The SNL Skits That Will Always Make Me Laugh (Digital Shorts)

Very rarely have I come across a digital short I didn’t like.

Jizz in My Pants: My favorite of all-time. Nothing is funnier than Jorma’s facial expressions. I just love that the first 30 seconds are just a cool club jam and then that first jizz in my pants line comes and the jokes don’t stop from there.

Space Olympics: This is the digital short that started my love affair with the Lonely Island.

I’m on a Boat: Poor Jorma.

Lazy Sunday: It made Chronicles of Narnia cool.

Like a Boss: This digital short provides so many great one-liners to use in your everyday office life.

Motherlover: Of the three installments of Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake’s R&B singers, this is my fav. It seemed impossible to out do Dick in a Box but the concept of this one is so much better.

I Just Had Sex: The anthem the world never knew it needed. Bonus points for the Blake Lively and Jessica Alba cameos

The Curse: Sergio!

Jack Sparrow:
 If you don’t think Michael Bolton being obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t funny, you’re crazy.

Jonah Hill’s Dating Andy’s Dad: You need to know nothing beyond the title to know why this is hilarious.

Threw it on the Ground: I have said “I’m an adult” in this voice more times than I should.

Two Worlds Collide: “Your friends are smart”

Tizzle Wizzle Show: An innocent children’s show turns into a death match.

Iran So Far: Mahmoud Ahmadeinejad is like a very hairy Jake Gyllenhaal.

Everyone’s a Critic: The punchline is everyone’s over the top reactions to Paul’s painting but I think the funniest part is Andy’s song.

Booty Call: The weirdness of Andy Samberg at its finest.


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