Favorite Characters

My sister and I play this game when we need to pass the time where we go through all the shows we watch and name our favorite characters, least favorite characters, favorite couples and least favorite couples. Of the shows currently airing, these are my favorite characters:

  • Awkward – Sadie Saxton. “You’re welcome.” On a show where most characters have become caricatures of themselves, Sadie has remained snotty and amazing.
  • Degrassi: The Next Class – There really isn’t a bad character on this show. That’s the whole point. With that being said, I think my fav is Miles Hollingswoth III. So. Screwed. Up. Drugs. Boys. Girls. What hasn’t this kid gotten into?
  • Fuller House – Max Fuller. That kid is dang cute.
  • Girl Meets World – Hmm this is difficult because everyone is on the same level of just okay. Farkle Minkus I guess. Mostly because he’s a lovable weirdo.
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Dr. Cristina Yang has always been my favorite. She’s gone now but I’m sticking to it. She’s blunt and serious and damn good at her job.
  • Heartbeat – Dr. Alex Panttiere. A little off her rocker, mother of two, still besties with  her gay ex-husband, in a love triangle. That is recipe for greatness.
  • Nashville – Juliette Barnes hands down. She’s such a mess. I love a good mess. She’s really the only reason I’m still watching.
  • New Girl – It is hard to choose between the three guys but I gotta say Nick Miller. “I think I understand hunting!” Nothing is funnier than Nick in Russell’s office, wearing his sweater and pretending to be the president. 
  • Night Shift – Going against the grain on this one – Dr. Drew Allister. Most people are going to say T.C. Not me. Drew and his hubby Rick made it to the final four in this year’s Couple’s Bracket which just shows how great Drew is. My obsession with Brendan Fehr may also have something to do with it.
  • Orange is the New Black – With such a large group of characters, this is tough. I have to  say Poussey Washington though. Her back story is my favorite.
  • Outlander – Jamie and Claire are both great. Claire edges him out just a bit for being so badass.
  • Pretty Little Liars – Hanna Marin. I basically want to be her. She is so cute.
  • Reign – Mary Stuart wins out mostly because so few characters have stayed on this show consistently. She’s pretty tough which helps her cause.
  • The Royals – Jasper Frost. Mysterious and sexy. Need I say more?
  • UnReal – Rachel Goldberg. By now you’ve figured out I love a good hot mess. Her psycho moments and various hook ups are all I really care about on UnReal.
  • Vampire Diaries – Damon Salvatore. The best bad boy there is.
  • When Calls the Heart – Jack Thornton. A  Canadian Mountie in 1910. Yeah he’s my favorite and yes I want to marry him.
  • Younger – Josh (apparently no last name). He’s the best part of the show. Him and Liza breaking up was devastating. If he were to leave the show I would stop watching. That’s not an empty threat. I was close to giving up at the end of last season.



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