Best Players in Big Brother History

With the season 18 premiere in a few days, I had to breakdown the best players to ever walk into the Big Brother House.

1. Dr. Will Kirby (Seasons 2 and 7)

Jace said it best during the finale of the All-Stars season, “There is a mayor of Chilltown and his name is Will Kirby. He’s the most bad ass mother fucker to ever play this game.” He lied and manipulated everyone. And the best part: They all knew it. When he won season 2, his housemates all knew they couldn’t trust him, yet they all did. Better yet, when he entered the All-Stars house everyone knew how he had won previously. He even came in with a built in alliance with its own swag. In the early weeks everyone said they should put in on the block yet didn’t. He won and then made it to the final four without ever winning a competition. No one else can say that.

2. Boogie (Seasons 3, 7 and 14)

Though his season 2 performance isn’t worth mentioning, his win of the All-Stars season is the very reason he is number two on this list. He only won competitions when he absolutely had to to save him and Will. He, along with Will, convinced everyone they were in Chilltown and even got Janelle and Howie to put their best friends on the block. You can’t get much better than these two.

3. Janelle (Seasons, 6, 7 and 14)

Janelle is my personal favorite player. She impressed in competitions, making it to the final 3 two seasons in a row. She played a little too emotionally at times (see: “Give me that key, bitch!”) but she was very strong at competitions (see: When everyone thought she would be terrible at a hokey POV but she rocked at it. She did grow up in Minnesota). She has tied for the most POV wins in a season and HOH wins in a season. There has to be something said about winning competitions. It’s pretty hard to get very far without it (unless you are Will Kirby).

4. Dan (Seasons 10 and 14)

I honestly don’t remember much from when he won season 10. That season was pretty dull. He laid back in the beginning and didn’t win any competitions until later in the game. The strategy worked for him because he went home with the million dollars. When he came back as a coach in season 14 is when he really stood out to me. He made it to the final two even though he came in as a previous winner and made waves in the house by throwing his own funeral. I got in arguments with co-workers defending his game play. He played dirty but I say that’s the name of the game. Big Brother isn’t about honesty and making friends. It is impossible to make it to those final two chairs without lying and back stabbing at some point.

5. Derrick (Season 16)

He had a great strategy. He lied about his job (not an original idea) and used his experience as an undercover cop to assimilate to the people in the house. By the end of the season he was almost unrecognizable. There was no question he deserved to win at the end of season 16.

6. Rachel (Seasons 12 and 13)

She is really annoying? Yes. Did I grow to love her anyway? Yes. Did she play a great game? Yes. She came into the house for a second time with her boyfriend and a reputation. As a former player she had a huge target on her back yet still managed to come out as the winner.

7. Danielle (Seasons 3 and 7)

Danielle made it to the final 2 in season 3. She basically invented the secret alliance. Her alliance with Jason got her that far and if it wasn’t for the fact that the jury got to go home and watch all the terrible things she said about them in the diary room, she would have won. Her stint on the All-Stars season is a different story. She aligned herself with Chilltown, who everyone knew couldn’t be trusted and it led to her downfall.

8. Drew (Season 5)

This guy won the game in a way very few could pull off. He made friends with everyone. When the house split down the middle, boys vs. girls, he managed to cross the divide and align himself with both sides. He screwed over his showmance, Diane, and took Cowboy with him to the finals. He taught us good looks and charm can be a winning strategy.

9. Nokomis (Seasons 5 and 7)

Her spot on this list is because she came up with one of the most brilliant moves in Big Brother History. Her idea of the Five Finger Plan got the evil Jace right out of the house.


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