Rehash: The Bachelorette

I’m going to start out by saying I have never seen The Bachelor or Bacherlorette until now. I know you’re probably asking yourself, “How is that even possible?”  I’m not exactly proud. It took a few of my co-workers and the promise of a Bacherlorette  bracket at work to get me to jump on board. This is one TV junkie’s reactions after watching her very first episode of this reality kingpin.

  • Got off to a slow start. I definitely didn’t care about past bacherlorette’s advice. Maybe those of you who remember these women care, but I don’t.
  • They really make these poor guys say the cheesiest things in their intro videos (see: I hope I’m JoJo’s #1 draft pick).
  • Apparently hipster is a job.
  • Jordan is cute. I like the chemistry he has with JoJo right off the bat. He’s never going to win.
  • Why do I kind of like that this guy showed up dressed as Santa but hate every other gimmick the guys tried (Will dropping those note cards. Just weird man.)
  • It’s a little creepy how much these guys are already talking about how great JoJo is. Okay you saw her on TV. Slow your roll a minute. See if you actually like her before declaring your love.
  • I think I might like The Bachelorette more than I would The Bachelor just because it is kind of hilarious watching these guys say mean stuff about each other. They are just as catty as girls but with less tears.
  • The first impression rose is interesting. Definitely adds more drama to the first night. I can get on board with it.
  • Having the first rose ceremony after only a couple of hours is harsh. I guess that’s what you gotta do when you start with 26 guys. Easy way to avoid this: Start with less guys.
  • The first two hours of the season could have been used more wisely. Skip the advice and show us more of the guys. Show more intro videos.
  • Having never seen the show, the rose ceremony seemed anti-climactic. I have no clue who got kicked off or how many of them there were. I’m sure this will become more clear as the weeks go on.
  • It would have been WAY better if Jake showing up was actually a twist. What a letdown. It would have been great if a guy showed up this late in the game. Think of the potential drama. Especially if that guy was known from another season (not so much if JoJo already knew him outside the show as it was in this case).
  • She kept the drunk Canadian. Really? That’s the producers interference for sure.
  • I picked Chad to win in my bracket. With nothing to base this off of, I just thought there was no way it will be Jordan, he’s the obvious choice. Chad is good looking and white enough to stick around a long time and just douchey enough to win.



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