Can’t Alex Karev Catch a Break?

The 13th season of Grey’s Anatomy has begun and throughout the first episode, I kept asking myself “Man, why can’t Alex catch a break?”

Seriously, he had a crappy childhood, syphilis, failed his medical board exams. Plus,  he dated a crazy lady (Ava/Rebecca) who turned out to be married, he married Izzie who almost died and he had to freeze his sperm and then she left him, and now he’s got Jo who keeps jerking him around. Arizona took his place on the plane that crashed and lost her leg. He felt guilty and gave up Johns Hopkins. He lost his seat on the board that Cristina bestowed upon him. Oh and he got shot that time.

I know Meredith has had it rough too but at least she’s had some bright spots – her kids, she had some good years with Derek and that house – what does Alex have? Before I would have said his career but now that doesn’t even seem likely.

Can something good happen for this guy already?


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