Kudos and Criticism: October 2016


  • Full Frontal‘s Samantha Bee’s take on the election. She says everything I am thinking. I wish I had a stage to scream all of these things at the top of my lungs while wearing a fun blazer.
  • This is Us has been full of sweet moments. One of my favorites is the relationship between Kevin and Kate. They have an adorable twin connection that leads Kate to feel Kevin’s rough plane landing across the country.
  • Pitch has had some good flashbacks, filling in the blanks on how Ginny got to this point. The best so far has been her relationship with Trevor, a catcher she met in the minors. This was much appreciate not only because we got to see Ginny in a romantic relationship but led to the great reveal that Trevor had not quit baseball  but instead was playing in the majors and was Ginny’s new opponent.
  • The Vampire Diaries‘s Bonnie and Enzo are bringing the feels this season. As he is brainwashed by the siren he is staying strong to get back to her by leaving clues only she would understand. This has led to cute flashbacks of them reading by the fire and Enzo teaching her to play guitar. The flashbacks just remind us how good they are together. Please get him out of this siren curse sooner rather than later.
  • As a Cubs fan, I was pleased by the World Series coverage. Fox’s camera angles were impressive. In Game 7, we got every angle of plays in question. None of us wondered whether a player should be called safe or out.


  • Younger‘s insistence on having a love triangle between Liza, Josh and Charles. Charles and Liza have ZERO chemistry. It doesn’t work. There is no such thing as Team Charles. I’m all for a good love triangle and some conflict but at least give us someone who isn’t so dull and actually seems like he would give Josh a run for his money.
  • The Unlocking the Truth finale was a bit disappointing. We didn’t get any closer on the cases we’d spent hours learning about. I understand there is no closer to give but it still left things feeling unfinished.
  • As great as This is Us has been with twists so far in its first season, I think the Jack is dead twist fell flat. I like that Kate feels a deep connection to her dad even after he’s gone but by that point in the show, I, and I’m sure most of you, had guessed Jack was dead. The kids talk about him as if he was gone, describing things he would always say and Rebecca still wears the necklace he gave her despite being married to someone else. You don’t do that if you got divorced. This show doesn’t have to make everything into a big reveal, keeping information from us until said reveal. Some things don’t need to wait when they have already been implied.

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