The Best Dating Reality Show

MTV’s Are the One? stands out among all the reality dating shows. This might be because it’s the most fair (in a way). On shows like the Bachelor, 26 women are vying for one man. So in the end 25 women (or more) go home without love. On Are You the One? there are ten men and 10 women so essentially each one could go home with someone. Sure this never happens but it is set up for the potential.

Of course there is the much-needed drama along the way (someone forms a connection and finds out they aren’t a match but refuses to let  go – there’s at least one in every season.) Sure in 20+ seasons of the Bachelor/Bachlorette several couples have gotten married and after three seasons of Are You the One? only one couple has.

I really  just don’t get the Bachelor/Bachelorette. 26 people fight for the love of one person. What makes this person (this season JoJo) so great that all of these people will fight for him/her? This week JoJo cried and cried after eliminating guys because it was so hard. Well, JoJo, I’m sorry, I don’t feel sorry for you. Lots of gorgeous guys want to hang out with you and make out with you. Must. Be. Rough.

For me, Are You the One? is superior because, not only does it have the drama of a dating show, but it also has competitions and strategy involved. Watching 20 people fumble around trying to find their perfect match and try to win money is so entertaining.


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