Where is Lady Kenna?

We’ve gone the entire season of Reign without Kenna. I can’t even recall them mentioning her. Mary has said how Greer is her last lady-in-waiting  now that Lola is in England. Is Kenna ever coming back? Hasn’t it been enough time for her to have her baby and return to court? If she’s not returning, I would at least appreciate a brief mention of her. Especially by Sebastian, who last I checked is still her HUSBAND.

In last night’s episode Sebastian looked longingly as Mary mentioned the love that still burns between Greer and Lord Castleroy. I assumed/hoped he was thinking of his wife and her illegitimate baby. The two couples are actually in the exact same situation. But no, he was thinking of Mary. I’m not against this as much as I thought I would be. Her love interests post-Francis haven’t been too great. Sebastian would definitely be a step up.

With Greer gone, possibly for good, it would be a great time for Kenna’s return. You can’t really leave us with just Lola, who I assume everyone dislikes just as much as me. Plus she’s not even in France and doesn’t appear to be going to Scotland. The women on this show are dropping like flies. At least give me more of Claude if you’re going to deprive me of the better ladies-in-waiting.


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