Rehash: Degrassi: Next Class Season 2

I’m still reeling from the finale. That cliffhanger was brutal. A bus crash that leaves the fate of Jonah, Maya, Zig, Tiny, Grace and Tristan up in the air. So mean, Degrassi. Three of my fav characters were on that bus (Maya, Zig and Tristan). Good thing Miles is safe in the gym otherwise I’d really be hyperventilating. But still, Degassi‘s two best couples (Maya and Zig and Miles and Tristan) are vulnerable and I don’t want to be in the dark until season 3, which doesn’t have a release date yet.

The entire season was great, not just that shocking finale bus crash, so here are my thoughts on what went down for each character:

  • Tristan – Swoon. Him and Miles are the cutest. If I went to Degrassi, I’d want Tristan as my best friend.
  • Miles – Dang big brother Miles being all stable and stuff. He’s turned it around (for now, this is Degrassi after all).
  • Maya – Oh Maya, embarrassing yourself and making me uncomfortable as per usual (see: Peter’s birthday party). Never change.
  • Zig – Classic Degrassi story line: Zig accidentally auditions to be a stripper. It’s right up there with Spinner’s uncontrollable boners. I hope Maya can find a way to forgive him because they are the best couple.
  • Zoe – Her arch this season was the best. Kudos because it was well done. This show has done coming out the closest in many ways but Zoe’s struggle with her sexuality was fresh.
  • Grace – I don’t know how to feel about her crush on Zig. I like her with Zoe, even if Zoe is self-destructive.
  • Tiny – Dude finally gets what he wants – Shay – and he may not be able to enjoy it.
  • Lola – She’s adorable. Pretty naive but still adorable.
  • Shay – Glad to see she had a more hard-hitting story than my parents are strict.
  • Frankie – Woah. The perfect Hollingsworth child isn’t so perfect  anymore. She really capitulated the season into its main theme of racism.
  • Jonah – I don’t dislike this guy as much. He does seem like a decent boyfriend to Frankie. Though I’m Team Winston all the way.
  • Hunter – His eyes after he crashed Miles’ car. Epic.
  • Yael – I like her and Hunter. Also, loved the scene where Vijay and Baaz think they need to make up ground rules for their relationship because it will affect the group. Been there. Groups dynamics are important.
  • Baaz – He’s gonna need better story lines than farting apps and fake dates with Yael for me to like him.
  • Vijay – See Baaz minus any dates plus a dumb story about covering Maya’s song.
  • Esme – Pretty boring this season. I’m sure she’ll find a way to reek havoc again next season.
  • Winston – Poor guy got strung along by Zoe but props for his reaction to her coming out. He might be her best ally through this all.
  • Goldi – She could be super interesting. Get this girl a story.

And of course I have to comment on the return of Next Generation‘s finest: I loved this just as much any fan. So many people back – Liberty, Emma, Holly J, Sav, Spinner, Peter, Craig, Marco and Mo, for some reason. I just wish we could have learned more about what they are up to. Spinner and Emma are still married and everyone in Canada (and all of us die hards in the U.S.) rolled their eyes in disgust, screaming “Where’s Sean?” We all cringed a little when Spinner called Simpson “dad”, right?

Peter is in the music biz, good for him. So glad he never tried anything with Maya. I’m over story lines with older creepy dudes and I wouldn’t appreciate them involving Peter in that.

Well, until we find out the fate of the bus crash…I Know I can Make it Through.


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