Rehash: Fuller House Season 2

Solid second season. There was so much to love:

  • There was a reference to Mr.Bear and an appearance by the Pillow Person!
  • I’m really on board with Stephanie and Jimmy. He’s a moron but in an adorable way and they are cute together.Plus, he has great nickname’s for her. (ie Stepharoni the San Francisco Treat)
  • There was a Girl Talk reunion, which meant the return of Gia, who is still B.A.
  • I’m still on Team Steve but was surprisingly okay with D.J. dating Matt. Though not okay with C.J., she’s annoying. Though D.J. and Steve had some great moments: he gave her the Pillow Person, the most thoughtful gift ever, and he came to her rescue at her reunion.
  • Speaking of the high school reunion: Nelson and Viper! What did we do to deserve to see both of them again? Of course they were up to their usual petty ways which was kind of a disappointment, and D.J.made many jokes about how she never should have dated them, which hurt my Viper-loving heart a little. But let’s face it has always been Steve. Can’t wait to see what happens with them next season. He’s not going to actually marry C.J., right?
  • I kind of like Fernando now. Shocking, I know! I don’t know if I’m just getting used to him or if he less extreme than last season but something is working for me here. He’s actually funny now.
  • Max is still the best thing to ever happen in my life.I want this kid to be my own. I dare you to find a cuter kid on Earth than him.

A few things were a bit confusing though:

  • Like, where is  Garth? We had never heard of Jimmy before, which really brings up the question of how many Giblers are there?
  • Where is Danny’s wife? She had other plans at Thanksgiving and wasn’t even mentioned at New Year’s. What’s the point of him being married if they aren’t ever going to show his wife? Can we know something about her, please?
  • Joey is married? Did I miss something or is this new information? His wife is perfect though. A bubbly magician, who else should Joey be married to? Oh and he has kids. So many surprises.
  • Why are Becky and Jesse adopting a baby? I’m not against I’m just not sure what the point is.Where is this going? Though so adorable they named her after Pam.



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