The 16 Reasons Why I Want to be Leslie Knope

I was asked if I could switch bodies with anyone for a day, Freaky Friday-style, who would I choose? Easy. Leslie Knope. There could never be enough words to express how great Leslie is, but I’m going to try.

  1. She’s passionate (see: Filibustering while in roller skates)
  2. She knows what she wants in life (“I would like to be president some day, so no, I have not smoked marijuana.”)
  3. She loves her job
  4. She seems like a genuinely happy person
  5. She’s optimistic
  6. She’s a great friend (“Oh, Ann. You beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn baby.”) And she just wants the best for the people in her life (see: the  career plan binders she makes for April). Plus, as a result, her friends are great to her. (Just one example is how everyone comes together to give her and Ben the perfect wedding. I mean Ron makes their wedding rings from a sconce.)
  7. She makes a difference in her community
  8. She made up her own holiday (see: Galentine’s Day)
  9. People (mostly) respect her
  10. She works hard but still makes time for fun
  11. She married a very cool guy (I mean seriously, Ben is a giant catch)
  12. She isn’t perfect (“I need you to text me every 30 seconds saying that everything is going to be okay.”)
  13. We share a love of delicious food (“I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things.”)
  14. She has good hair (though I could do without the large collection of blazers.)
  15. She’s awkward but owns it. (“I have to go to the whiz palace. You know, the toilet thing. It’s a bathroom! It’s called a bathroom.”
  16. She loves herself (“Hey, Leslie. It’s Leslie. Hang in there. I love you. Bye.”)

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