out earlier, you know get some witch friends together, but whatever.

I requested basically everyone get a happy ending (except Matt, sorry man, stopped caring years ago) and they did good. Delena forever. Though we didn’t see Bonnie and Enzo back together, she seemed to find peace in traveling the world. Hell, even Alaric seemed pretty happy being the new Professor X leading a school for “special” kids. And Jeremy was there, apparently teaching young children how to hunt vampires with a cross bow. This seems like it will end well. Like do the hunters and the vampires mingle? Isn’t that awkward that they presumably both go to this school?

Caroline and Stefan didn’t get as much of a happy ending. I mean the guy did die. But EEK Klaus donated a large sum of money to her school. Um Klaus and Caroline forever. Excuse me as I watch them by that tree again. Okay, back. But Stefan went out with his hero hair high. Did we expect anything less? Of course he sacrificed himself for Damon and Elena. He’s the good guy to a fault. He did get one more moment with Elena though when they ran into each other in the halls of the high school just like how they met. I keep using the word perfect, but there is no other word. That moment was perfect. If you didn’t cry when Elena told Caroline what Stefan whispered in her ear before they parted ways, then I’m sorry you are even more dead inside than these vampires.

And it all ended with “Hello Brother.” Just as it should have. This show, when it comes down to it, was so much more than the love triangle. It is a show about these brothers and it could have ended no other way, in my eyes, than to have them reunite.


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