Ranking the Big Brother Alliance Names

We’ve got our newest BB alliance – 8 Pack! Here’s how it fairs among the alliance names of old. This is based solely on the name of the alliance, not the success of that alliance.

21. The Friendship – Is this My Little Pony or Care Bears?

20. Quack Pack – I have no words.

19. Weirdos – Give yourselves some credit.

18. 3 A.M. – This means nothing.

17. Regulators – Sounds like it has to do with digestion.

16. Chilltown – Great alliance. Terrible name.

15. Late Night Crew – What?

14. Rationale – Cody and Derrick were in so many alliances with names, they were bound to run out of good ones.

13. Moving Company – I get where they were trying to go with this but, doesn’t work.

12. Sovereign Six – Loved these guys. The name seemed great in comparison to their rivals, The Friendship, but looking back it’s not that great.

11. Mrs. Robinson – I like the idea behind it, even if it fell apart immediately.

10. Exterminators – Just don’t think too hard about bugs and you won’t hate it.

9. 8 Pack – I don’t hate it.

8. Mr. and Mrs. Smith – The stealthiness behind the name is great. The alliance was not.

7. 4 Horsemen – Ahh the days when naming an alliance wasn’t mandatory and good names were still left.

6. Detonators – Not as good of a name as its predecessor, Bomb Squad. Basically Season 16 was too “name happy.”

5. Renegades – It fit Memphis and Dan.

4. Bomb Squad – Bomb name (pun intended).

3. Brigade – I might be biased and giving this a better ranking than it deserves based solely on how great it was hearing Enzo say “The Brigade!” every five minutes.

2. Legion of Doom – Very menacing. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to is name, especially since Will and Boogie were just playing the rest of the alliance the entire time.

1. Hitmen – It helps Derrick and Cody are one of the only pairs to ever make it to the final two together. The name is also good too.



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